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Notice it's a winter shot with lots of scarfs and sweaters and longjohns...

True to form...


Just like lesbians do, Marcia Cross on the fast-track to marriage. I'm not letting go of the rumors that sprouted last winter of Cross bumpin' uglies with chicks. PEN15 Club gives the quick backstory and some H-wood insight to reinforce my theory.

A few weeks back I commented on Marcia, Marcia, Marcia as she cameo'd her way into the premiere of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. Read that here.

Speaking of les ladies, when is Missy Elliott going to declare herself in love with the opp sex?

Oooh - Let's have this all come together here at Midnight Lounge!

PURELY hypothetical: Marcia gets caught, cheatin' on her galpal Lori Loughlin [c'mon, like you didn't already know] with Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott...in busts Elliott's chick Ciara [it's a stretch; but trust me] as Cross and Elliott put their backs against the wall...Ciara walks into the closet, past the 15 year old cheerleader and yanks out R. Kelly, blaming the whole scenario on him.

Why? Just because I hate that god damn, mother fucking, trapped in the closet song.

getting into...


Jason Mraz.

I know I'm an album late, but I [finally] bought Mr. A-Z. I have a new musical buddy. He's witty, sensitive and quite a geek. oh yeah, and I think he's cute as hell.

His songwriting and vocal styling makes him tangible and relatable to listeners...With influences extreme as Sir Mix-a-Lot and Bjork, you'll be hard-pressed to put your finger on Mraz. Trust me, I've tried...all I got was a restraining order.

A rather dated gay-friendly Q&A with the Mraz...

Cracking under low pressure


Andy over at Towleroad posted this hysterical meteorologist hissy-fit, brought on by a CNN anchor late last night...


ebtg pays the bills


I just saw a Hummer TV spot featuring a pregnant beast and a giant robot, falling in love to Everything But the Girl's remake of Love is Strange. You can view the spot here [click on the latest to view.] At least the site plugs ebtg's website.



what a story. a NYC resident, en route home from a successful job interview, had the where-with-all to cameraphone-snapshot a subway perv showin' her his world. Able to capture the culprit digitally, she shared with police the pic in hopes of sparing other commuters the same sight.

Can't help but wonder; where did he get off?
(thanks NewYorkCityBoys)


me and my sis.

'Though nearly ten years my junior (does that mean she's ten years younger than me?) and living miles apart, we're really quite close. I'm always so proud of her and look forward to watching her grow. As brother and sister, we have an awful lot in common, as demonstrated by her t-shirt.

She's leaving Elmira for Saint Simon Island in Georgia shortly...

I guess the show is about dancing...


...but I just watch it for the blatant show of skin! A few screengrabs (thanks Rickey) from Fox's latest vote-em-off reality show, So You Think You Can Dance.

okay, I'm not that bad. I do truly enjoy the talent on-stage, but one can only show so much restraint for a few of the male contestants. Below, Blake, Craig & Artem.


Get your Kathy Griffin podcast. Updated weekly, the snippets family with each weeks' episode.

Griffin was on Jimmy Kimmel earlier in the week joking that, since her Bravo debut, the Allegedly DVD jumped from the 16,000th comedy best seller to #14.

Today, amazon lists it as #5. Congrats Kathy!

He's a "method actor" - Boys Meets Boy, boy marries


okay, I'll admit it. I was a reluctant fan of Bravo TV's Boy Meets Boy, the first gay dating show on cable TV. Like every reality show, the dating game had a twist. Not all contestants were gay. Some straight guys were thrown into the mix, blurring the line between perception and reality. The "leading man" was left to his and his best girlfriend Audra's judgement to decide who was checkin' out Martha's rack or just expressing an interest in her baking gear.

Dan Wells, known for shamelessly flirting with the leading man and the BGF, was a fan-favorite, crippling every gay man's gaydar after revealing his straightness. A self-described "method actor", Wells launched his own website and later appeared on Days of Our Lives (thanks Andy) as a woman masquerading as a man (hmph.)

