of the gaycentric perspective.

Ferry is now city-owned...


The City of Rochester top bidder on once-doomed Ferry!

Will & . . . Rosario?!?


Latest gossip on Will & Grace.

Word is there's bad blood flowing like a river on the set of Will & Grace. E! Online's gay gossip guru Ted Casablanca reports that Debra Messing has the cast in a fury over her desire to uproot the show and move it to New York City. (While the show takes place in New York, it films in Los Angeles.) "They are not getting along on the set," a source tells Casablanca. Another adds, "Basically, the rest of the cast thinks they can do this without Debra. They do not want to move to New York. And nobody's talking to her right now." According to reps for Messing and the show, the gossip is about as real as Karen's breasts."

My constant companion will now be...


...a plastic replication of Leann Rimes. How do I fit her into dinner reservations at local restaurants without people looking at me funny?

Barbie (or a generic doll maker) is launching a Leann Rimes Doll! Not since those awkward years of spending time with my girl cousins have I been THIS interested in playing with dolls. Now if only they would make a Dean doll, I'd be able to have them live in my custom-built Leann mansion.

Shopping Saab


General Motors, owner of the Swedish brand Saab, reportedly shopping the auto line.

high Falls hangs hope on former Jillians building


Good news for a vacant building next door to my office at Roberts. New owner of building has big plans.

Green Light on Invisible airplane


New York Post Online Edition: gossip: "'WONDER Woman' finally got the green light. A movie version of the comic-book character has been buzzed about for a year, and now spies say Warner Bros. has finally told producer Joel Silver to go ahead with the project. Silver is said to already be in negotiations with 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' writer Joss Whedon to pen the script and is looking at Kim Basinger and Jessica Biehl for the title role. 'Kim would be used if Wonder Woman is older, Jessica is if she's younger,' the insider added. Warner didn't return calls. "

Press play on Village People CD


England's Royal Navy to begin actively recruiting gay men and women for the armed services.

Search this, you punk ass b!tch!


Big ol' black e-book, paris style.


God this feels completely and utterly reckless, but it's a glimpse in the (vacuous) life of Paris Hilton. Her T-Mobile blackberry handset was recently stolen and her address book published. Here you will find all of Paris' contacts; from Ashley Olsen and Vin Diesel to Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5's lead singer Adam Levine. One contact I'm completely thrown by is ('80s dance music mastermind of Soul II Soul) Nellee Hooper's inclusion in Paris' addie book. "Keep on movin', don't stop..."

My bigger concern is coming up with a valid explanation once Vin asks how I got his number. I'll blame it on Ashlee Simpson.

Go, white boy, go!


This "hidden video" clip is a *MUST SEE*



yup. back from Florida. Just in time for snow. I'll post non-snow pictures from Florida this week.


happy friday, boys and girls!

Scissor Sisters Bag the Brits


Not only did the Scissor Sisters get to start the Brit Awards, they got to end as big winners—picking up three trophies at the United Kingdom’s biggest music show. “I’d like to thank everyone that called us a freak and a faggot and everybody that said we couldn’t do it,” singer Ana Matronic told the audience at London’s Earls Court Arena. The band walked away with awards for best international group, international album, and international breakthrough act. The Sisters opened the show with their hit “Take Your Mama,” joined by singing watermelons, a dancing pink bird, and dancing silver eggs. “We decided to sing with puppets from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop,” queer Sister Jake Shears revealed to The Mirror, “because we wanted a cross between Saturday morning TV and an acid trip.” The paper also reports that Shears wore an antique Navajo suit to the bash. Stated Shears: “It looks great, but it smells of fish.”

still a thrill


I've been a fan of Jody Watley for quite some time; always a strong supporter of the her fan base, I want to be sure to spread the word of her amazing album, released in 2004. Midnight Lounge is an eclectic mix of late-night lounge, dance and chill. Given the fact that the name of this blog is named after Jody's latest release, it's only proper you check out what this grammy winner has been up!

Publicist says DENY!


Marcia Cross appeared on The View this morning, denying reports she's lebanese, er, lesbian.

