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the down low on Ne-Yo

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I'm a bit skeptical of this latest new piece, but according to many a blog out there, R&B hit maker Ne-Yo is coming out of the closet in the October issue of Essence.

You may recall the "Sexy Love" singer was on the minds of gossip bloggers last week as pictures of him and a female backup dancer hit the 'net. [NSFW]

As reported online:

He doesn't care anymore, he was tired of living a lie and is ready to come clean. "the music industry can either except me for who I am, or desert me."

If the Essence article is indeed accurate and Ne-Yo is breaking the R&B mold by coming out, then I couldn't be more interested in the young man. His decision becomes monumental in the music business, considering that he's only been on the scene a short time and hardly a brand with a resolute fanbase.

If the rumors are fake, well I'm ashamed of my bloggin' brothers and sisters for another fabricated story.

2 Responses to “the down low on Ne-Yo”

  1. Anonymous PopMuse 

    sadly, i dont think we are there yet. r&b (and essence mag) doesnt really seem like a welcoming place for gays, sad but true. but lord knows if I'm wrong I'll be THRILLED!!! I love Sad Love Song and Sexy Love. He's great.

  2. Anonymous Tanya 

    Well, be VERY ashamed of them because this is what I got from Vibe Magazine.com

    VC has confirmed that the rumors of Ne-Yo coming out in the October issue of Essence are not true. The poorly written, error-laden press release tipped us off, but we got the 411 directly from the Essence PR department that the release is about as real as a four dollar bill.

    "Barbra Stradoff" does not work for the magazine, and the closest Ne-Yo will be getting to the October issue will be when he sees it on the newsstands.

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