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back to mine


The weekend begins for me now. I'll be in Eastern Canada and Northern New York boating the Thousand Island waterways this Memorial Day holiday.

I've left a few pictures from the midnight lounge archive 'till I return. Have a happy and safe weekend.



...as demonstrated by her t-shirt, we've a lot in common. But turning 21 today is not one of them.

A certain big brother couldn't be more proud of his 'lil sis. She turns 21 today. Watch out Georgia, she gonna drink you dry!

happy birthday, amanda!

voyage of the queens


Load up the iPod and dust off the shades 'cause we're hitting the road!

Okay, not really the road so much as the water. But I guess the road GETS you there, right?
There's a crew of seven, navigating our way through the Thousand Islands waterways in Northern New York and Eastern Canada over the Memorial Day weekend. Launching in Ganonoque (Canada's gateway to the Thousand Islands) and cruising along the Saint Lawrence River, the maiden Voyage of the Queens will be a great way to spend white party weekend. Did I mention it's a houseboat? Yeah, not so much a Jewel of the Seas as much as it is the SS Minnow.

My man knows his way around the area. He was reared on a sailboat, so we're in good hands, but if anyone has any recommendations for the six boys and one girl aboard the VotQ, we'd greatly appreciate it! Besides the obligatory stop at Boldt Castle, our current itinerary is still being planned.

And although I doubt I'll be able to pick up any wi-fi signal (hell, I'll be lucky if my cell phone powers on) I'll be thinking of my loyal readers and secretly wishing I could bring y'all along. Okay, except you with the restraining order. You can't come 'till March of 2009.

I'll be sure to snap some photos to share when we return. Each of us have a duty on the boat. I've been assigned to stocking (and subsequently emptying) the bar. Ah, ship of fools!

ready to download


Jody Watley's latest single "Borderline" is now available for download at iTunes (and virtually every other online music source) beginning today.

Jody sips the Madonna remake on the rocks; chilled and smooth. Being the lead single off her upcoming August release, Billboard had this to say: "If the album maintains this pop-tronic vibe, Watley fans are in for a real treat."

Download "Borderline" (iTunes)

I Love to Love
In Concert
Bordering: Keep pushing my Love
The Jody Watley Interview

I sorta feel like I missed the wagon on this one.

I didn't initially find myself interested in Pink's latest offering, I'm Not Dead. The lead single, "Stupid Girls" though fun and strong in social commentary, just didn't bowl me over. After a reluctant recommend came my way, I picked the album up and fell for nearly every track.

"Who Knew" is gaining momentum as the second single. And for good reason. It's one of the standouts and delivers a strong chorus. Although it seems a bit expected, the track has a strong showing when brought to the floor.

Let the Bimbo Jones mix be a teaser 'till you get yourself a copy of I'm Not Dead. Some of my personal favorites: "Leave me Alone (I'm Lonely)" & "Dear Mr. President" with the Indigo Girls.

Also, be sure to visit PopBytes to catch the video for "Who Knew."
(image thanks to JustJared!)

Pink - "Who Knew" (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit) (Mp3)

Men of MySpace: Meet Doug


We can pretend to get into the finer points about this weeks' man of MySpace, but c'mon. Isn't it superfluous to go through some sort of lengthy introduction when all we really want to know is in right in front of us?

Doug doesn't need to pimp his MySpace page with flashy and obnoxious content; just throw up a few photos of himself and you're sure to visit, right?

Here's your chance. Acquaint yourself. Now.

that guy


yes, I am *that guy.* I've posted 93 things about myself.

It is perhaps, the most self-indulgent thing I've done. today, at least.

random clicks


...random shots

I love to love


The Jody Watley show at the Lilac Festival, as expected, was a blast. A small crew of us battled the dark and ominous clouds that frequent Rochester and made our way to Highland Park, one of downtowns' hidden gems.

I chatted with her management a bit, meeting the tour manager (hey Van!) and gave a quick wave to Jody as she was escorted to her makeshift dressing room (more on that later) on a golf cart.

Jody gave a great show. Regardless of crowd attendance, she commandeered the platform and demanded affection at every moment. The girl knows how to work a stage, let me tell ya. I was glad David, Evan and I had gotten the prime location near the stage; I was snappin’ photos just as quickly as Watley was visiting her back catalog. Opening with “Looking for a New Love,” Watley embraced the song just as much today as when it was in the top ten: nearly twenty years ago. A personal favorite of mine, “Still a Thrill” came next. Given her upcoming release “The Makeover” is a re-dressing of her hits, it’s only fitting she gave us a tease of what’s to come. Two tracks from the collection made the performance; the lead single “Borderline” (yes, a Madonna cover) was received instantly by the crowd, and a slinky re-visit of 1988’s “Most of All.” After paying homage to Shalamar and digging into a few tracks from Midnight Lounge, Watley closed the set with “Real Love.” There’s somethin’ about that thick and thumpin’ beat that never gets old. I adore that song.