Anyway, last week I picked up Rochester's Democrat & Chronicle, browsing the engagement and wedding section. Quite randomly, I came across the announcement for Wells and his bride (a Rochester native.) Below is the scan. Wonder if Brian H. was the best man?

**Update - who knew he had such a fanbase! He's got a fanboard via his website.

I guess all those soap fans love a man dressin' up as a woman who's playin' a man. Huh?


Off to P-town next week.

Jake & Heath, sitttin' in a tree...


Brokeback Mountain buzz continues; CNN has the trailer (Thanks Evan.) With a domestic release of December 9th, I reluctantly accepted Jake Gyllenhaal's apology for having to miss my birthday dinner.
It's okay, I know he'll make up for it.


I know, I know, I've been very blog lazy. Check back tomorrow for a bunch of updates.




The long-awaited Truman Capote flick opens, in limited run, at the end of September.

Philip Seymour Hoffman (A Rochesterian) portrays Capote. The site is slowly loading with tidbits on the movie.

Ooh La La


Goldfrapp is back.

Supernature, the third release from a band that's all about crystalline vocals and glam-sex decadence, drops this month. State-side fans may have to wait a bit for a domestic release, but in the meantime check out the Goldfrapp website for some tasty streams here.

The lead single, Ooh La La drives like a sex toy truck, rumblin' over the same tracks Train traveled. The electro-clash sex kitten delivery is unmistakable, picking up where 2003's Black Cherry left off.

Be on the lookout for recent Tracey Thorn collaborators Tiefschwarz; they've turned in a strong re-rub of Ooh La La.

"I get high on a buzz
Then a rush
When I'm plugged in you
I connect
when I'm flush
You get love when told what to do
Wonderful electric"
-Strict Machine

ready. set. kiss


Reenacting the V-J kiss, couples gathered in Times Square to smooch next to the original nurse and sailor that later came to capture a moment in US war history.

You know times are a-changin'; the married nurse receives a sailor peck on the cheek as two gay guys pay tribute to the cause.


ps - hint of the day: bookmark me



sunday in the park with eric.


from the archives.

a flower in the attic




updating the attic space. Summer, 2005.


I stopped by Friendly's for a happy ending sundae but all I got was a dish of ice cream.

happy friday.

my new best girlfriend


I love Kathy Griffin. Why hasn't she called me.

debbie on ice.


...er, I mean Deborah.

Buzz around town [I know, I'm in Rochester. NOT Hollywood. Not even close. But I *still* hear buzz. okay, I beg, search and steal] is that Deborah Gibson is to appear on that horrible ABC show about stars dancing.

more secrets


...although they are as nearly popular as a Brangelina spotting, I'm compelled to share additional Post Secret postcards.

Sometimes comical, other times disturbing. Consistently memorable.

The voices in her head...


Check out Adele Fico's one woman show, May God Strike Me Dead... (if I'm telling a Lie), in limited run this September.

City news gave a fabulous review back in July of 2004.

Showtime dates:
September 22, 24 at 8 PM;
September 25 at 2 PM and 7:30 PM
December 29 at 8 PM;
New Years Eve at 6:30 & 9:30 PM

Adele is a dear friend of mine, armed with amazing comic timing and razor-sharp wit. She breathes life into each role she morphs into, giving heart and soul not only to the character, but the storyteller as well.

Make arrangements to see Adele at the JCC this September. Tell 'em Nonna sent ya...

NY Post sightings...


Does anyone else have a hard time picturing this, as caught by the gossip kings over at the NY Post

"NICOLE Kidman jumping out of her front-row seat at the Garden, grabbing her crotch and dancing 'hip-hop style' to Eminem . . . "


Provincetown, September 2004.


This photo has always been a personal favorite of mine. On a trip to Toronto, we discovered the revitalized harborfront; loaded with shops, eateries and, most importantly, visitors. Walking by a water feature, I caught this little girl on the cusp of testing the water.


A winter sojourn at the cape. From the archives, new years eve, 2003.

gonna make you sweat...


