of the gaycentric perspective.

who knew...


I had no idea we would find Buffalo as interesting as we did.

Being quite an upstate snob, we entered the western city rather reluctantly. With a dear friend calling the wing city his hometown, it was insisted that we see a different part of Buffalo, changing our minds forever. So we were given our own private tour of the town downwind from the mists of Niagara.

Buffalo is rich in architecture, history and urban renewal. City revivalists have reclaimed downtown neighborhoods and preserved buildings as much as possible.

We also paid a visit to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, neon-lit by an uber-contemporary exhibit. Came close to giving me the wow-factor.

As we departed, our minds were forever changed. Gone was the industrialst, party-all-night stigma previously thought of B'lo.


Off North Street across from Irving Place is a private two-level street known as Mayfair Lane. Here we found Buffalo's first condos, built in 1928. The lower level accommodates vehicle access; the upper level is a slate lane reminiscent of an English tudor village. At the end of the lane stands a Tudor tower and a chained drawbridge.


Long before suburban sprawl, cities across America developed urban neighborhoods off main avenues loaded with charm, character and integrity. Reclaimed by downtown dwellers, here are a few of my favorites.


Reclaimed and revitalized in downtown Buffalo, near Delaware.


Be sure to check out my friends book based on all that is great about B'lo. To quote our tour guide, Buffalo needed this book to hold its head up high.

Also of note:

Erie Canal Legacy: Architectural Treasures of the Empire State.

Mount Hope: America's First Municipal Victorian Cemetery

200 Years of Rochester Architecture

Blue Sky Mausoleum of Frank Lloyd Wright



Okay, so I'm defnitely a novice [a.k.a, nerd, geek, dumbass] at uploading and listening to podcasts on my iPod. But anyway, you can now download, via iTunes, segments published by Djs, commentators, comedians and more. A recent favorite of mine is Dave's Lounge, featuring the best in chillout, trip hop and downtempo tracks.

Check it out. Oh, and let me know if you know of a way to better-organize all the podcasts!

thanks to you. Yes, you...


thanks for visiting my blog. I've been getting quite an amount of hits. For that, I thank you. I'm definitely inspired to keep pluggin' away, posting what may be of interest to you...

Since I've been posting, I've gotten over 2,000 views...a number that's quite nice for such a humble blog. Keep forwarding me your comments; love to hear what you think.

ah yes....


And I s'ppose I should update.

Been enjoying the time off, quickly recognizing that I was two steps away from burn out at work; perhaps the loss of job gave me a gain in life; we'll soon see.

I have a few casual leads that I am pursuing; advertising is a bitch of a business; still convincing myself I need to continue in that vein. Maybe I should truly become a bitchy barista and work the local Starbucks.

Thanks to all my friends that have given a hug or hello. Always so dear to receive.


Just in the nick of time, we're heading to Ptown at the end of August; a time to rejuvinate the soul and spend some QT with quality friends...


A theatre once gone, now resurrected.


a view from Commercial Street...

flash in the proverbial pan


Call me a skeptic, but I doubt she'll be around long enough for a second single...Natasha Bedingfield's debut US single These Words [I Love You, I Love You] is catchy as hell...Gotta give her credit for *not* speeding up her vocals a la her brother Daniel.

so wrong.


is it so wrong to like the Pussycat Dolls "Don't Cha" so much?


Betsy and Crystal, glam as usual.


I've been laid off. Excuse me as I pick myself up off the floor and resume movement in the land of the living.

Shit on the Radio

I’m a big fan of Esthero, a Toronto-based singer / songwriter, who broke into the scene in 1998 with “That Girl.” Her hiatus finally ending, Esthero releases her latest, Wikked Lil' Grrrls, in the states. True to form, Grrrls is a gluttonous mix of trip-hop, electro and soul; a bit chaotic and genre-bending a bit, but none-the-less exciting and fresh.

Ironic that, when Esthero gets googled, the search engine assumes you meant USHER, instead of Esthero. Check out the opening lyrics to “We R in Need of Musical Revolution:”

I'm so sick and tired of the shit on the radio,
and MTV,
they only play the same thing,
no matter where I go,
I see Ashanti in the video,
I want some thing more...

