of the gaycentric perspective.

the heart of the matter


While you're googling the word "failure" (do it) and obsessing over that crazyfreak John Mark Karr, I'll be getting intoxicated on all the love that Provincetown offers.

If the laptop clears, I'll blog about getting frisked by airport security. If only they were as interesting as Kathy Griffin and Michael Ian Black (Sierra Mist commercial - keep up!)

This will be the first time we've sojourned to the cape via air. The pilgrimage by car is long and wears on mamma's nerves. The only saving grace during the drive were visits to all of the Christmas Tree Shops along the cape. On our last drive, Eric threatened to renew his pistol permit if I asked to stop at the deep, deep discount store for the fourth time. That's why we're flying. So he can't bring the pistol. And I can't stop at the Christmas Tree Shop.

While I'm gone, visit other bloggers. Introduce yourself. Like you do at church. Aren't you suppose to shake hands with at least two people in church? That's what I did the last time I was at church. Oh,wait. That wasn't church. It was a business meeting. And we were naked.


Anyway - my new obsession is Project Runway. I know, I'm so late (three seasons to be exact) on catching up on this show, but I'm obsessed. FourFour gives the most hysterical and observant commentary on each episode. Find them all here.

PopBytes is positioned to be the next big blogger. He's doin' a bang-up job.

The sexual tension between myself and Toby is sick. Stop denyin' Toby. Give in, give in. Visit vividblurry.

My Drinking Team has a Frisbee Problem. Like you didn't chuckle a little bit at the name.

Download this:

India.Arie rarely gets added to any of my iTunes playlists, but this is definitely an exception. The Don Henley cover is exquisite. The arrangement is timeless and the delivery is subtle.

**Updated: Download India.Arie - The Heart of the Matter (Mp3)

[Thanks to JasonSmith for the gret Ptown image. I was too lazy to dig for an original.]

the down low on Ne-Yo


I'm a bit skeptical of this latest new piece, but according to many a blog out there, R&B hit maker Ne-Yo is coming out of the closet in the October issue of Essence.

You may recall the "Sexy Love" singer was on the minds of gossip bloggers last week as pictures of him and a female backup dancer hit the 'net. [NSFW]

As reported online:

He doesn't care anymore, he was tired of living a lie and is ready to come clean. "the music industry can either except me for who I am, or desert me."

If the Essence article is indeed accurate and Ne-Yo is breaking the R&B mold by coming out, then I couldn't be more interested in the young man. His decision becomes monumental in the music business, considering that he's only been on the scene a short time and hardly a brand with a resolute fanbase.

If the rumors are fake, well I'm ashamed of my bloggin' brothers and sisters for another fabricated story.

wasn't once enough?


From the because the last five years wasn't enough files:

CNN plans to re-broadcast
coverage online from September 11, 2001.

The feed, normally accessed through paid subscription, will show at no charge CNN's comprehensive coverage of the day that changed the way we see our tomorrows.

Fear not: the cable channel provides disclaimers to prevent accidental viewing of scenes we've all viewed once before and vowed to never want to see again.

back to the cape


We'll be making our way to Provincetown next week. The sojourn to the cape is always the highlight of the year for us. I'll do my best to blog satellite, no doubt!

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All eyes are on Upstate New York as a school district tackles transgender issues in the classroom.

Batavia, a small town known for its cow pastures with a thruway split down the middle, is centering community discussion on a science teacher about to begin reassignment surgery.

Meetings are planned with community members and students as the school year gets under way.
Richard Stutzman Jr., Batavia's superintendent, said the school district's administration has researched and planned for community outreach ever since the male teacher sent Stutzman a confidential letter last school year about the teacher's plans to become a woman.

"As an educational institution, knowing that when it did break it would be controversial to some people, we wanted to do everything we could to provide as much information as possible so they could have a better understanding of what this individual is going through," Stutzman said.

The superintendent goes on to say "...[that] the point of such community outreach is to try to ensure that the teacher will be treated like everyone else.
The discricts' stance is surprising to me and I couldn't be more thrilled with their approach. By using the situation as a moment to educate, Batavia sets a tone that may have an effect nationwide on our school systems.

Batavia Takes on Transgender Issue [Via Rochester's Democrat & Chronicle]

Face Time


Jody Watley talks extensively with Entertainment Weekly, dishing on those pesky plastic surgery rumors, her newfound love of the internet and how her life changed, rediscovering the music business all over again.

