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the sun continues to shine


Things in Florida are going swimmingly well. We spent the day with my dear friends Kimber and Chuck, checking out real estate property and having an afternoon cocktail. Their condo in Wilton Manors has us instantly at home. Of course because the bar was stocked. We stopped by the beach near Sebastian and took in a little shine from the sun. After a quick jaunt to the pool, we'll be off for *more* cocktails at the Alibi.

After a return from the beach, we arrived the same time as a local flower delivery van. Out of the back and into the condo went the most lovely flower arrangement for Kimber and Chuck, courtesy of good friend Utilities Dennis. He's a tad bit jealous he's there and we're here.

Especially when our next stop is Dudes.

I Wasn't Kidding



I'm having a blast in Florida. I wish I had time to get some blogging in, but I've been extremely busy. Hit South Beach today, getting back to Lauderdale tonight.

I can't get enough of Angie Stone....whether it's "Bottles & Cans" or "I Wish I Didn't Miss You," four-on-the-floor mixes suit her well. Enjoy the Freemasons remix of "I Wasn't Kidding" 'till I can get in another post...

I Wasn't Kidding (Freemasons Club Mix) - Angie Stone (Mp3)

ummm, where'd you get your g-string, mom?


Would you let a male a stripper date your mom? I would, if I could be introduced!

I'm a bit embarrassed I caught this, but I can't help but share my psychosis. I was a *big* fan of Vh1's skintastic show Stripsearch. The reality show set out to fulfill America's need for a male version of the Pussycat Dolls. How they did this without making it the gayest show on TV, I'll never know. The show produced some memorable moments, most notably the softcore scenes of self-indulgent Sean Cassidy. Another stud to come out of the show was Adam, the Nashville-born personal trainer with abs made by Maytag.

As I was flipping through the tube the other day, I landed on MTV's Date My Mom. Yeah, It's not the most enlightening show ever to come from the network, I'd agree. But it can be an easy watch, if only for the witty commentary forced on the lifeless datemongers. The bachelor of the day instantly caught my eye. He looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. I knew he wasn't one of my college crushes (I remember each of them. The restraining orders are hard to forget.) My first thought was "a-ha, he's done gay amateur porn! THAT'S how I know him!" I clicked over to Sean Cody quicker than you can say Bailey. No luck with Sean of Cody. Midway through the show, the guy takes a mom for a "date" to a dance studio, where he shows her a move or two. I have a second a-ha moment and quickly realize he's a member of the dance troupe, American Storm with Sean!

It seems as though Sean is not the only American Stormer to love his bad TV. Cassidy made a quick appearance on the ABC flop Are You Hot before moving over to Vh1. Now Adam follows suit, jumping between the Viacom networks, Vh1 and MTV. Either way, I'm just glad to be watchin' the jump.


Vh1 reality stars collide
Appropriate for your office cube?

you make me wanna la la


I recently became a member of the online music site lala.com. La La is the first online *legal* music trading service. 20% of all profits goes back to the artist. I still don't know how it all works, but as long as I get some good music out of it, I don't really need to right now.

Users upload their catalog of music (CDs) to the site and at the same time, create CD wishlists. The site matches your needs with the lists of users and we switch accordingly. Users pay around $1.49 per swap. Not bad, eh! Now of course you only trade a CD that you want to rid yourself of. That's sort of my problem; I'm a gatherer and collector, and less of a "clean out the closet" type, so we'll see how far I go with getting rid of CDs.

The site is currently in beta with the full site launching later in the summer. Sign up today to be invited as space opens up.



Is there anything better than a man in uniform? Not so much.

That's why this week we have a Marines edition of the men of MySpace feature. Wesley's smile just may be what the Marines need to disarm and make our enemies swoon.

Check on it with Wesley.

What other men of MySpace make *you* swoon?

two scorchin' blondes


Since it's a Saturday night and we all need an excuse to get out and get our groove on, I share with you two hot mixes that have been H-O-T scorchin' up my very own top ten list. I do feel a tad bit guilty sharin', but seeing that these exact mixes are not (yet) commercially available, I'll sleep at night knowing I'm not committing a mortal sin. Oh, and the vodka will help.

Kelly Clarkson transitions to the dance floor effortlessly, as demonstrated by the Ralphi Rosario mix. The song is the 5th hit off
Breakaway, "Walk Away." (By the way: how many artists in recent years gets FIVE hits off one album. Nearly unheard of anymore!)

And I can't get enough of Natasha Bedingfield lately. The Wamdue Project's rub of the bonus track off
Unwritten is equally hot. Check out "The One That Got Away."

