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Ace arrives in a U-Haul truck


I'm back. sorta. I am tryin' to catch up on a little bloggin' and a lot of work...

ArjanWrites delivers a
fantastic interview with gay fave Anastacia while Rod gives more exposure to Goldfrapp's latest release Supernature.

Oh, Mandisa. You were *SO* going to tear up every gay dance party west of an Amanda LePore sighting. She's listed her favorite author as Beth Moore, notorious for rescuing people from gayness. I guess this means I'm back in love with Kat McPhee.

Speaking of Idol, Get Ace an ace bandage, quick. I missed this weeks' episode but caught the recaps o'er at Rickey. Ummmm, did Ace really need to show us his chest scar? Doesn't that fall under "things you just don't do when courting the public?" He sorta pulled up in a U-Haul on a second date with that one. No thanks, Ace. Oh yeah, and Paris did absolutely nothin' for me. It felt a little dirty in a "I'm still young" way.

Brokeback Mountain releases on DVD next Tuesday. Does this mean we can sorta forget about the movie for a bit so we can Mariah it again? I'm *so* Brokeback'd out.

Rochester's own Teddy Geiger debuts in the top ten with his debut CD Underage Thinking. It was great walking the streets of Manhattan and passing posters for the release. I gotta get him a Midnight Lounge t-shirt. Yeah, 'cause I'm sure thirteen year old girls from Wisconsin will really find this site interesting [smirk.]

I just caught the Will & Grace episode with George Takei and Wanda Sykes. Oh yeah, and Britney Spears. I couldn't have laughed less during the Britney skits. Sykes (imho) stole the show. Oh, wait, that would imply the show is alive and well to be stolen. Regardless, Wanda did a good job on a dying show.

Had a great time in ol' Nueva York; little playtime, lots of worktime. Met up with my dear friend Robert, if only for a brief catch-up. There's a good chance I'll be back in NYC the following weeks so I'll be sure to bake in more freetime. Now that I'm back home, I'm feelin' like I wanna tear it up this weekend. Wonder if it'll pass.

out of reach


Here's a little linkage. Pay a visit, say hi. Just come back to where you started:

Dlisted for your daily dose of snarky celebrity breakdowns
Popmuse, because there's limited cool in bloggin' and he's using it all up
RustedArt is finding his bloggin' voice. And I'm listenin'.
Rod 2.0 is my blogcrush. just a little bit (that's what I tell the husband.)
Okay, I'd be lying if I said I only visit Jeff's Weather for doppler readings.
Bob's Yer Uncle isn't really my uncle, but he does tickle me in the bad place....oh, wait.

And because I'm a giver...

It doesn't take overly-dramatic key changes and American Idol-like scatting to make a singer great. Gabrielle, one of the UK's greatest unknown treasures, is an all-time favorite of mine. I thought I'd share a few of my personal favorites, if only to get her in the hands of those that'll love her like me.

Both songs orchestrated a stretch of time in my life a few years ago and still seem to resonate today. Meloncholic and reflective, they each tackle the highs and lows of the loves in our life. Take a moment and download these rare B-side versions. Out of Reach, originally featured on the Bridget Jones' Diary soundtrack, briefly made a dent on the US dance charts thanks an Almighty mix. Rise, containing a subtle Bob Dylan sample, titled Gabrielle's 2000 UK album, which later crossed the seas and landed stateside. Please, enjoy.

off quicker than a prom dress


A Buffalo, New York catholic school tells a lesbian student she can't bring her girlfriend to prom. "They want it [the senior prom] to be traditional. It has to be a boy and girl, tux and dress and all that stuff" says the senior of Villa Maria Academy, which coincidentally is closing its doors after decreased enrollment.

"There are some principles we need to stand by," said Sister M. Ambrose Wozniak "The prom would not be the place for this."
Wozniak did go on to say that pre-gaming and unprotected, pre-marital [heterosexual] sex is where she draws the line on prom night. (smirk.) [Buffalo News via Queerty]

the Lounge heads to NYC


I can only hope it's Bailey from Sean Cody [NSFW]. An Illinois tumbling coach has been banned from campus because of a gay porn cameo.