Michael Slezak catches up with Jody Watley

[Photo courtesy MinneMynx]

Show me what the girl does


Midnight Lounge favorite Tracey Thorn introduces herself to the world of MySpace. The voice behind Everything but the Girl is currently finishing up work on a solo project, collaborating with Ewan Pearson, cagedbaby and more.

ake Tracey your friend!

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Still a Thrill


Great things have been happening for Jody Watley lately.

Her August 8th release, The Makeover, debuted as a top five electronic album on iTunes. It's also an exclusive release at Virgin Megastores, besting all other releases this past week to become the best selling CD with the chain!

Surely I've got a review comin' your way. The album is a delight. Don't take my word for it. Go, get yourself a copy now! [iTunes]

AOL Black Voices correspondent Karu F. Daniels (a former college chum of mine) recently gave a less than flattering review of Jody's August 12th concert at NYC's Joe's Pub. Calling the intimate and sold out gig packed with enough gays to be considered "Queens, NY" and comparing our girl Jody to a Stephen King character. The "pudgy and sullen middle age widow," Dolores Claiboirne: "Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hold on to." Daniels clearly entered the room choking on a bitter pill.

Jody took a moment to blog about Daniels' remarks on her MySpace page.

For a more interesting and insightful read on Watley preparing for this release, click over to
Chicago's Windy City Times for an excellent interview with Jody.

And of course I'm sure y'all are catchin' Jody workin' her groove on Bravo's WorkOut, right?

[Image courtesy Platform | Launch | Action]

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Jennifer Hudson Oscar buzz!


All it takes is a little Dreamgirls chat and I'm reminded of what a queer I am.

I literally got chills reading up on Jennifer Hudson's upcoming portrayal of Effie in the celluloiding of the tony award winning musical Dreamgirls.

"And I Am Telling You" is the romantic heart and musical soul of the flick, and Hudson apparently gives the scene her all.

Buzz is *that* strong Hudson is already receiving Oscar buzz!

Read more on Hudson's showing in Dreamgirls.

[Thanks to Rod for the always-fabulous imagery]

papa, can you hear me...


question: "Jason, where have you been?"

answer: "yo mama!"

Ah know, it's been way too long since I gave some blog lovin'. It'll change, this I promise you.

see you | hear you | breathe you, soon.

I'm bringin' sexyback


...And another hot one on So You Think You Can Dance. This time, the final four get their Justin Timberlake on to "Sexyback."

no cosmetics, m'aam


Midnight Lounge correspondent Jim gives first-hand account of his early morning airport experience, hours after a terrorist plot gets thwarted in Britian:

"Imagine, if you will, the pandemonium at the airport as hundreds unsuspecting early morning passengers (who are always running late anyway) are notified that they cannot carry any liquids, gels or aerosols of any kind onboard the plane, including drinks, lotions, perfumes, lipstick, chapstick, anti bacterial hand sanitizers… hair gel(!). I saw women literally crying as they had to part with cosmetics at security. (which of course messed up the cosmetics they were currently wearing.)/span>

It was really interesting to watch the looks on the faces of some spouses as the full impact of what was about to unfold hit them while reading the new signs."

As frightening and serious as the events in Britian may be, the ripple effect of changing the way we all travel (once again) will only cause further chaos to international and domestic excursions, don't ya think? I am a bit shocked about wireless phones, mp3 players, laptops, etc. being banned from carry-on luggage. Of course I'll be the last to balk at this, providing it's in the name of our safety...but damn!

Once again, thanks to our dear friend Jim for sharing with the readers his experience this morning.

Amy Sedaris does Letterman


I couldn't be a bigger fan. Amy Sedaris does the Letterman Show. It's from June, so it's a bit old already, but oh so delightful.

vintage EBTG - Rollercoaster


Those that know me through the blog, know of my affection for Jody Watley (The Makeover is out today) but those in my real life know I'm even *crazier* about Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn, collectively known as Everything but the Girl.

There's not much a reason behind this post, other than to share a video of one of my favorite tracks from the duo. In 1994, EBTG released Amplified Heart and scored a #1 hit with the dance mix of "Missing." The tune that set the tone on the album, "Rollercoaster", never created as much buzz as their international dance hit, but it was a stellar effort none-the-less.

Here's the video for 1994's "Rollercoaster."
And although the band has never been about the visuals, it's always intriguing to seem them in action:

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Ain't No Other Man Remixes


For once I think actually dig the original treatment, rather than clubbed-up remixes.

