of the gaycentric perspective.

Mark Ronson and Lily Allen


Oh My God - do you love it?


upcoming - a review of Justin Currie's latest disc, along with Robyn and Roisin chatter.

Talk soon.

Handle This


Don'tcha just love it!

Of course, we did, back in April of 2006. It's due time Miss Swedish Thang is gettin' recognized. Robyn, 3.0 is scheduled to drop here in the states in December. Sit tight!

back, for as long as it matters...


Provincetown sunset, Labor Day weekend, 2007
uh huh. don't ask.

...back from a little P-town excursion and instantly inspired to blog again.

What I've been listening to, on repeat:

Song for Mutya (Out of Control) (Extended Mix) - Groove Armada featuring Mutya (Mp3)

Isn't it decadently fun?

There's such great energy in music right now. Darren and Annie, Tracey and Roisin. Oh, it's delicious. And, as much as I'm a hater, I have milked the Rihanna album to a comatose state!

Oooh, and how about Sara Bareilles, eh? Can you love her any more??

...And a new favorite (old to you, I'm sure) blog for me is XO's Middle Eight. We are so N-SYNC with some gems, it's eery.

Tracey Thorn - It's All True video


...it's been a week of all things Tracey. I was able to get an advance of Out of the Woods and it's brilliant. Gorgeously dark and really quite gay. Right now I'm hooked on A-Z, Easy, Falling off a Log and Grand Canyon. The last seems to me a a stellar mashup of Five Fathoms, Lullaby of Clubland and The Future of the Future. It's a gay anthem.

I've never been a strong fan of Everything But the Girl's music videos. I sort of hoped Tracey would lend a different direction with her solo approach. Not so much.

You decide. Here's the video for Tracey Thorn's It's All True.

closin' out the '06


now hear this


you can now hear the original version of Tracey's upcoming single "It's All True" on her MySpace page.


comin' out


only tracey can bring me out of hiding.

the voice of ebtg is prepping to release a solo album March, 2007. expect more soon.

hometown beating


I'm a hometown boy. Always have been. I grew up in a small town with strong family roots and people everywhere knowin' my name. I would probably still be in my hometown had I not been gay.

I left home for college and haven't really lived there since.

Back in mid-October, a gay man walking the streets of my hometown was mercilessly beaten. Because he's gay.

The alleged attackers are now in custody, awaiting grand jury.

The victim of the hate crime recently spoke to Elmira's Star Gazette about the beating.
...He tried to crawl away, but the two men continued to beat him. They pushed, kicked and dragged him across the street to a yard overgrown with trees and bushes -- a place where they could beat him without being seen.
Jaimie Brigg's story is chilling. "You're going to die tonight, faggot."

Briggs' ordeal has troubled me on a few levels. I'm conflicted, as I want to defend the area I grew up in, but I also know all too well the ignorance that exists in that town.



"go away | come back
go away | come back
Why can't I just have it both ways..."

Yeah, there's a pretty good chance I'll be back. I love this too much to abandon it.

Thanks for all the kind lil ol' words. I'm currently just wrapped up in my own world, but it's just a matter of time before I find that bloggin' button again.

...'till then...

that time has come?


two of my favorite blogs have signed off recently:

my french boyfriend


I hope I'm not next.


It's just one of those weeks.

provincetown harbor


On Friday, we made our way, by boat, through Provincetown harbor and into North Truro. An impromptu visit to Kimber and Chuck's dear friend Polly made that afternoon even more delightful.

tea anyone?


post-tea dance pilgrimage back to the condo. There were moments of being overserved.

When the camera-enabled phone comes out, I know it's one of those moments.

beach bocce


Beach bocce while oversand.



We spent one day oversand, letting the air out of our tires and driving 'cross the sandy beach. Eric and Kimber set up shop for a bit of a bbq.

girl, indeed I can run it, run it


I'm back.
I went to Ptown and all I got to ride
was a lesbian's scooter.
And I loved it.



...some shots from the Labor Day holiday in Provincetown. More to come.

the heart of the matter


While you're googling the word "failure" (do it) and obsessing over that crazyfreak John Mark Karr, I'll be getting intoxicated on all the love that Provincetown offers.