Desperate Damage Control


Towleroad has now reported that Marcia Cross' spin doctors are working overtime to quell relentless rumors of Cross's sexuality. In response to the recent rumors: "they are completely untrue. She is, however, very supportive of the gay and lesbian community." The online threads are also pointing, as I predicted earlier, that Marcia is linked to Lauren Graham. I should be a gossip columnist!

ebtg - ten years of remixes


Everything But the Girl releases a 10 year retrospective of remixes; Adapt or Die. If you love me, please buy. Domestic release date is March 17th.

out in time for sweeps...


Marcia Cross, Bree Van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives, to come out of the closet during sweeps week. Bree's onscreen son to come out in upcoming script as well. With all the talk of Cross coming out, I'm going out on a limb and making a prediction; my prediction is that the brunette tv star partnered with Marcia Cross is...Lauren Graham.

Jake speaks his mind. again.


Scissor Sisters lead singer outs Brit heartthrob Robbie Williams and vows to never work with Madonna in honor of Kylie. I love my popstars outspoken. A few months ago, he was on the verge of outing famous celebs he'd banged...

casual update


nothing all too exciting to report. Eric, David, Todd and I are heading to Florida this weekend for an excursion south. Will certainly be nice to escape the upcoming snow storm. I've never been a big fan of Orlando, but Eric is really interested in going to Univeral...so, being the wonderful sidekick that I am, I've opted to hit the land of the swamp in exchange for an Italy trip. Which obviously won't be occuring in quite some time, but believe me, I'll play that card any chance I'll get. If you've got a moment, check out Universal's latest ad initiative, iwantmyvacation.com. Clever ad campaign. Play bash the boss. online, not at work.

On a completely UN-related note, we were able to get the living room painted this past weekend; a much nicer site than the pepto-bismol pink that accented the room. Once we've rested from painting that room,we'll kick-start the dining room. Once I feel I can capture the room with a photo, I'll post a pic.

There's been some interesting occurances at work of late. I've been placed on a few different (more interesting, exciting) accounts. The new work will give me a bit more experience in producing TV spots and more strategic ad work. good times.

Dress 'em up. Or down...


...for those times you're bored at work and just HAVE to give Britney a makeover or strip David Beckham of all of his trendy clothes. Paperdoll Heaven.

I was never into team sports, until...


Hamilton College students organize a Varsity Streaking Team. According to one member, "we mean no disrespect; we wish only to illuminate, to dazzle, to amuse and astonish."

Warm hug of the day.


PFLAG (Parents, families and Friends of Lesbians and gays) launched a new campaign called Stay Close featuring celebrities and their gay relatives. With the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Ben Affleck and Barbara Cook, the concept really is quite heartwarming. Enjoy.

If you build it, they will come.


Above: loft-style chic wine and liquor lounge, below: riding bulls with dirty denim. Great mix!
Rochester's East End neighborhood is getting a country and western, mechanical bull-inspired bar. Right below Tonic. Read a recent article in the Democrat & Chronicle.


A new entertainer in the Rochester club scene. I can't help but love a vodka swilling drag queen. Check out Kasha Davis' website. I especially enjoy the Dress Kasha page!


Call Judge Judy cuz I think this man owes me child support. I've found my babbies daddy.

Thanks to Towleroad for posting advance images of a flawless model to be featured in the Aussie magazine DNA.

Elmira Band makes it big


Members of ELKLAND are from Horseheads, NY. Damn whipper-snappers, I don't know any of 'em!

Desperate News...


Thanks Towleroad & Queer Day for the scoop:

Desperate Housewives' big gay gossip
It seems a spy from ABC has spilled the beans and those who assumed it was one of the husbands that was going to come out of the closet (as promised by creator Marc Cherry) are wrong. The gay character will apparently be Bree’s drunk-driving son and you can count on Bree, played by Marcia Cross being worried that her overbearing nature is the cause of it. The spy also revealed that a Desperate Housewives cast member will be coming out in real life soon too with a string of gay press and talk show interviews already in the works. While it apparently won't be much of a surprise, what may surprise people is the gay cast member will also be announcing a relationship with the lead from another TV series.

American Idol judge Paula Abdul announcing plans to revive her singing career after this season.

I said goodbye THREE years ago!


According to E! online, Cher is set to take the last bow of her three-year Farewell Never Can Say Goodbye tour at the Hollywood Bowl on Apr. 30. The performance will mark the 325th concert of the long-running tour, which sold more than three million tickets.

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