Regardless, check 'em out for yourself. I'm a fan of the Jake Ridley and Shape UK remixes at first listen. Given the fact that there's over 20 bootleg remixes to select, chances are you'll find one that's just your speed. Oh, and take my suggestion: SKIP past the Junior rub; ugh.

Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man (Remixes)



...just a casual observation as I strolled the mall the other day...

when did display mannequins get so god-damn hot!
Is it creepy I was a bit taken by these Under Armour wearing men, I mean, displays?

Hide and Seek


Another great performance on So You Think You Can Dance. This time set to the haunting "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap. Choreography by Mia Michaels.

c'mon big baby, c'mon


It's leaked. Finally. Check up on it.

I've been sittin' on this one for a bit thanks to a certain power pop blogger. Now that it's out there, go.get.it!

Download the remix of the summer, now!

The Makeover


one week. [image courtesy of Rhe]

The Kira Soltanovich Interview


Largely influenced by her San Francisco via Soviet Union roots, comedienne and improv pro Kira Soltanovich is a natural at getting the gay laugh. She’s been a Girl Behaving Badly on Oxygen (now in syndication) and the voice behind the hysterical Univeral Studios Photo Booth on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

I’ve been crazy about Kira for some time now. I’m so excited to introduce her to Midnight Lounge readers. We covered it all; why she loves a gay audience most and those millions she makes on syndication rights to Girls Behaving Badly.

…So Girls Behaving Badly just got syndicated! You're now in the ranks of the Rachels and the Raymonds…What'cha gonna do with your million dollar residuals?

Well, I wish GBB Syndication put me in the ranks of the Rachels & Raymonds... BUT it's a cable show, so we're nowhere close to Network residuals... but thanks for asking... and reminding me... now I'm depressed!

Tell us about your TV pilot Box Seat!

Box Seat was sooo much fun to do! I got a chance to work with Dennis Rodman and Jose Conseco... my two favorite football stars! We had a great time chatting about movies, music and Rodman's tattoos.

How did the Tonight Show Photo Booth come to be?

The Photo Booth is a project that the writer's of The Tonight Show asked me to be a part of... we never knew it would turn into such a phenomenon! We've shot 6 so far, and have plenty more to do! We set up at Universal Studios in Hollywood and cross our fingers that the tourists don't catch on... because of lot of people recognize it by now! And some people recognize my voice from it! Crazy huh?!

You ought to pitch a "celebrity edition!"

A Celebrity one is good idea... can I steal that?

What's the deal with Britney Spears?

Britney and Kevin! Or as I like to call them, The White Bobby and Whitney are a MESS!!! They need what the kids in the school yard call a "take over!"

Why do you think the gay boys love you so?

The gay boys love me because I LOVE THE GAY BOYS... and girls too!! Maybe because I grew up in San Francisco, so my entire life has been influenced by the Gay Community... or maybe because the Queer Folk have to best sense of humor on the planet... they know how to laugh at themselves and at the world, they know this life is short and you can't take everything so seriously... so they make the BEST FANS!

If you tickle us, who tickles you?

My boyfriend tickles me... my feet... very ticklish... AND he makes me laugh a lot too! I love Arrested Development and Will Farrell.

Is the comedy stage as hard for women today as it has notoriously been in the past?

Comedy for women can and always will be to some degree challenging... but it never really bothers me. It's only as challenging as a female comic makes it.

When did you first realize you were funny?

I realized I was funny in the 1st grade. My teacher would yell at me in front of the entire class... "Kira, do you think you're funny?" and I always replied, "They're laughing arent' they?" I was a smart ass at 7.

Your impeccable comedic timing and wit were what made Girls Behaving Badly so hysterical; What comes to mind as you think back on the Oxygen series?

I love the Oxygen Network, they tapped into funny women... they were smart enough to showcase a different kind of hidden camera show... I will always thank them for giving me a shot at making people laugh on an international level.

Last Comic Standing is loosely billed as a reality show; should we be so naive? [Kira was a candidate for the 2006 season.]

Last Comic Standing is a Reality show... legally that's all I can say...they are always watching...

Fill in the blank: If Vicki Lewis is to Kathy Griffin, _________is to Kira Soltanovich [Kathy Griffin constantly gets recognized as Lewis. And as Kathy Lee Gifford…]

I have no idea!?!?

What can we expect from Kira in 2006?

2006 is already rolling along very well! You can watch for me creating, writing and producing in my own TV series... when I have more info, I will let you know!!

Kira Links:
KIRA on the web
KIRA Media clips
KIRA at MySpace

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