If the laptop clears, I'll blog about getting frisked by airport security. If only they were as interesting as Kathy Griffin and Michael Ian Black (Sierra Mist commercial - keep up!)

This will be the first time we've sojourned to the cape via air. The pilgrimage by car is long and wears on mamma's nerves. The only saving grace during the drive were visits to all of the Christmas Tree Shops along the cape. On our last drive, Eric threatened to renew his pistol permit if I asked to stop at the deep, deep discount store for the fourth time. That's why we're flying. So he can't bring the pistol. And I can't stop at the Christmas Tree Shop.

While I'm gone, visit other bloggers. Introduce yourself. Like you do at church. Aren't you suppose to shake hands with at least two people in church? That's what I did the last time I was at church. Oh,wait. That wasn't church. It was a business meeting. And we were naked.


Anyway - my new obsession is Project Runway. I know, I'm so late (three seasons to be exact) on catching up on this show, but I'm obsessed. FourFour gives the most hysterical and observant commentary on each episode. Find them all here.

PopBytes is positioned to be the next big blogger. He's doin' a bang-up job.

The sexual tension between myself and Toby is sick. Stop denyin' Toby. Give in, give in. Visit vividblurry.

My Drinking Team has a Frisbee Problem. Like you didn't chuckle a little bit at the name.

Download this:

India.Arie rarely gets added to any of my iTunes playlists, but this is definitely an exception. The Don Henley cover is exquisite. The arrangement is timeless and the delivery is subtle.

**Updated: Download India.Arie - The Heart of the Matter (Mp3)

[Thanks to JasonSmith for the gret Ptown image. I was too lazy to dig for an original.]

the down low on Ne-Yo


I'm a bit skeptical of this latest new piece, but according to many a blog out there, R&B hit maker Ne-Yo is coming out of the closet in the October issue of Essence.

You may recall the "Sexy Love" singer was on the minds of gossip bloggers last week as pictures of him and a female backup dancer hit the 'net. [NSFW]

As reported online:

He doesn't care anymore, he was tired of living a lie and is ready to come clean. "the music industry can either except me for who I am, or desert me."

If the Essence article is indeed accurate and Ne-Yo is breaking the R&B mold by coming out, then I couldn't be more interested in the young man. His decision becomes monumental in the music business, considering that he's only been on the scene a short time and hardly a brand with a resolute fanbase.

If the rumors are fake, well I'm ashamed of my bloggin' brothers and sisters for another fabricated story.

wasn't once enough?


From the because the last five years wasn't enough files:

CNN plans to re-broadcast
coverage online from September 11, 2001.

The feed, normally accessed through paid subscription, will show at no charge CNN's comprehensive coverage of the day that changed the way we see our tomorrows.

Fear not: the cable channel provides disclaimers to prevent accidental viewing of scenes we've all viewed once before and vowed to never want to see again.

back to the cape


We'll be making our way to Provincetown next week. The sojourn to the cape is always the highlight of the year for us. I'll do my best to blog satellite, no doubt!

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St. Peter the Apostle in Ptown

All eyes are on Upstate New York as a school district tackles transgender issues in the classroom.

Batavia, a small town known for its cow pastures with a thruway split down the middle, is centering community discussion on a science teacher about to begin reassignment surgery.

Meetings are planned with community members and students as the school year gets under way.
Richard Stutzman Jr., Batavia's superintendent, said the school district's administration has researched and planned for community outreach ever since the male teacher sent Stutzman a confidential letter last school year about the teacher's plans to become a woman.

"As an educational institution, knowing that when it did break it would be controversial to some people, we wanted to do everything we could to provide as much information as possible so they could have a better understanding of what this individual is going through," Stutzman said.

The superintendent goes on to say "...[that] the point of such community outreach is to try to ensure that the teacher will be treated like everyone else.
The discricts' stance is surprising to me and I couldn't be more thrilled with their approach. By using the situation as a moment to educate, Batavia sets a tone that may have an effect nationwide on our school systems.

Batavia Takes on Transgender Issue [Via Rochester's Democrat & Chronicle]

Face Time


Jody Watley talks extensively with Entertainment Weekly, dishing on those pesky plastic surgery rumors, her newfound love of the internet and how her life changed, rediscovering the music business all over again.

Michael Slezak catches up with Jody Watley

[Photo courtesy MinneMynx]

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