of the gaycentric perspective.

tv projectors

Amazing Race 9 is set to begin airing on CBS and as tradition, gay men 'cross the country will play hector-projector and try to identify the homos on the show. Here's a picture of two of the guy duos from the series.

One team is from Fort Lauderdale and met while running college track. Jeremy's description includes being sarcastic and patient, while Eric works as a waiter and bartender. Hmph.

The other duo, John & Scott from Massachussetts, have been friends for more than 25 years. Both single, one works in wealth management and is an artist on the side while the other describes himself as a fun and gregarious person with a personal motto of "live, live, live." They are sure to mention that the duo enjoys traveling to Provincetown, Cape Cod.

I can't help but wonder if the teams applied for the wrong reality show;
LOGO is currently casting a show to be based around Provincetown...but which one!?

What's to happen to the cast of Will & Grace once the finale wraps, you may ask?

C'mon, someone asked, right?


According to out.com, Sean Hayes has four movies and seven television shows set up with his production company, Hazy Mills Productions, while Debra Messing plans to star in a film remake of The Women with Meg Ryan and Anjelica Houston and may head to New York to do a Broadway play in the fall. Megan Mullally, as we all know by now, will host a syndicated daytime show for NBC starting in September. Eric McCormack is heading Big Cattle Productions, which will produce the show Love Spring, airing on Lifetime next month.

The finale has yet to be sketched out, according to Max Mutchnick, but promises something fresh and surprising. “We have a basic idea of what we're going to do,” he says, “but it will really happen in the room when we sit down to write this thing. I think we will reflect on this, and we’ve even talked about sitting down and watching a lot of the run of the series…so we know that we’re going to address everything and try to tie up as much as we can.”

Admit it...you must've cared enough to read! Besides, you were secretly hoping that long-rumored Justin Timberlake appearance would be confirmed.

**Update. We may not get Timberlake on the show but his ex is another story. Britney Spears is rumored to make an appearance as a Christian co-host to Jack's Jack Talk.


I tend to click past self-indulgent blogs, but I didn't, and can't, when it comes to this one.

As other bloggers go sleeveless, RED wears his heart and soul on his sleeve. His entries about love lost and feelings of self-doubt, are unabashedly honest and frank. He's a poignant read.

not all reality [tv] bites


I have fallen completely in love with Lisa Loeb, whch is unfortunate because I'm not one to be considered a candidate in her dating pool.

The E! network [insert rolled eyes visual here] has a new series out, #1 Single, documenting Loeb as she navigates her way through the world of post-relationship dating.

She comes across as unaffected, sincere and real. I've only caught one episode so far but I'm instantly hooked.
There's nothing I love more than a chick willing to walk onto the Isaac set in a thong and in the next scene seek, on the advice of her mother, the direction of a dating-guru rabbi.

She's wonderful and as a result, so is the show.

the women we love


Earlier in the week I commented on why women should love Dan Renzi. Now here's a few reasons why we love them back:

Heather Headley does HX. Dig into the archives for a NEXT interview with Headley here.
Have you downloaded "In My Mind" yet?

I couldn't love Vanessa Williams more. And yet another archived interview, this t ime from Vanessa.

"I love country music, and I love gay men!"
—Lee Ann Womack, from atop a table at a Nashville gay bar, as quoted by The Tennessean [the Advocate]

Strangers With Candy will be getting a June release date. Check out Amy Sedaris' website for all the details.


you'll always be the superman to my lois lane.
happy birthday, eric.

that cowboy movie


Andy has a don't-miss interview with James Schamus, producer of Brokeback Mountain.

And, in case you've missed it, Annie Proulx (the author) shares the origins of the story with the Associated Press. There's terrific insight into Proulx's thoughts on the characters. When asked if straight men will want to watch the movie, Proulx says "Why wouldn't they watch it?" Going so far as to say the only people that would have problems "
are very insecure about themselves and their own sexuality. Jack and Ennis would probably have trouble with this movie."

The old adage remains true. "The things we dislike in others are the very things we see in ourselves..."

truly, madly, deeply


The Human Rights Campaign tells us the best places to work if you be LGBT. Big props to the Rochester bigboys; Eastman Kodak, Xerox and Bausch & Lomb. [Thanks Queerty.]