'Though Esthero may not break new ground in demanding a shake up on radio, putting material out there that crosses a few genres may just be a step in the right direction.



recently, I...

...caught Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Liked it, but wasn't blown away.

...had Korean for the first time; wow. delicious.

...upgraded my iPod Mini to the 20g iPod; within days of having the mini, I maxxed out on space. I've already got 90% of the memory filled on my 20g. good times.

...thought of Kim & Chuck. a lot. miss you!

...found a fellow Elmira Southside grad's recent shoot for A&F. Nice job, Adam!

...found out my sister is moving to Savannah, GA. ugh.

cause / effect


Perhaps one of the most disgusting and senseless acts I've been made aware of. The father of a Florida toddler fatally beats his son, fearing the boy may be gay.

As the direction of leadership in our country tilts toward the promotion of hatred, those knee-deep in inner conflict can't seem to find resolution; another self-hating homophobe bashes his child, all because of his own demons. The thought "we hate most in others the things we see in ourselves" could not resontate more.

happy friday.

summer hijinks


Obtaining instant cult status, Wet Hot American Summer is a personal favorite of mine. Released in 2001 by the same creative geniuses that delivered the State to MTV and Reno 911 to Comedy Central, the flick pays homage to summer camp celluloid cliches; midnight lust, latent gay love, apathetic camp counselors and crack OD'ing. Like a bad acid trip set to a Bob Denver song, the movie opens rather innocently, derailing before the viewers eyes, giving no warning for viewers to press pause. Combining the comic timing of Janeane Garafolo, Christopher Meloni, Molly Shannon and a Pre-SNLer Amy Poehler, the casting is reason alone not to pass this flick by.

If there's anyone else out there that's a fan, please hollaback!

she's back


I couldn't be more thrilled. Leaving fans to assume she'd retired to raise her toddlers while husband and band member Ben Watt pumps the speakers at clubs 'round the world, Everything But the Girl's girl reemerges on Tiefschwarz's 2005 release.

Go to iTunes now. Download Tiefschwarz & Tracey Thorn. Damage. It's invigorating, fresh and familiar all at once. This track only reinforces why audiophiles across the planet simply adore Ms. Thorn.

D'ya Know What it Takes


Perception isn't always reality.

The average mainstream music fan, if asked to recall nineties R&B teen Robyn, would say she was a quick flash in the US pan.

Not the case.

Always a star in her native Sweden, Robyn has continued to pump out a strong catalog of sugary-sweet pop music, all-the-while maintaining a sense of credibility and avoiding the pitfalls her labe-mate Britney fell into.

Her latest, only released in Sweden at this time, is another stellar collection. On the heels of her import-only My Truth and Don't Stop the Music, the self-titled latest has many gems; including the lead single "Be Mine:"

"It's a good thing tears never show in the pouring rain;
as if a good thing can ever make up for all the pain."


A month late, we celebrated Crystal and Brad's June birthdays with a Friday night BBQ.


Dana and me connecting after a few glasses of (red) wine, as evidenced by the blush on our cheeks...


Peter and me at Crystal & Brad's birthday BBQ on Friday Night...

the Power of Love


A very sad day in the music industry. Luther Vandross, dead at 54.

paint chips


I had the pleasure of ending a stressful week at work by walking into the downtown parking garage and finding a note, attached to my door from the parking attendant, regarding a hit and run. Mostly cosmetic, the damages were minimal, but certainly a dent to my already tarnished armor I've been clad in these past few weeks. I s'ppose it'll get better....

a big holla to whomever drives a White Pontiac Grand Am and works in High Falls; you left a little paint on my car...happy 4th y'all!


Chris Evans is soon to light up the big screen as the Human Torch in this summer's blockbuster Fantastic 4. Long before throwing flames out his hands, a lot of folks have been pining over Evans. Check out a few quick grabs of his more, um, superficial fare...


From Flaunt magazine...



In a reality-crazed society, anything remotely scandalous or humbling catches the viewers eye. Not excluding myself from this category, I came across a Hollywood fitness trainer's website. The same trainer that bulked Evans up for the big screen. Check out his before and after shots; it's probably just a matter of time before publicists for the actor rip the shots off the site.

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