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D'ya Know What it Takes

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Perception isn't always reality.

The average mainstream music fan, if asked to recall nineties R&B teen Robyn, would say she was a quick flash in the US pan.

Not the case.

Always a star in her native Sweden, Robyn has continued to pump out a strong catalog of sugary-sweet pop music, all-the-while maintaining a sense of credibility and avoiding the pitfalls her labe-mate Britney fell into.

Her latest, only released in Sweden at this time, is another stellar collection. On the heels of her import-only My Truth and Don't Stop the Music, the self-titled latest has many gems; including the lead single "Be Mine:"

"It's a good thing tears never show in the pouring rain;
as if a good thing can ever make up for all the pain."

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    As a Swede, its nice to hear that Robyn not are totally anonyme in USA - Hoping that a good record label will release her album 'Robyn' soon.
    Its hard to find labels that want to invest in a singer that had 3 top ten singles during the 90's... No wonder that the music industry got 'problems' that they have been creating in a very good way themself..

    BTW: thanks for dropping by http://Robyn.Makes.It


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