Does anyone even care? NBC cancelled Will & Grace. And so many thought the network was going to pull another Friends. In my time of solace, I'll get through with episodes of the Office. Now available at iTunes. Delectable!

Positively disturbing. The man behind Abercrombie & Fitch's closet door gets opened ever so slightly. And then slammed shut. And yes, that's the sixty-one year old CE-OH. [Thanks Andy]

One more reason ArjanWrites is going to have my lovechild one day. Imogen Heap gets the Arjan treatment. Now if only he'd lift the restraining order.

Savage Garden releases a greatest hits compilation with little fanfare. There was a time when this material dominated the (once innocent) airwaves. The defunct duo has made little noise stateside, but Darren Hayes has gone on to release two strong albums in the UK. The most recent, The Tension and the Spark, is one of my favorite releases of 2004.

Dan Renzi is SO going to be every straight girl's best friend from this day on.

Feel as though you're missing out on all the excitment [swag] of Sundance, 2006? Popmuse drops some names on our toes. For an entirely different perspective [different, not better] Perez whores himsself 'round Park City.



Meet Jordan, a 21 year old college student and aspring fitness model. In between gigs at Abercrombie and the gym, Jordan's taken time to be midnight lounge's very first myspace guy of the week.

CLICK HERE for more of Jordan.

Be sure to leave a comment; Jordan's a great guy and he'd appreciate all the feedback!



Bloghungry's balls are so yummy!

That's right, I made the spinach cheese balls from Bloghungry and damn, they were good! The cap is tilted to the side 'cause I'm a baller. Yup, that's how I roll.

saturday night's a'right


Okay, to the left is a sneak of what's to come every week from myspace.

This is, hands down, my favorite read of the week. I love karma. Especially when it bites you smack-dab in the ass. (NSFW)

Kevin Yost's Future Flash Back Remixed has been stuck on repeat. Delicious.

Back before a blog was in my vocabulary, I was readin' RuPaul's entries. It's super-fresh.

Speaking of don't-miss blogs, TimmyRay is back. And as witty as ever.

Midnight Lounge is to be featured in an upcoming issue of the The Insider. Get me an agent, quick!

"when I first saw you, I said 'oh my'"


With lensing under way, Paramount & Dreamworks are giving the Bill Condon-directed Dreamgirls the push it deserves. Y'all are aware of the soon to be legendary casting by now. I do hope Condon can bring out the best in Beyonce; each time I've seen her on the screen, audiences seem to squirm.

An updated trailer has been released at the offical site. Rod 2.0 will be following the flick every step of the way. In an effort to get the story and the music in front of as many new audiences as possible, Dreamworks is offering to pay licensing fees for all amateur productions, a brilliant move by the studio.

Speaking of Beyonce, check out this performance in Taiwan. Oh, wait. It's not really Beyonce. Or a chick for that matter. But it's damn hot if you know Beyonce's schtick on-stage

Can't Hardly Wait - myspace men


myspace.com is a phenomenon. Two years and 43 million users later, the uber-cool site has become the meeting point for the geeks and the jocks, the gays and the goths. All this by creating a virtual "six degrees of separation" between me, you and your brothers' college roommate. The social portal has essentially rendered the phrase "what's your phone number" obsolete and replaced it with "what's your myspace page." Myspace is a force like nothing else.

Among those 43 million users, there's bound to be a hunk or two. Midnight lounge has taken upon ourselves the duty of sharing these myspace men with you. Tough gig, I know!

Each week, a hottie will stop by the lounge, tell us a bit about himself, and share a pic or two. The bar has been set and damn, it's freakin' high!
midnight lounge now. Stop back soon and prepare to meet the men of myspace...

Madonna + Pet Shop Boys = yummy


....I came across the Pet Shop Boys remix of Madonna's "Sorry."


Look for Andy Dick, passed out in a closet


Kathy Griffin will be on MTV's Cribs tonight at 10:00 EST. I know all you queens O-C-D'd over the house during the viewing of the first season of My Life on the D-List, but let's see how she sells us what we're buyin' this time around.