Breakway (Ralphi Rosario Remix) - Kelly Clarkson (mp3)
The One that Got Away (The Wamdue Project Get Together Remix) - Natasha Bedingfield (mp3)

bait and switch


I haven't seen Transamerica.

After viewing the DVD cover art, I'm assuming the creative director for the project hasn't seen the movie either.

Based on the photography and the treatment, I'd sooner think it's part of a Desperate Housewives boxset than a movie about a transexual woman! C'mon now...[Via Perez]

Watch E! tonight


Blatant and shameless plug: I love this girl more than yo' momma loves Barry Manilow.

Tune in to the E! Channel tonight, 10:30 to catch the premiere episode of
The Chelsea Handler Show.

Catch a buzz, grab a date, cuddle up close. Just don't forget about said date as you fall in love with Handler.


Handle Me
The Chelsea Interview Interview
Potty Mouth

rite of spring


"I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing"

"If people say I'm crazy, I tell 'em that it's true
Let them watch with amazement
Say it won't last beyond breakfast
It's a phase he's going through
Denigrate or speculate on what I'm going through
Because it isn't the sort of thing I would normally do

Ask me what, (ta ra ra ra)
I say I think it's good for you (ta ra ra ra ra)
Believe it or not, I know where it's all leading to
I feel like taking all my clothes off
Dancing to the Rite of Spring
And I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing"
-Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe, Pet Shop Boys

"I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing" - Pet Shop Boys {mp3)

leavin' on a jet plane


Holla, Florida! I'm coming to Fort Lauderdale and Miami next week...hide your liquor!

I've got a little business to do in Miami and Lauderdale and then it's off to Wilton Manors to spend QT with the most wonderful guys, P-town Kimber and Chuck. Hide the liquor.

Chances are you'll find us all over town, so say hey! I'll also do my best to pick up all the wi-fi I can to give y'all updates here and there. Daddy also got himself a brand new dig cam, so I will be sure to share some snapshots. Of liquor.

Off topic but hysterical, Vividblurry pulls a "yo mamma" to an overly self-indulgent blogger [NSFW] and the once-interesting Queerty. I said dayum!

By the way, the photo is *completely* un-related but tickled my fancy a little bit. Thanks Bets.

hotter now than ever before


Although a contingency of old fans may turn a blind eye to this latest release, I'll bet there's a whole other audience previously untapped by the Dixie Chicks. They're stronger than ever Post-Bush outlash. Hell, they've collaborated with rock legend Rick Rubin. How hot is that!

"Not Ready to Make Nice", the long-awaited lead single off Take the Long Way (out May 23), has been released on iTunes. Spend a buck and support the Chicks. They've turned out a lyrically stirring commentary on the state of free speech in the ol' US of A.

Buy "Not Ready to Make Nice" at iTunes
"Not Ready to Make Nice" video



MORE Chelsea Handler. In advance of her show's April 21st debut, the E! channel has leaked a few advance scenes. Enjoy!

take my picture


I'm in the market to replace my digital camera. I need your help! Any recommendations on what's out in the marketplace these days? I'm leaving behind a Kodak 5.0 megapixel with 3x optical and 5x digital zoom. I'm a casual photographer but would like something that's going to give me the results that say otherwise.

I'm leaning toward a few Canon products...any thoughts?

Handle Me


She's poised to save the E! Channel from that blunder of a show called The Simple Life.

Chelsea Handler, former Girl Behaving Badly and Tonight Show correspondent, brings her brand of sauced-up raunchedy with The Chelsea Handler Show, debuting Friday, April 21st. Handler just may have what it takes to steal us away from Kathy Griffin. She certainly tickles *me* in a bad place...

Did you catch my exclusive Q&A with Chelsea? Get to it already!

If I were reading the six o'clock news, I'd transition into this video effortlessly. Watch my favorite Swede Robyn's latest video "Handle Me."

Chelsea Q&A preview
Potty mouth

sugarcoat - the Robyn review
D'ya know what it takes
Buy Robyn at iTunes

The Will Wikle Interview


Will Wikle is a power gay. He's got plenty of reality shows under his belt, a weekly radio program and dates LOGO's Jason Bellini. Yep, he's money.

He took a little time out from hosting his own weekly series on
Twist to chat with Midnight Lounge about his experiences on Battle of the Network Reality Stars and Big Brother 5 and who was packin' heat in the speedos during it all. Special thanks to Dennis ( a closet Big Brother fan) for his help with the interview.

How many times a day does someone say to you "how do I know you?"

at least once a week...usually i just tell them i met them at a bar mitzvah.

