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know your market


...from the archives. A great shot of Jason Mraz. I get a ton of hits every day lookin' for Mraz shots...gotta hit 'em with what they want!

By the way, Jason could not be cuter as a panelist on vh1's I Love the 80s 3D!


had an awesome time saturday night...Eric went as Clark Kent, I went as Victoria Gotti's shunned circuit boy gay son, sent to live upstate with relatives... Betsy, David and Todd danced the night away. Eric and I won 3rd place best couples costumes at a straight party; holla!


The same company that laid me and three other people off due to lack of business nearly three months ago, released a press release this past week:

Not a typical day at the office

Workers at Roberts Communications Inc. were sort of distracted Thursday. Given the manicurists, cellists and yoga instructors who invaded their offices.

The 63 workers had just come off a particularly busy quarter, so their bosses decided to surprise them with a day of fun.

It included wine tastings and a psychic - who better to tell you what your clients really think? In fact, there was such a demand that by 11 a.m., President and Chief Operating Officer Bill Murtha was scrambling to find another fortune teller.

Bosses kicked employees out of work an hour early, inviting them to a party at Keys Piano Bar in the High Falls District with a Sinatra impersonator and the most important reward: their bonus.


Perhaps the psychic touched on karma?

Ricky and Nate, smoochin' a tree...


c'mon, page six has gotta make these blind items more difficult. Duh!

WHICH swishy pop star who won't admit he's gay is dating a well-known interior designer? The decorator is recovering from his previous boyfriend's tragic death, while the pop star is equally despondent about his ailing career . . .

Ricky Martin and Nate Berkus. C'mon, this is too easy!

"my publicist says d-e-n-y"


Janets' camp issues a statement that she ain't no baby mama.


it has been raining, nonstop, since saturday. inevitably my spirit got damp. i'll return.

welcome mat


here's what a hit TV talk show and an little-watched sitcom can buy you in H-wood:

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi play house. Like lesbians do, they've moved in before meeting mom and dad.

Thanks, A Socialite's Life


if it appears in the Globe, you KNOW it must be true.

More Clay Aiken and Reichen Lehmkuhl juice:

everyone's a critic


buckle up. Along with notoriety comes a slew of critics.

The buzz for Madge's new song is amazing; some say it'll be the biggest to hit radio in years or that it's trite and lyrically samples her past catalog. Some say she's ripping off artists that she's inspired; her new "look" is very Gwen. Down to even having a stopwatch intro in Hung Up (a la the Jacques Lu Conts' mix of Stefani's "What You Waiting For") (thanks PopMuse.)

I got it. I dig it. The single is slammin'. I have been dancing like noone's watching all day. Except people were.

One Towleroad reader pulled up a Kylie archive shot and found some similarity to the Hung Up artwork...you decide:

Personally, I love the creative direction for the new release; it's old and new, familiar and edgy. The treatment immediately translates the direction of the album. I adore it.


Queerty calls out our boy Trent as he pulls a Mariah...

let's not forget it's just bloggin' dude. You aren't saving the world, you're scratching at Lindsay and dropping the benjis.

The baby-t sportin' blogger DID meet Madonna on TRL though - bitch!

vh1 reality stars collide!


I'll admit. I didn't really get into the Jerri Hall helmed reality show Kept on vh1, but I *did* notice a few of the men...Slavko and Ricardo have launched a tell-all, post show blog. There's a bit of name dropping and blatant elbow rubbing thrown about, but it's a gratuitous pleasure.

Two elbows I'm sure the TrophyBoys blogger Slavko didn't mind rubbing were Sean and Adams...

If you're looking for a little bit of a post-reality show bitch slap, check out the winner of Kept, Seth, here.

Bent was so kind to slap Sean recently. Damn. Sean's doin' his best to do whatever it takes for a little publicity. A few years ago, ABC ran a hideously horrible show called Are You Hot. You know, the one where that tired motorcycle riding, nighttime soap star pointed a laser pen at each contestants' body part lacking perfection. Our boy Sean was on that show...

These days, you can see Saun on the 2006 Reality TV Stars calendar and struttin' his stuff in Vegas with the American Storm male revue. Hmmmm.



I've taken to reclaiming and rehabing furniture.

My most recent project was bringing back to life tired mahogany shield-back dining room chairs. After three coats of an oil-based paint and new cushions, the chairs were transformed:

**Speaking of the chairs, I need additional ones to blend with the chairs above; if you come across any, holla!

Good friends of mine were about to send this to curb. I forced it to marry with the new chairs...Not bad, eh!

If it weren't for Josef, I wouldn't have even known how to begin down this road. Thanks JJ!

The chairs get a lot of use, especially by my Jack:



is it just me or has tr3nt jumped the shark. Pink has gotten too mainstream. C'mon dawg, you're lamenting about yourself a bit too much. Sit back, chill and relax.

Oooh, and the baby-ts? pass 'em to your stepsister. They aren't workin' no'mo.



I need a kick. Been completely uninspired by anything new lately.