Reichen Lehmkuhl can now add underwear model to his growing portfolio. Catch the self-proclaimed "celebrity activist" in the spring '06 catalog of Undergear. The online catalog has a great virtual view. Check it out.

More Reichen at the lounge:

turn the page


Great things are to come as midnight lounge turns the page on year one! I can't thank returning and new visitors enough for giving me a reason to sign in and press publish each day (okay, not every day, but you get the point.)

In the upcoming weeks, stop back for a midnight lounge first: a Q & A with grammy award winning artist and dance icon Jody Watley, as she prepares to release her upcoming project
The Makeover - Journey to Electronic Soul. All this and more are in the works.

As always, tell a friend, tell your boyfriend. Hell, tell your mom about this blog. Moms always like me. It's another story when it comes to their sons.

Here's a sampling of what Jody has been up to in the last few years. Click here for a review of her 2003 album Midnight Lounge.

Reflection 3.0
Reflection 2.0
Reflection 1.0

...but is it about Bianca Jagger?


Goldfrapp is set to release a third single in the UK. Following "Ooh La La" and "Number 1." "Ride a White Horse" comes out of the gate with 3 CDs, containing rare and remixed material. All this and we still can't get a solid stateside release for Supernature!

If you've got a hankering for a little musing from Alison and crew, check ArjanWrites. He caught up with the eccentric band as they toured NYC recently. Alison answers, once and for all, the neverending question about "White Horse" and Bianca Jagger. [Thanks Evan]

when is too soon?


With a storyline based on the United flight that crashed in the cornfields of Pennsylvania, Flight 93 is the first big budget Hollywood flick to deal with the events of September 11th. Though I doubt the films' storyline will take on the numerous conspiracy theories that surfaced after the crash, I can't help but think most will not be ready to witness this tragedy unfold. again.

View the trailer here if you wish.

reflection 3.0


And yet another set of photos from the past. The first, from our cabin in the Adirondacks, is an impromptu rid of an old picnic table. The nightsky and the flame seemed to correspond.

Number two: I love the harbor section of Toronto, the country to concrete feeling in just a matter of moments.

The third shot captures the morning sunrise in Madison, CT.

Lastly, Rochester's skyline from my old office window.

Reflection 2.0
Reflection 1.0

Philip Seymour Hoffman


Rochester prepares for one its own to have a win at the globes tonight. Hoffman's mother plans to watch the globes at home. What did you expect? He's got a girl and a child; there's no reason to take mom!

**Update. Hometown rejoices as the Golden Globes salute native son.

Imogen Heap, Live in Toronto


As promised, the lounge's BFF gives the inside scoop on Imogen Heap's Toronto show this past Thursday. Thanks Evan for sharing with the lounge!

Imogen Heap was a talented musician, innovator and mentor at her sold-out El Mocambo show in Toronto on Thursday.

After a bit of a wait for the doors to open, my man and I managed to stake out a spot (standing) only eight feet from the stage. All three acts had their equipment set up, with the butterfly-adorned mic stands and fluffy throw over the keyboard obviously giving away Immi's post (so close!). Immi herself came onstage (to great applause) and introduced her first supporting act, Zoe Keating. Zoe was armed with her cello and some digital backup, which she apologized for--"Sorry to be fiddling with these knobs!" At any rate, it was very interesting to see the dread-locked Zoe in this venue--I could only imagine she had been the impetuous cello student who didn't want to stick to playing her instrument the traditional way. She bounced her bow on the strings and took samples of herself and replayed them to create backing tracks. Immi herself looked on intently from backstage, the supportive musician and friend.

After a four-song set, Zoe left the stage and Immi came back to introduce the second act, Milosh, who was a special guest for this stop on her tour. Putting 2 and 2 together--seems likely she discovered Milosh via myspace.com and, as she said when she introduced him, took a chance and invited him to perform in her show.

Thus began the Apple portion of the show--for both Milosh and Imogen were backed up by their own PowerBooks. Milosh also had a friend on hand to help--they worked with two guitars, the PowerBook, and [Mike] Milosh's vocals to create an engaging set, which, other than the gentle vocals, brought to mind Underworld at their quieter moments. Milosh seemed shy, but really opened up once they broke into his single, "You Make Me Feel," which the crowd obviously enjoyed. [If you check online--what an amazing video!] Another song later, they cleared off the stage to make way for Immi (who had been watching them from offstage as well).