...against my better judgement, I couldn't help but publish these photos of Black Eyed Peas lead singer Fergie, workin' up a sweat on stage... Check out Pink's blog for the full details... Saturday morning fans remember Fergie from Kids, Inc; fellow alum include Jennifer Love Hewitt and (my personal fave) Martika.

The American Dream


I *rarely* get political, but in the time the president has been in office, nearly 20% of it has been spent on vacation; Bush is currently spending five weeks off-site, resting at the Crawford, Texas ranch. According to the Washington Post, it's the longest presidential retreat in at least 36 years.

The article also sites that, in the weeks leading up to September 11th, Bush spent a month in Crawford. The same time terrorist messages were starting to stir.

1,187 days left until the 2008 US election.

Thanks to Andy at Towleroad.


It can be quite tough to focus on work when my home office window offers such a lush, summer view.

"I was raised right. I talk about people behind their backs."


I love Kathy Griffin. Sure, her shots are cheap and she pokes fun at all that she aspires to achieve, but her biting sense of humor and fearless take on celebrity craziness is dead-on.

Griffin's reality show debuted on Bravo tonight. And what a show it is. 'Though some themes are a bit tiring [Margaret Cho was courting the "gays" years before Griffin] watching her haggle for free swag and bomb at a conservative fundraiser are classic reality TV moments.

A moment on the show I couldn't help but comment on:

Kathy's mission in the first episode is to get celebrities to attend an annual Toys for Tots fundraiser. Judging an LA drag show, she encounters Marcia Cross.

Now if you recall, Cross was recently rumored to be a big ol' lesbian, to the point where she publicly (thanks to a slew of publicists) denied the allegations on The View. Well when all those "allegations" were being flung around town, the biggest of all rumors was that not only was Marcia coming out of the closet, but so was her girlfriend; another primetime celebrity. As Kathy flutters between celebs and queens, the camera keeps catching Cross and another woman quitetogether most of the evening. It's not clear who the mystery woman is 'till a group photo of all of those in attendance is shot. Thanks to the reality cameras documenting Griffin's show, Lori Loughlin is caught snugglin' next to Marcia Cross most of the evening...

I'm not alleging that two PRIMETIME [Loughlin on WB's Summerland, Cross on ABC's Desperate Housewives] celebs are bumpin' uglies at night, but I can't help but find this more than coincidental; Loughlin was first on the list of alleged lovers back when all the gossip started to run its course.

all that is new is old again.


Jody Watley hasn't bleeped on mainstream radars for quite some time, but has continuously released excellent work. In 2003, she gave us a stellar late-night set, appropriately called Midnight Lounge, the inspiration for the branding of this blog...

I've given a little blog time to Jody in the past, but definitely check out her latest release; a 2005 update of her debut single "Looking for a New Love," remixed and remade for today's dance floors.

For more on Watley, visit:

bad tv.


This is *SO* gluttenous, and I can't wait. Bravo is ressurecting the old '70s staple Battle of the Stars, except with folks from reality shows!

From the Average Joe to Joe Schmo, it's a smorgasbord of TV rejects scratching their way back into primetime viewing.

A few hightlights of who's on:

Trishelle (Real World)
Heidi (The Apprentice, 1)
Mike "The Miz" (Real World)
Richard Hatch (Survivor, 1) <----insert gratuitous nude joke now
Evan Marriott (Joe Millionare)
Duncan Nutter (Showbiz Moms and Dads) <----my personal fave; can't wait to see this nutcase again!

...guess it's true?


I was one of the last to jump on the Pitt / Jolie band wagon, assuming that all the buzz was to promote Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but it seems the comely duo may just be together.

Aniston speaks out in the September edition of Vanity Fair. Check out this in advance of the interview hitting stands.



I can watch this all day.

And in related news, Lauren Bacall bashes Cruise.

summertime read


I'm late, I know, but I am going to take this week and read Sedaris' latest, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. If you've never given yourself a read by Sedaris, check out Me Talk Pretty One Day or Naked.

An essayist with a biting wit and dry take on life experiences, you'll never chuckle the same after a Sedaris read.

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