of the gaycentric perspective.

What's Happening to my genitals?


Amy Sedaris is back. This time, she's playing a cartoon character going through puberty. NSFW.

Did I mention I adore Amy?

HTML dumb-ass



Could use some ez 1, 2 step help with some HTML programming with this site; any takers?

So real


GuyTVBlog dreams up a little creative casting for MTV's upcoming Real World Key West season. Probably not too far off the mark, considering the show seems to always have at least two girls ready, willing and drunk enough to make out with each other the moment a six pack is cracked.

**of course this post originally came about as I thought the link I reference was legit!

They did. Now they don't anymore.


According to E! online, comedian Kathy Griffin is filing
for divorce from her husband of four years, Matt Moline.

Quite a sad news snippet; 'though Kathy's show was filmed nearly a year ago, the love she shared with Matt seemed pretty genuine by H-wood standards...too bad. Maybe the bears will console Matt during the separation.

Kathy's got alimony to pay, buy her DVD at Amazon.


The table below is being sold on ebay by a man.
Can you tell how I know?

...because he's reflected in the mirror.

build the buzz


A sneak peek at a tremendously talented singer / songwriter. More to come.

I'll take one of each.


A destination within a destination. Provincetown's premiere kitchen and home store, Utilities, refreshes their home on the web. Its online shelves and displays are just as interesting as those found in the store. Pay a visit to one of the best retail stops on the cape.


I was as giddy as a schoolgirl about to drop my dress on my boyfriends' basement floor. The second season of The Office debuted last night. Season one is on DVD now.


buzz for Justin Timberlakes' film debut not as promising as one would hope. According to Page Six, the flick "wears clichés the way Larry King wears suspenders."

Makeover causes suicide


You can't make this shit up.

A Texas woman was thisclose to being a success story on Extreme Makeover, only to be booted by producers at the last moment. The result? Her sister commits suicide. She plans on suing ABC $1 million dollars as a result.

they said something nice? huh?


USAToday journalist jumps at a low-cost flight to Rochester via Washington DC for a weekend of interesting finds. Always great to hear an outsider surprised by the quality of life this upstate city offers.

Adele Fico's May God Strike Me Dead...


I've blogged about my dear friend Adele Fico's show a few months ago, but here's my friendly reminder for you to get your tix NOW for May God Strike me Dead...If I'm Telling a Lie, September 22, 24, 25 & December 29 & 31st at the Jewish Community Center in Rochester.


David LaChapelle directs a promotional short for the launch of H&M's &denim jeans, complete with a soundtrack by Mary J. Blige and Tamyra Gray. Visually, not as stunning as previous LaChapelle pieces, but Blige and Gray hammer out songs from the Broadway show Dreamgirls; an all-time favorite of mine.


Kathy Griffin appears in Dirty Love, an indie comedy starring Jenny McCarthy. You can view the first eight minutes of the flick here. Fortunate for Griffin fans, she appears about five minutes in as a psychic; perhaps the only interesting thing about this flick, imho.


my long-standing mantra:

you gotta have a gimmick.

I'm bored. Going to switch things up.


Happy birthday, evan!

Appropriate for your office cube?


...on the heels of finding the 2005 sexiest men of reality TV calendar (I know. I was *so* behind on that) comes the 2006 calendar, chock full of cheeky men looking cheeky.

A few personal faves;
Sean Cassidy from VH1's Stripsearch and ABC's Are You Hot
Clay's former flame Reichen Lehmkuhl
Kevin Poole, the embedded model on Bravo's Manhunt
And, my personal favorite, Burton Roberts from Survivor

I'll take a guess....


Best blind item of the week:

Out.com exclusive: What closeted young movie actor, who has a reputation for mean, has been "hanging out" with one of the two guys in that formerly top-of-the-charts boy band that you always suspected were gay?"

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's Jonathan Bennett (of Mean Girls) and Lance Bass (of NSYNC.) Both, coincidentally, appeared as friends of Kathy Griffin on My Life on the D-List, episode 5.

Speaking of the Griffin, Andy over at Towleroad delivers an article on the heels of her Windy City appearance. Though a second season is *not* in the works, she'll be the first to budge if Bravo shows her the money.

"dancing lesbians cause hurricanes"


Pat Robertson is at it again. He's claiming that hurricane Katrina ravaged the south because Ellen DeGeneres has been selected to host the 2005 Emmys.

Robertson claims that god selected Degeneres' hometown, New Orleans, as a response to the Television Academy's host decision. He's asked that the comic apologize for the "death and destruction that her sexual deviance has brought onto this great nation.”

