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I need a kick. Been completely uninspired by anything new lately.

Discovered Popmuse. I feel as though we were weaned on the same sweet stuff; vintage Prince [Lovesexy], Michel'le. They've been known to dig up old vhs tapes, dub to DVD and plop on the web; because of this, we get vids you can't see elsewhere....I should note that there'll be a hands-off on my old-skool tapes. All you'll find are old Magnum PI episodes, starring Tom Selleck. shirtless.

Montreal desktop DJ OrangeFuzzz makin' it big. Up next a deleriously trippy mix of Petula Clark's "Downtown" revived and released for the dancefloor. Yum.

Old news by now, but my favorite release of 2005, Mariah's The Emancipation of Mimi is getting an overhaul just in time for the holidays; the CD will be re-released with 4 new tracks.

I've been kickin' around some old CDs from days gone by. Breathe's All that Jazz and Peace of Mind never get too far away from my playlist. David Glasper's lush and tender delivery resonated then and now. Mainstream fare "Hands to Heaven" and "Don't Tell Me Lies" should introduce you, but "All This I Should Have Known" and "Say Hello" will seduce you.

say hello
another shot of courage in a whiskey glass
I'm frozen with desire ev'ry time you walk past
distant admiration just won't get me near
god knows i've tried so hard to shake away all my fears
I wish I had the courage just to say hello
to say hello, to you.
I wish I had the courage to say hello to you.

I've yet to find much on the band or its members. Last I had searched, Glasper had done some house work in the '90s...anyone got anything?

I need more info on Dino. There's GOTTA be more out there on the mullet-sporting, Vegas DJ cum singer that made it big with "Summer Girls" and "I Like It." His freestyle jams were on the cliche side, but if anyone grooved to "In the City," you'll find a hidden gem of our youth.

**Update - I came across an [unofficial?] site on the man. Click here.

3 Responses to “kick:”

  1. Anonymous PopMuse 

    thanks for all the link love... we are cut from the same cloth for sure!

  2. Anonymous PopMuse 

    i can not believe u are blogging about breathe!!! that's too much. What's next Blogging about Go West!

  3. Blogger KVeronica 

    What do you mean by "David was doing house work" ?
    I'm just curious of how you found that out.

    I'm a HUGE fan, and last I heard, back in July, that David would be back in London by last month to do some music, writing and singing, I'm to guess on his own solo, from what I gather. That and he'd be gigging.

    I have a circle that I correspond with at www.angelfire.com/wi/handstoheaven -the fan site for Breathe.

    Also, I got some info from some 80s message boards.


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