Immi came on stage to great applause and introduced her band--her vocoder, keyboard, tone box, and parrot--that is, her mimicking parrot, for she was referring to her recorder/sampler. Her spirit and humor came across abundantly during her performance as she worked both gentle and more boisterous songs. I think most of the crowd was as I was--hanging on every syllable and sigh as she deftly managed her "band." It was fascinating to see and hear her as she performed and proceeded to play samples of her own voice (which she took before our very eyes) to create layered vocals. During some songs, Zoe Keating returned to the stage to provide cello accompaniment, adding further depth to the performance. Immi played on the keyboard and, in the same breath, would turn around and pluck the metal prongs of her tone box and keep singing, if not also press a laptop button to sound a pre-recorded sample as well.

Highlights of the show included lovely performances of "Goodnight and Go," "Loose Ends," and "Hide and Seek." The crowd definitely loved the Frou Frou song "Let Go" (from "Garden State"). I was thrilled she performed "Can't Take It In" (from "The Chronicles of Narnia"--with Zoe on cello) and was most bowled over by "Come Here Boy" (from her debut album), which was a quieter performance with fewer electronic elements, but featured her vocals to most sublime effect.
She joked about the silliness of her "last" song and saying goodbye, as most every musician comes back for an encore. So, after playing "Sleep," she left stage for a few moments (during thrilled applause) and then returned to do "It's Good To Be In Love" and "The Moment I Said It"--which was a perfect cap to the show, as it's one of my favorites.

I wasn't that hopeful of a chance to ask her to sign the CD I brought, but we waited anyway as the equipment was taken down and the crowd thinned out. Some time later, those of us who stayed were indeed rewarded for our patience, for Immi came out and spoke to us and signed whatever was presented. I was especially lucky! (see picture--thanks to William) I told her how glad I was to have heard her do "Can't Take It In"--she said that she wants to do more soundtrack work (in tandem with her own album production) and will be working with Harry Gregson-Williams (who did the "Narnia" soundtrack) in the future. Other than that, I was speechless, but was so glad to have met her (and see her perform live!).


Thanks Again Evan!

you've been served. papers.


I've already booked my flight and packed my binoculars. My friend in the real world has relatively famous neighbors.

I would like to seek legal counsel; if one obtains a restraining order in the UK, will authorities allow re-entry stateside? The last thing I need is Madge gettin' herself out freaked out, much like Leann Rimes. Some artists just don't see my appearance in windows and doorjams as a form of flattery. SO sensitive!

Catch Kathy Griffin in MTV's Cribs Wednesday. I'll bet SHE'D appreciate a loyal fan.

On a completely un-related note, check back for a review of Imogen Heap's Toronto performance by guest blogger Evan.

reflection 2.0


Mount Dora, Florida.

Toronto's CN tower

Rochester's Maplewood neighborhood.

Ski resort in Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

Corn Hill chapel.

The above photos are personal favorites of mine, for one reason or another. I am drawn to the juxtaposition of a structure against a skyline. I don't consciously take the angled pictures, but somehow end up having them on my camera. They are typically my personal favorites. More forthcoming from the lounge as we turn a year.

"I'm like a dog to get you"


Goldfrapp's latest single "Number 1" is quickly making its way to where it belongs; the obligatory #1 spot. Billboard dance charts currently has the track poised at #4. Other songs of note: Andy Bell's "Crazy" and "In My Mind" by Heather Headley. Watch the Goldfrapp video.

I caught this bodybuilder popping and locking on a VH1 special today. He's sorta hot in that dumbed up hyper-testosterone way. After a bit of searching, King Kamali has his own site. Still hot.

Speaking of bodybuilders. Sort of. Does anyone else get caught up on the Boost Mobile TV spot with a jacked-up Travis Barker? I know it's all fake and foam, but I'd STILL tap it! With the silicone suit on.

On yet a similar tip, I have fallen completely in love with this model, most recently featured on MTV's True Life: I'm on Steroids. He's so dreamy. and Greek. If it weren't for the 'roidrage, he'd be my dreamboat. GuyTVBlog gives us some great Peter.