To make matters even more comical, employees of the Christian Broadcasting Network have put together a list of 283 nominees, presenters and invited guests known to be of a "sexually deviant persuasion." If those members pull a no-show, the stage'll go dark! (Thanks Stephen!)

Lesbians accessorize, too!


Great girlfriends of mine have an awesome lesbian-centric clothing line that's recently been featured in a NYC girlmag - GO NYC. More than just a brand thrown on a boi tee, the line embraces the identity of girl-lovin' clothing buyers.

Balancing business and daily life ain't easy. With a tween at home, Erin [in healthcare] and Niki [a teacher] have created a hallmark with more depth than the Nike swoosh; free-thinking clothingphiles everywhere are sporting DITC wear. By building the brand at pride events all over the country, the Ithaca residents are doing more than creating the brand, but embracing the voice of an untapped market.




A floating bar; is it so wrong to like it so much? You know you want to try it.
*ps - I don't have this; just came across it in a catalog...

Beat the bongos...


Any Matthew McConaughey news is good Matthew McConaughey news...big fan.

From pagesix:

FOLKS are still talking about Matthew McConaughey's recent performance at a John Mellencamp show at the Hollywood Bowl. The Texan, who was famously arrested in 1999 for smoking weed and playing bongos in the buff, jumped onstage looking 'completely out of it' and sat in on 'Little Pink Houses.' Our source reports: 'He couldn't open his eyes, he didn't know any of the words . . . He just kept hitting his bongos randomly and muttering . . . When he finally left the stage, Mellencamp looked relieved and told the crowd, 'I'm glad he's a good actor at least.' ' McConaughey's reps had no comment. "

And, completely un-related but gratuitous, a NSFW pic of Matthew. Ah, if only I hadn't prematurely retired my photoshoot hands...damn!

Reichen + Clay = MORE exposure


It's a thinly veiled secret in the entertainment industry; celebrities' publicists work any angle possible to get the client's name in print...most recently, Reichen Lehmkuhl and Clay Aiken had internet tongues wagging with this juice.

PageSix continues the saga, below:

"MEMO to Clay Aiken: Stop calling 'Amazing Race' star Reichen Lehmkuhl. The guy's too busy to yak on the phone. Openly gay Lehmkuhl - whose movie, 'The Scorned,' is premiering on E! next Saturday - is flying in for Fashion Week to introduce Udi Behr's same-sex jewelry line, Love & Pride, and present his boyfriend, young workout guru Louis Coraggio, with the designer's diamond commitment ring on Monday morning at Bryant Park. It was reported recently that Lehmkuhl was constantly on the phone with Aiken during the making of 'Kill Reality,' the E! show about the making of 'The Scorned.' "

Reichen may be rather pretty to look at, but I can't say as though I think there's need for sonar to find any depth...A recent blogger and Friendster user shares a story about a man named "Sven."

C'mon, Reichen just need a little love.

15 minutes every month!


Is it so wrong to want this so badly? I'm surprised these calendars didn't catch my eye late last year.
On a related note, original Survivor Richard Hatch was indicted today on 10 counts of tax evasion and fraudulently using charitable donations to hide personal expenses. He's also accused of failing to report the $1 million jackpot he won on the CBS reality series in 2001. Maybe he should've negotiated a stint in the calendar to pay the bills...

another rainy night in Ptown


Normally I'd have countless images to post after a trip to see Kim and Chuck in Ptown, but as I snapped these pics and inhaled a cosmo or two, enjoying good friends and a breathtaking sunset, I left the very camera taking these shots on the rooftop deck I was photographing. Overnight. In the rain.
So much for my amateur photojournalism postings of our Ptown excursion!


A screen capture from London's Sky TV. Thanks Andy


I'm pretty certain it's all photoshop'd, but it's still funny / sad.


I know, I know. I've been lazy. I've got so much to post...will get up on it.

by the way...I was SO into disliking Kanye West until recently...I gotta give him credit for his demand to end homophobia in hip hop and his candid post-Katrina remarks. Now I kind of dig 'em. He's still quite arrogant and abrasive, but forging a path for the next generation.

We watched a little Kathy Griffin last night; the finale was great.

Goldfrapp's latest release Supernature hit UK stores last week. When, oh when, will US fans get a chance to buy?

Provincetown; gentrified beachfronts


On the heels of our trip to Provincetown, comes an article in the New York Times capturing the new culture taking over the town; in comes money, out goes those in search of...

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