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back, for as long as it matters...


Provincetown sunset, Labor Day weekend, 2007
uh huh. don't ask.

...back from a little P-town excursion and instantly inspired to blog again.

What I've been listening to, on repeat:

Song for Mutya (Out of Control) (Extended Mix) - Groove Armada featuring Mutya (Mp3)

Isn't it decadently fun?

There's such great energy in music right now. Darren and Annie, Tracey and Roisin. Oh, it's delicious. And, as much as I'm a hater, I have milked the Rihanna album to a comatose state!

Oooh, and how about Sara Bareilles, eh? Can you love her any more??

...And a new favorite (old to you, I'm sure) blog for me is XO's Middle Eight. We are so N-SYNC with some gems, it's eery.

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