Continue reading the Will Wikle interview...

say somethin'


I wasn't much of a Mariah fan until Emancipation. The girl won me over with her comeback. "Say Somethin' " happens to be one of my favorite cuts off the LP (yes, I just said long-play. If you scratchin' your head, you're entirely too young.)

Missy Mariah just debuted the
Parisian-shot video for the song over at TRL. In case you missed it, here it is. I love the cameo of her uber-stylist and at-large editor of Vogue, Andre Leon-Talley. He's the one that brought her back from the world of coochie cutoffs and bandanas. For that alone, I love the man.

what's she seein' in *her* mirror?


Maybe this is what Janet would have sounded like had she not been taken under the wings of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

LaToya Jackson (the one with the plastic surgery) released an album called He's My Brother. The exact release date can't be pegged, though after one quick listen you'll ask yourself why it even received a release date. It's that bad.

iTunes added He's My Brother to their library this past week while Amazon has a remastered version [insert joke here] of a 1995 album called Bad Girl that contains many of the same tracks featured on ...Brother. I just can't determine the exact era of the album. It's a little bit Pebbles, mixed with Nia Peeples' Nothin' But Trouble. Either way, it's about as bad as you're expecting Paris Hilton's upcoming CD to be.

Because I'm a giver, I'd love to share with my wonderful readers a sampling of the lyrics from the title track, "He's My Brother:"

"Bad or Thriller /
He's still the man in the mirror /

'Cause he's good to me /

And I know, yes I know, that he loves me so /

'Cause he is my brother /
Whenever he has to he's heavy /

'Cause he is my brother"

You can buy He's My Brother at iTunes, though you'll probably have better luck digging through the CD bin of your local shop for a better deal. It just may be a collector's item one day. You know, after all the Jacksons implode on themselves. Let's hope Janet's on vacation that day.

...now if only I could figure out who she's referring to: Marlon or Tito, perhaps?

By the way, that photo is from Latoya's personal collection, as featured on her comprehensive website.

Summer's off to a great start


Hey Rochester!

Jody Watley, the illustrious dance icon, hits Rochester May 15th. She'll be performing at the Lilac Festival, kicking off the summer fest circuit.

Show your support of Watley and the Midnight Lounge by coming to the concert. I'm also working a few angles to get Watley a showing at a nightclub in town. Any hits?

In case you missed it, check out my exclusive interview with Jody.

not ready to make nice


"I made my bed and I sleep like a baby."

The defiant ones are back. The Dixie Chicks (Natalie Maines, Emily Robison and Martie Maguire) recently released the video for "Not Ready to Make Nice." The Crucible-inspired images in the vid resonate with the stirring lyrics and empassioned dixie delivery.

"Tthe stakes were definitely higher on that song," says Robison."We knew it was special because it was so autobiographical, and we had to get it right. And once we had that song done, it freed us up to do the rest of the album without that burden."
And Maines says that "Everything felt more personal this time. I go back to songs we've done in the past and there's just more maturity, depth, intelligence on these. They just feel more grown-up."

uzz on the upcoming album, Taking the Long Way, is strong, although select stations are going to "pretend the next single is their first one" as to not "polarize the audience by reopening that old wound." The track currently holds 36th spot on the Billboard Country Charts. [EW & DixieChicks.com]

And on the other side of the pop music spectrum, P!nk says the gay boys are her "go-to for everything" when developing hits like "Get this Party Started" and "Stupid Girls." She gives a great interview in H/X. Also be sure to grab the Junior & Dynamic Mix of "Stupid Girls" over at Popmuse.



Vadim doesn't mind having his photo taken. In fact, he'd prefer that it occur more often.

I don't think we mind either.

Get to know Syracuse's Vadim.

V is for v-shaped

Comfortable Shoes


For those that know me, my home away from home is Provincetown. Eric and I have the dearest of friends that call the end of the cape home and their welcome arms open for us anytime. If it weren't for Kimber and Chuck I don't know if I'd be who I am today. All that I need to remind me of their love is to press play on the ol' iPod and I'm instantly connected to the dunes of Herring Cove.

There was a brief moment in time when Comfortable Shoes were instantly thought of when Provincetown was mentioned. Their jazzy, harmonious numbers were a staple 'round town. Although they would travel all over the northeast, shows in P-town were consistently sold out. They called Provincetown home. As soon as they developed a following, each bandmate found a following elsewhere. The band is no longer together, but the two male vocalists still perform. Peter (an acquaintance of mine) makes regular Mews appearances while Michael is working Broadway (I believe.)