I've recently caught up on Tivo'd recordings and made my way through Julia Louis Dreyfuss' most recent sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine. My first impression is not my lasting; I wasn't all too excited about the pilot but have quickly fallen head over heels in love with the show after seeing subsquent epps. It's positively great. Check it out on Monday nights.

The flick that contributed to my "I knew I was gay when" moment is 25 years young. 9-to-5 sees DVD this Tuesday.

I had a great weekend. Relaxing and busy, all at the same time. I did some very domestic duties: raking the lawn, recovering the seats of formerly curbed breakfast room chairs and giving the pavement and my dog a longlasting introduction.

We reunited on Saturday evening with former neighbors Tom and Todd for a birthday party in their new home. A few too many cocktails later, we decided to make our way to Tilt; Rochester's newest danceclub and lounge. Met up with more peeps and even met some readers of midnight lounge. Thanks to those for sayin' hi! We went so far as to pimp the lounge out to all the boys and girls in the club after additional consumption of said cocktails. So if you're joining us 'cause you were on the other side of a website pimpin', hello!

I also switched up my gym membership, leaving my trusted workout facility for a fresh 'n so new locale; say hi if you're a member of the Downtown Fitness Club!

My real world adventures are sending me to NYC this week, so bloggin' may be on the lighter side. I'll do my best to blog satellite. I've got a packed schedule while in town, but always open to recommendations of the New York kind...



He's just as comfortable in front of the lens as he is behind it. Can yo tell? A Self-proclaimed dancer / singer / photographer / model, Desi is right at home at the lounge as our weekly man of MySpace.

Go a'head, get to know Desi. You won't be dissapointed.

Be sure to check out previous men of myspace!
(hint, check out the sidebar!)

friday on random


This is too funny not to share. Kellie Pickler, American Idol's resident ingenue, may not be as innocent as she comes across, as demonstrated by her prom dress selection.

...Speaking of Michael K over at Dlisted, posts like this one are the reason why I blogcrush him. He's too damn snarky.

I'm sure that, by now, everyone (my mom included) has caught on that two Madonna remixes have leaked online. The mixes come in advance of a rumored limited edition re-release of Confessions on a Dancefloor.

Another glimpse into the world of RuPaul. My favorite line? "He flipped the script and kissed my lips."

Catch up with former NFL'er Esera Tuaolo as he navigates gay "married" life in Minnesota and looks back on his rocky Hawaiian childhood.

The Rochester Insider found out what I'm into.
You can too.

control myself


"you got what it takes to make this boy be bad..."

Another download. I'm a giver, what can I say...
By now you've heard the LL Cool J & Jennifer Lopez club thumper "Control Myself" right?

It's the right amount of Jennifer after being inundated with every Lopez spotting over the years. I'd say she's been flying under the radar recently; for this reason alone it's enough to want more of her!

LL "Todd Smith" Cool J is in fine form (musically and physically.) Sure to be the "bounce to it" anthem this spring, the Jason Nevins electro-funk mix is a don't-miss. So don't!

Control Myself (Jason Nevins Electrotek Mix)

gaytime TV


Sure to be the gayest thing on daytime TV since that time Al Reynolds paid a visit to his wife o'er at The View, Ellen Degeneres welcomes Liza Minelli Friday morning. Liza's making the rounds, pimpin' out the re-release of Liza with a Z. She's sure to be full of giggles, as demonstrated by her recent Larry King interview.

unwritten rub


Johnny Vicious rubbed out some of my all-time favorite dance tracks. Who can forget Veronica's Someone to Hold (still hot, if you ask me) or Suzanne Palmer's bigger than life track Hide U.

I haven't followed his recent work that closely, but it seems he's back in tight form with the Natasha Bedingfield track Unwritten. Turning the pop ditty into a floor slammer can't be easy, but Vicious proves he's the master by finding a home on the dancefloor for Natasha.

Check out the Johnny Vicious remix of Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten.



It's the first day of spring! What a great feeling to begin preparing for the summer of 2006; let's just get past this cold bit Rochester is going through!

It's a media blitz for Rochester's own today. Teddy Geiger, the next John Mayer, releases his debut CD Underage Thinking today. He's such a cutie and has the talent to back up any notion he's only blue eyes and a pretty smile. He's already a hit with the TRL crowd.