Discovered Popmuse. I feel as though we were weaned on the same sweet stuff; vintage Prince [Lovesexy], Michel'le. They've been known to dig up old vhs tapes, dub to DVD and plop on the web; because of this, we get vids you can't see elsewhere....I should note that there'll be a hands-off on my old-skool tapes. All you'll find are old Magnum PI episodes, starring Tom Selleck. shirtless.

Montreal desktop DJ OrangeFuzzz makin' it big. Up next a deleriously trippy mix of Petula Clark's "Downtown" revived and released for the dancefloor. Yum.

Old news by now, but my favorite release of 2005, Mariah's The Emancipation of Mimi is getting an overhaul just in time for the holidays; the CD will be re-released with 4 new tracks.

I've been kickin' around some old CDs from days gone by. Breathe's All that Jazz and Peace of Mind never get too far away from my playlist. David Glasper's lush and tender delivery resonated then and now. Mainstream fare "Hands to Heaven" and "Don't Tell Me Lies" should introduce you, but "All This I Should Have Known" and "Say Hello" will seduce you.

say hello
another shot of courage in a whiskey glass
I'm frozen with desire ev'ry time you walk past
distant admiration just won't get me near
god knows i've tried so hard to shake away all my fears
I wish I had the courage just to say hello
to say hello, to you.
I wish I had the courage to say hello to you.

I've yet to find much on the band or its members. Last I had searched, Glasper had done some house work in the '90s...anyone got anything?

I need more info on Dino. There's GOTTA be more out there on the mullet-sporting, Vegas DJ cum singer that made it big with "Summer Girls" and "I Like It." His freestyle jams were on the cliche side, but if anyone grooved to "In the City," you'll find a hidden gem of our youth.

**Update - I came across an [unofficial?] site on the man. Click here.

madonna. hung up


everybody's got it. do you?

Madge is the master of buzz. Even though everyone on the east coast got accosted with emails stating that Madonna is *not* performing at the Roxy, she's been spotted entering, through the back, the legendary hot spot. Uh huh.

Drag queens lost everything too...


According to the pagesix, the latest issue of Patrick Buchanan's American Conservative magazine, bearing the cover line 'After the Storm,' shows a family of four children slogging through knee-deep water with two adult women. However, the 'woman' on the far right is none other than well-known New Orleans drag queen and bartender Jack 'Lady Charles' Nicholson. Kara Hopkins, the magazine's executive editor, had no explanation other than 'it was a good photo.'"

Once i dig up the photo, I'll post.

Synergy on a Dancefloor


Never one to be outdone, Madonna is set to begin a landmark marketing campaign for her latest release Confessions on a Dancefloor. Partnering with MTV Networks and Logo, the synergy between MTV, VHI, Logo [newly launched gay network] and Madonna will be flawless.

"We've pulled out all the stops for Madonna's new release, offering fans exclusive content on handsets, the Internet, on broadband as well as multiple TV shows."

vspot.VH1.com gives us a 10 minute sneakpeak of Madonna's upcoming tour documentary Let Me Tell You a Secret. For So You Think You Can Dance fans, look for Snow in an audition sequence.


Andy posts a glorious review on Brokeback Mountain. Let the buzz continue!

Fox cancels the Simple Life due to ongoing feud between Paris and Nicole. Sources also claim Nicoles' weight loss was a factor. HUH?

Jen Aniston and Vince Vaughn hot and heavy.

The Scorned, E!'s blatant celluloid attempt to cash in on reality TV celebrities, premieres Halloween night. The UN-rated DVD is scheduled for a November 1 release. The extras, outrageous enough to shame the starlets, contains lots of nudity and, according to one insider "the best ass shot in the history of movies" thanks to our own Reichen Lehmkuhl.

Ricky Martin releases Life this past week. Attempting to catch an edge and distance himself from fluff pop, the album just may have some legs to it. I'm diggin' Drop it on Me. Is it wrong to like it?

Everyone is crushin' Eddie Cibrian's performance in Invasion. The gays were diggin' on him back when ...But I'm a Cheerleader hit it big. Screencaps courtesy of Made in Brazil.

The rumors are NOT true. Madonna is *NOT* performing with Rauhofer on the 22nd of October. Damn.

I have to give some props to the sweetest, most fine gal in town. Kasha Davis lit up a recent party we threw. Who knew vodka and Aquanet was so flammable!


what a weekend.


what the hell is he doing?

Let's talk about my crush...


...and when I say talk, let's just look with our eyes. Josh Duhamel is such a crush of mine...Thanks Bent for some images.


Civil unions passed in Connecticut this past weekend. Protesting ensued. Family Institute for Connecticut marchers stand outside the state capital, one sign reading: AIDS turns fruits into vegetables.

God bless our country. Hate breeds hate.


The art of retouching is used so often in photography that what's taken by the lens rarely ends up in print.

Check out this link (NSFW) and click through the images to see before and after shots. I can't imagine how the celebrities featured let this out!

Absolutely hysterical. The BS Squad strike again. How many guys do ya'll know that are just.like.this. Again, NSFW. (Thanks NYC boys)

According to pagesix (so you know must it be true) Renee Zellweger left Kenny Chesney months after marrying him for singer Damien Rice.

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