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At six foot three, Brandons' presence is known when playing outfield for his college baseball team.

The Corning, New York student is our man o' myspace of late. When he's between seasons of pitching and hitting, he's working on bolstering his portfolio for art school. You can check out some of his work after the jump.

As always, leave a comment for Brandon.

Click here to meet Brandon.

Previous men of myspace:

8 Responses to “brandon”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    WOW that brandon is HOT!!! ;-)

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    yeah yeah brandon is a cutie!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I'm just curious. If you've found these boys profiles on Myspace.com and taken the pictures you're posting here from their Myspace profiles, why then are you putting the watermark to your website on their pics?

  4. Anonymous jason 

    hey - thanks for asking. I didn't really just "find" the guys as much as some volunteer, are nominated. There's been or two that I asked if they'd be interested in participating.

    The questions are interactive and hopefully give a little insight to each man featured. I don't simply feature a guy without getting to better know him (if I don't know him already.)

    Regarding the watermark, I place a tag on the photos at the request of the guy.

    Thanks for stoppin' in.

  5. Anonymous Mike 

    brandon and them are cute! I have a fav myspace guy too.
    I think he was on the tv show Popstars

  6. Anonymous Patrick 

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  7. Anonymous Eric 
  8. Anonymous Sherry 

    Well done!
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