Have you paid a visit to Varla's site? I'm a pro at guessing her weight.

Long before NBC's The Biggest Loser, Trainer Bob tried to get himself on another reality show. A show on an NBC affiliate. Bravo, to be exact. The show was something about Boys meet Boy...Hmmm. D'ya think Trainer Bob puts this little stink of reality on his portfolio of work? I caught an expose on reality TV recently and this little nugget was dug up. I'd like to get a screencap or a transcript to confirm. Anyone got anything?

Wonder where Perez is going to go with this one; Cameron preggers via Justin?

friday night lights


friday night beauty.
visit nuba for more.

operators are standing by. VOTE NOW.


Back in college, I always told Jeff. Ya know, one day, Genre Magazine will nominate you as their man of the year. Now of course I was probably a bit over-served when I made that prediction, but it turns out I was right.

Go a'head, vote for Jeff now. He's currently in the lead as Genre's Man of the Year awards get under way. While you're at it, check out his weather-related blog.

Tell 'em jason sent ya. And that he was sober. sorta.


Happy birthday, Kimber!



midnight lounge turns one year next week. What fun this has been. In advance of January 19th, thought I'd share some shots I've snapped over the years. Each a personal favorite of mine.

goodnight and go


Gratuitous skin shots. Freddie Ljungberg and Natalia Vodianova for Calvin Klein. [A Socialite's Life]

If you missed Imogen Heap's performance on Letterman this past week (she was scheduled to perform on Tuesday but got pushed to Wednesday,) ArjanWrites comes through for us.

I got chills. Check out the Transformers flick sneek peak. [Thanks Thighs Wide Shut]

Queer & A with Martha's daughter Alexis. Whatever.

Kylie given a clean bill of health.

**Update, Reports were incorrect. Kylie isn't out of the clear yet.

Flashback video: Everything But the Girl's "Wrong"

Dance, Blake, Dance!


Doing his best to gather any amount of post reality-tv show fame, Blake McGrath from Fox's So You Think You Can Dance has launched his own website. After making appearances on Regis and Ellen post-show, the former Torontonian positioned himself as the next Paris Hilton. Yes, he told Regis and Kelly he has an album in the works. Hmmm. The CD has yet to surface, but he does have a dance instruction DVD coming out this spring, though given his sex appeal on the show I was predicting the DVD would be of the Titan Men variety.

Videos McGrath appears in:

identity shift


Doing anything possible to position themselves in the digital marketplace, Kodak updates it nearly 40 year old logo. Removing the box that once contained the brand, the refresh is one part of a revised marketing strategy for the film giant.

Interested? read more here.

Kathy Griffin in LA


Kathy Griffin fans in L.A. are the luckiest bitches in the world. Kathy's taping a new Bravo special February 11th at The Orpheum. Tix go on sale next week! Certainly she'll be as funny as she was when I caught her act last fall. By the way, you do know there's a second season of My Life on the D-List in the works, right?

Kathy is also making news again about her Dakota Fanning schtick that got her in hotheat. She's not backing down even when the big boys go after her...[thanks dlisted]

Make Kathy your friend on myspace; she's practically whoring herself out for adds.

Additional Kathy links at the lounge:
Syracuse: one night only
Kathy's podcast
Kathy does Dirty Love
Divorced; this week at least
My Life on the D-List
Lance Bass blind item [guilty by association!]
The Lounge falls for Kathy. Again

A Champagne toast for Capote


Amanda Lepore releases her first single Champagne online. It's available at iTunes and it's not as bad as you'd think! There's nearly two dozen mixes of Champagne and My Hair Looks Fierce. There's bound to be at least one or two you'll dig.

Capote tops the National Society of Film Critics best of 2005. The roundtable of 45 reviewers essentially snubbed Brokeback Mountain, but gave Philip Seymour Hoffman a best actor award for his portrayal of Truman Capote.

I'm anxiously awaiting upcoming buzz on the SECOND movie that revolves around Capote...the next flick will focus on his social affairs. I haven't scoured the web for any scoop yet; has anyone got anything? Any casting dish?

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