...and that other guy from Rochester, Philip Seymour Hoffman, stars in Capote. His Oscar-winning performance is on DVD today.

I love me some Rauhofer. But why o' why does he have a Paris Hilton rerub on deck? #2 on his top ten, no less! C'mon, Peter! (Now of course I haven't heard this song yet, and, no matter how hot it is, there's no way I will ever give this song any amount of respect. Oh, respect for Paris, not Peter.)

iTunes, partnered with j Records and Arista, unloads the dance vault. Kelly Clarkson remixes of Walk Away, Because of You are now available. Be sure to check out the Heather Headley mixes of In My Mind too! **Update. more news on this interesting release.

Now it's your turn to recommend...got a man on myspace *you* want featured? Do you have what it takes to be the next man of myspace at midnight lounge? Drop me a note!

Goldfrapp on the Tonight Show


Goldfrapp. Leno. enjoy. Alison oozes sex appeal, don'tcha think?



21,833 MySpace members can't be wrong. They all want to be Daniel's friend. Can you blame 'em? Maybe it's the bedroom eyes. Or the smoldering sex appeal.
Whatever it may be, his beautiful exterior pales in comparison to his personality.

Meet Daniel...

Barry doesn't stay in Vegas...


Barry Manilow avoids traffic by jetting five days a week from Palm Springs, California, to his gig at the Las Vegas Hilton: "There's just no quiet in Vegas." He also meant to comment on the fact that Vegas is also missing the clothing optional, men only resorts he frequents in Palm Springs during his "quiet time." [Via AP]

Of course I'm projecting the resort thing. Surely he keeps his clothes on.

The Chelsea Handler Interview


She's hyserical. She's hot. And she's got the mouth of your Uncle Berl after a few too many Budweisers. She's Chelsea Handler, and she's gonna make the E! channel watchable again.
Once part of the Oxygen network's improv prank troop Girls Behaving Badly and occasional correspondent on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show, Handler is sure to be the next best thing on E!
Yes, even better than Ryan Seacrest [insert Ryan joke here.]
She recently sat down and answered questions, exclusively for the lounge, on her upcoming E! show, the gays that love her and how she's setting an example by offering hollywood starlets a candy bar...
CLICK HERE for Chelsea's queer & a!
As always, leave a comment, send your love!

baptizing the Tonight Show


Goldfrapp debuted "Ooh La La" to US TV viewers last night. With an offstage blower typically reserved for the locks of Beyonce, Alison commandeered the soundstage and made the crowd converts. Didn't work on me, I'm already preachin' the word.

Is it just me or does the keyboardist seem a bit "gorillaz-like?" [Via BIGstereo]

Support the lounge. Buy Supernature.

Archived Goldfrapp at the lounge:

iTunes Ooh La La
Turn me Up
...But is it about Bianca
Ride a White Horse video

Chelsea queer & a


I am thisclose from breaking up with Kathy Griffin. Okay, at least until the second season of My Life on the D-List premieres.

In the meantime, I'm head over drunken heels in love with Chelsea Handler. I giggle like Ryan Seacrest does when a seventeen year old Idol contestant is next to him...She's so effin' funny.

Come on back for a meet and greet with Chelsea Handler. Soon to be the next best thing on E!, s
he'll answer questions only at the lounge. She'll dish on the Seacrest, the gays and that awkward time she woke up next to a billygoat.

To acquaint yourself with Handler, check out a recent showing at the Improv [NSFW and takes a bit to load]:



He's a professional figure skater. And head of a clothing line. If you watched The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold on ABC Family (it's okay. You can admit it) chances are you caught this hottie on the ice. Did it melt?

Michael's our latest man of myspace.


Always, leave a comment.

Previous entries:



I guess this means no sequel?


From the February 17th issue of Entertainment Weekly [Advocate]:

EW: You starred in Boat Trip as a jilted straight guy who winds up trapped on a gay cruise. Do you know what's funny about that film?

Cuba Gooding Jr.: What's funny?

EW: No, I'm actually asking: Do you know what's funny about that film?

Gooding: I just got that! Nothing. Not a damn thing.

The Jason Walker Interview


Admit it. There was a point on the dancefloor you turned to your chum midway
through hearing
"My Life" and said, "is that a guy?"