I recently rediscovered their farewell CD Happy Joy. Sure, "Reddy or Not (The Helen Reddy Medley)" and "Dangerous Games" are regular repeats of mine, but the one that always gets me is Michael Holland's discovery of love in "It Gets Away from Me." Get caught up in the rites of spring as you listen. Please, enjoy this gem of a band. I think you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Comfortable Shoes - It Gets Away from Me (mp3)

Peter Donnelly
Michael Holland

the once-future dance diva


Did you hear about Mandisa? I kid, I kid.

The Advocate got the scoop right after the tears dried Wednesday night. It seems our gaydar was dead-on. Mandisa ain't so crazy 'bout the 'mos. Check out their Q&A with the once-future dance diva.

I tried giving the poor girl the benefit of the doubt: perhaps she was just misunderstood. Or Midwestern. I dunno. Anyway, she hates the gays. Well, not hates, but, she wouldn't be as comfortable as we had originally thought performing at the local boyboy club.

According to some Idol sources "once you don't have the gays - forget about it." [The Advocate via Perez & Towleroad]

Unrelated: I'm *such* a star f*cker. Google map the homes of celebrities. If you look closely, you can make out Clooney on his rooftop deck and Cruise stuffing a pillow into Katie's blouse...

ode to jordan knight


Oooh, this is good. A month or so ago Jordan Knight signed on to do a painless lil' Q&A with yours truly. I anticipated him being a bit cold as he's always shied away from anything gay (like that time he ran from a sitcom that was to cast him as a gay former boy bander.) Now of course I've always dreamed of getting blown off by a New Kid, but not quite like the way it happened.

Don't expect an interview with Knight at the lounge anytime soon. It's probably best as I would have had a hard time not getting all sarcastic about re-recording a bunch of New Kids songs. As a solo artist.

He must've been real busy preparing for a freak-out on The Surreal Life. Yes, my loyal readers, Jordan Knight signed on to do a SECOND Surreal Life on VH1. I believe it's a games situation, much like
Bravo's Battle of the Network Reality Stars. You can read a bit about it over at VH1RealityWorld.com, my favorite new go-to blog for all things reality TV, VH1 style.

dirty window, opened


Back in July of last year, I pegged Natasha Bedingfield as being here and then gone the moment "These Words (I Love You, I Love You)" left pop airwaves. I'm glad I was wrong.

Natasha recently made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and performed her second hit "Unwritten". She's so much more interesting than I previously gave her credit for being. Be sure to stick around for the end as she shows how blonde and British she is when backed by a chorus of soul. It's a lot of fun and rather beautiful.


Check out Natasha's celebrity playlist at iTunes.
Unwritten (The Johnny Vicious Mix) (mp3)

V is for v-shaped


...second only to vodka, Vadim may just be one of Russia's greatest exports. Stop back as he takes his place in our man of MySpace column, later this week.

In the meantime, get to know the other fellows. I'm partial to a few, but which one is your favorite?


pass the torch


Philip Seymour Hoffman, a Rochester native, gives a local teen director a break by appearing in his class assignment piece.

Timothy Farmer's short film Simply Leon follows a high school student who wants nothing more than to be popular, but the moment it's obtained he's left morally bankrupt.

Hoffman's cameo in the short was to scorn the big-headed student. Farmer said "Hoffman had some idea of what he was doing." After all, the Oscar-winning actor *did* play a drag queen and Truman Capote.

I doubt there's plans for the film to see any sort of release, unless Farmer finds his way to YouTube.

jordan's back again


Jordan. revisted. Admit it, you probably didn't read the interview the first time around. You were a bit distracted, right?

Here's your chance to get to know Jordan. All over again. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two more about the soon-to-be-famous fitness model. Perhaps you'll even learn a little bit about yourself.

Either way, enjoy.

get to know even MORE of Jordan...

As always, leave a comment and tell us what you think!

that's some big copy!


Yeah, I'm having a bit of an HTML nightmare. When viewed in Internet Explorer, the blog text jumps to the size of Missy Elliott, pre-weight loss. Don't worry. I'll get it fixed. I hope.

**Update. Yeah, I fixed it. I had a strange posting that was corrupting the template. We're all good now.

ray of sunshine


I love it when a strong cast of characters come together for a flick.
Little Miss Sunshine just may be that film. Starring Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette and Steve Carell (in his obligatory Hollywood gay role) the roadtrip of a film played to raving crowds at Sundance.
Watch the trailer.

I can't help but find similarities between Sunsine and one of my favorite flick of the '90s, The Daytrippers, starring Liev Schreiber, Park Posey and Hope Davis, involved in an equally dysfunctional family unit. Or maybe it's just me.

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