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Robyn – Robyn (2005)

Perhaps summed up best to most readers by the second single “Who’s that Girl,” Robyn’s career has hardly made much of an impression with the US pop market. Sure, the name sounds familiar, I know. It’s not Robin S – the big voiced black woman who surged onto the dance charts with “Show Me Love.” The Robyn we’re chatting about, who coincidentally, also had a hit with a ditty called “Show Me Love,” burst onto the pop charts in 1997 with “Do You Know (What it Takes)”. Quickly marketed by RCA as the new blonde and blue-eyed soul (straight outta Sweden) Robyn lost her stateside groove just as fast as her entry into the marketplace. Flash-forward to 2005, Robyn has released her fourth album internationally. Now available through iTunes, I couldn’t help but spread the word as we gobble up holiday cookies and candy canes; what’s a little more sugar at this point?

Be Mine, the lead single off the album, reads like an entry in Robyns’ blog on unrequited love. With a staccato orchestration and syncopated thumps that beat like the heart on her sleeve, Robyn chimes in on the pain of missed opportunities: “As if a good thing ever can make up for the all the pain / there’ll be no last chance to promise to never mess it up again.” My favorite song on the album.

Questioning the perception of perfection, “Who’s that Girl” identifies those challenges we face. Can you relate?

The only hiccup on the album may be the spoken introductions in-between tracks. A bit Janet, if you ask me.

Originally on 2003’s import Don’t Stop the Music, “Should Have Known” is the darkest and most frank track on the release. “I should have seen it comin’ / I should have fuckin’ known.” Lyrically jarring when spewed from the Swiss ingénue, the cussing only adds an additional layer to all the heartbreak this girl's gone through.

Pop gems “Handle Me” and “Bum Like You” contradict Robyns’ dainty appearance, allowing her to show she’s alpha to the boys.

Coming quick and fast, the 35 minutes of pure pop pleasure on Robyn isn’t rocket science. It’s manufactured pop, but good enough to offer the casual audiophile a bit of a switchup from terrestrial radio stations (Black Eyed Peas anyone?) It's no secret I'm a big fan; I did my best to listen objectionably yet still came through loving this collection.

Give a visit to robyn.com, view the "Be Mine" video and download free mixes of “Be Mine.” My personal favorite, the Verschwende Deine Jugend Remix, gives the track a sense of rushed urgency; not unlike the sugar rush I get after listening to this set.

For all of you stateside, spend $10 and buy Robyn at iTunes today.

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7 Responses to “sugarcoat”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I'll have to check it out!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    whew, what a great review. I gotta download.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    worth checking out.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Ok, I used to LOVE Robyn back in day. I still have her album "Robyn is Here"... I loved that album and I waited around and wondered if she would release another album here in the states. I just kinda stumbled upon ur blog from another one and I'm glad I did. ;) I will defintely be checking out the new music by Robyn. Great review!

  5. Blogger midnight lounge 

    hey hey - thanks for the visit. tell a friend...

    definitely download the free mixes from robyn.com!

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