Don't worry, he gets it all the time. Sort of the problem when you got the pipes of a full-figured female soul singer.

Jason Walker, the man behind the voice, teamed up with Junior Vasquez in 2004 to release that dance stomper, which quickly burned up the Billboard top five charts. Two more #1 dance singles later, Walker has achieved what most male vocalists don't; getting, and keeping, the attention of fans on the floor. It doesn't hurt he's got piercing green eyes and a high energy stage persona to match the vocals.

Jason recently sat down and chatted with midnight lounge and dished about his recently-released full length This is My Life, what it was like working with Junior and that stud from Showtime's Soul Food:

In the dance community, it's always said that, when Junior is good, he's phenomenal. With this in mind, how does it feel to be a part of something so strong right out of the gate.

Well...to be perfectly honest, and I tell everyone this, to have been able to work with Junior has been a total dream come true---he's the master---everyone knows this!

More after the jump...

Support the lounge: Buy This is My Life now. And, as always, leave a comment!



I actually didn't catch this when it first happened, so I thought I'd dig up a little archived Mariah, from her MTV TRL meltdown session, to remind us how she became emancipated in '05. The catalyst is when she stumbles over to the window overlooking the crowded block: "...but....see, these ain't mah, these are just some folks on the nice street...but we like this." I heart crazy Mimi.

sunday botox theatre


RuPaul calls out Reese Witherspoons' botoxed face during her oscar acceptance speech. I didn't notice it at the time, but once you give a second look, you can't help but stare at the severely-frozen space between her eyebrows. I'm just sayin'...

...and one more reason Mad TV is walking away with the laughs that were once intended for SNL. The cast of Mad TV goes desperate, houswives-style. I love the backyard themepark and the botoxed foreheads.

"You may be Canadian, but those tits are made in America"

I effin' love Pam Anderson. I love the veneered, amp'd-up sex appeal, the bad boyfriends and bad tit jobs. Everything about her is completely fake. She's fabulous.

She's also a helluva lot smarter than most people may credit her for being. I think she's an uber-smart, business-saavy woman in a crowded marketplace of pinup chicks. She is consistently relevant and seen where and when it matters most.

Comedy Central recently
roasted the Pam with host Jimmy Kimmel. The cast of roasters, Sarah Silverman, Andy Dick, Courtney Love, Lady Bunny, Tommy Lee, Bea Arthur and more, demonstrated that all the skin we see of Pams' is pretty damn thick.

The roast was hysterical, although the tit and Tommy Lee dick jokes were a tad expected and the irreverent comics were forced, but funny. I couldn't have chortled more as the Andy Dick gay jokes flung off the stage.

The roast had me in stitches. And that was just the censored version. Now on DVD, the show can be seen in all its glory. You won't see any more of Pam than you've seen through her black top, but the bleeps and the Courtney Love meltdowns are worth the price of uncensored admission. Courtney, in a drug-hazed daze, slurs her opening bit: "I've been clean and sober for a fuckin' year, so all these drug yokes, err, jokes are....retarded." This, my friend, is great TV. Come on over to the roast media player to catch snips.

You simply *must* witness a reading of Pam Anderson's book Star by Bea Arthur. You'll squirm, giggle and chuckle a little. I promise.

Support Midnight Lounge and buy Comedy Central's Roast of Pam Andersonnow.

Speaking of great tits, check out RuPaul in Toronto March 17th at the Ultra Supper Club.

I love fur


...and another hottie from myspace. Stop back.

In the meantime, check out last week's man, Brandon.

when's the remix?


One word describes American Idol this season. Mandisa. I crush on this girl like Vin Diesel does his biceps. Even though Chris Daughtry is walkin' away with the Idol title this year, Mandisa will soon be belting out every gay dance record released in 2007. I guarantee.

Stop over and visit Rickey as he captures Mandisa's rendition of Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman."

My boyfriend at bent introduces the DialIdol.com, a downloadable speed dialer that predicts the winners and the losers based on the number of obtained busy signals. it's all too complicated and algebraic for me to understand. I got distracted by something bright and shiny.

just let it take you


Have you bought the US release of Goldfrapp's Supernature? It's in stores and online. Get it now. You can stream the release here in the meantime. [thanks ArjanWrites]

Aria has an interesting Q&A with Ultra Nate.

Erasure US tour dates announced. The boys hit NYC May 19th.

I know I'm not suppose to love this shit, but I do. Another "is he gay?" blind item o'er at Dlisted. I love how us gay folk always project our gayness on the ones we crush on. I'm not buyin' the rumors they're sellin' about Clooney. Some things are sacred!

look it, feel it


I got the bug. I was itching for a new look and feel...what'cha think?

I have to give big thanks to the boys at
Casual in Istanbul for hookin' the lounge up with the great new banner...thanks boys!

I'm still working out the html kinks, so
let me know if things aren't looking right...To comment, click on the number next to the post title. I may try to fix that a tad. By the way, my google ranking changed instantly after refreshing my template; it improved tenfold. Any thoughts on why?

the elephant in the room


The Elmira Star Gazette reports on the former Elmiran, John Canemaker, that won the Oscar for best animated short.

If you remember last night's acceptances, this is the man that thanked his partner; a comment left out of the Elmira article, even though the reporter comments on the thank yous the animator doled out.

I'm not a bit surprised by Star Gazette's omission.

Notorious for being the most conservative pub in the pocket of Gannett, Elmira (the town I grew up in) is a hotspot for not noticing the elephant in the room. I remember the Gazette publishing an article about the day in the life of a lesbian couple in northern PA (part of the Gazette's footprint) years ago, only to sympathize with outraged readers post-publication.

...don't even get me started on Brokeback being denied best picture. All I can say is: NEVER underestimate the power of Oprah. Crash was her social pet project, commenting most recently that she felt the movie ought to win best picture so "more people can see it."

And the Dolly loss? speechless.



Completely self-indulgent, I know, but in case you're interested, the boys o'er at bestgayblogs.com posted a quick little Q&A with yours truly. check it out. send some love.

On the day of all things Oscar, enjoy the show. There's some great bloggin' posts out there. Popmuse is knee deep in all the hoopla and Popbytes will be live bloggin' derrin' the ceremony.



At six foot three, Brandons' presence is known when playing outfield for his college baseball team.

The Corning, New York student is our man o' myspace of late. When he's between seasons of pitching and hitting, he's working on bolstering his portfolio for art school. You can check out some of his work after the jump.

As always, leave a comment for Brandon.

Click here to meet Brandon.

Previous men of myspace:

I'd hit that

I'm a little late for the gift-giving season, but I have bookmarked this page in anticipation of 2006's holiday shopping rush.

Perhaps I can buy my friend Marc, an interior decorator with a penchant for Kylie, the homosexuality is sin bumper sticker. Or maybe I'll get Alisha, the bulldyke with the 'stache, the anti-gay t-shirt. She can wear it to strap-on night at the Vixen.

I came across a bumper sticker like the one pictured, last night. It took all I had not to put to use the bumper the sticker was attached to. I would've hit it that shit hard.

I guess I am completely overcome by someone that feels *that strongly* about "the gays" to proclaim it on the back of a moving vehicle. To search out the sticker. To purchase it. To allow the adhesive to find its way to their moving violation. I am always in shock. Imagine the self-loathing little boys and girls people like that can produce. Ahh, to breed hatred. It's next to godliness.

By the way, free shipping to California residents. You lucky bitches.


Goldfrapp is set to take over the states. With Supernature scheduled to release March 7th, buzz on the duo is in full force. England's NME already hailed the release as "the best pop album of 2005."

  • An appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno has been booked. Watch for it on March 13th.
  • Cover story of Time Out New York. The elusive duo rarely speak to the press. This one's a gem.
  • From the archives, check out ArjanWrites December interview.
  • iTunes featured "Ooh La La" as its free single of the week (last week)
  • "Number 1" finds itself where it belongs; on top of the Billboard dance charts.
  • A handful of stateside shows have been scheduled. LA fans can catch 'em on March 11. SXSW, March 16th.
  • The band documents their time on the road with a photoblog. It's lovely 2 C Alison and crew!

return of the mack


no worries. the man of myspace column returns this weekend...

In the meantime, check out Joey, the Men's Fitness cover model and Jordan, the first man of myspace.

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