After Jody left the outdoor stage and made her way to the makeshift “dressing room” (a camping trailer behind the stage) a gaggle of concertgoers swarmed the gated area near the trailer, cat-calling the singer and asking for autographs. Jody, decked out in dark sunglasses, was gracious enough to meet the folks, regardless of how off-kilter they seemed to be. All the while me and Evan just stood back and watched the mini-chaos ensue.

The most interesting moment occurred when a man staggered up to the gate just as Jody was wrapping up her signing. He started yelling “Miss Fostah, Miss Fostah, can I get those glasses you wearin!” He went through this pestering call a few times and then a short pudgy woman, also up against the gate turned and yelled “What’chu talkin’ ‘bout. That Jody WATLEY not JODY FOSTER!!!” This strange but funny little scenario truly exemplified the essence of some of the crowd gathered for the free concert. Watley had a large contingency of fans hyped for the show, but there was also a small group that seemed to just happen upon the open-air show.

It was flattering to have the DJ and Jody’s assistant recognize me and tell me to stick around as “she had somethin’ for me.” Evan and I stayed long enough for her to wrap up a CBS interview. Soon after she CBS'd, we were escorted into said trailer for a little meet and greet and photo op. I joked with Jody about how tired she must have been after workin’ the stage and how I loved the sequencing of the set (I was nervous, what can I say!) She was so gracious for all of my support and gave me a big hug and a t-shirt from her online boutique. She was just as lovely in real life as I had imagined and I thanked her for being such an inspiration.

It’s interesting as this week came about and the conversations I had leading up to the concert. So many people had to dig deep to remember who Watley was. I don’t know why, but that seemed to bother me a bit. Internally, it must contradict everything I know. She was to me what Beyonce is to a generation younger than me today.I think my connection to Jody began when my aunt gave me Watley’s debut cassette in 1987. Being thirteen and already in touch with something inside me that seemed different, I instantly connected to the music and the artist. Perhaps it was the George Michael duet or the diva-in-training beats. Whatever it may have been, I was hooked. That connection I had back when I was thirteen has been rediscovered over the last five years or so as Jody’s music has gone in a path that I travel today. Deep house and electronic has been my passion for quite some time, so to have that teenage admiration from the past combine with my musical interests of today brings my love of Watley full-circle. It doesn't hurt that Jody and I both share a love for Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt of Everything but the Girl.

I do look forward to her upcoming projects and am going to try and make it to a few of her east coast showings…I hope my interests in Watley’s career translates on this blog strong enough to encourage other people to rediscover her past and upcoming catalog.

Please visit Jody's website for upcoming album and tour information.

She also gives a little shout-out to me and the blog!

throw it: I'll catch it


Goldfrapp throws around a little sexy in NYC. The duo is scheduled to appear on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight, May 17th. They'll be performing "Ooh La La"

iTunes Ooh La La
Turn me Up
...But is it about Bianca
Ride a White Horse video

a new look at a familiar place


I can't believe I haven't blogged about this before. A Rochester-based pair of photo journalists have a photoblog that captures the beauty of the region. After viewing subjects through their lens, the Chase Tower and tulips in highland park beckon for revisiting by locals.

Discover and enjoy every day, as PictureRochester tend to update often. The work rivals (IMHO) that of more-established regional snappers.

on random.


Bloghungry introduces us to homemade infused-vodka. Will chocolate chips and peanut butter work?

Provincetown steps into the shallow end of the bloggin' pool. (Thanks Dennis)

Steve Guttenberg is *still* hot if you ask me.

Original Survivor Richard Hatch sentenced to 51 months behind bars.

My favorite Idol, Kimberley Locke, talks gay with The Advocate. In response to Mandisa: “Clean off your own doorstep before you go trying to clean up somebody else’s.”

If I had a porn crush, it would be on Ethan Kage, formerly the better half of 'roid god Matthew Rush. Incindentally, they're both to be featured in an homage to 1950's male bodybuilder glossies in an upcoming issue of Genre.

Rod 2.0 awakes a sleeping beauty: the Red Hot + Blue collection gets re-issued (There's a Watley connection, but I think y'all are Watley'd out, so I won't go there.)

Perez attempts to give a name to the next celebrity couple: Reichen & Lance.

Damn. That's a flashback if there ever was one. '80s dance sensation The Jets are on tour. In the midwest. Isn't that a punchline in itself?

FREE concert - Watley tonight


Hey Rochester! Rain or shine, make your way to Highland Park tonight to catch grammy award winning artist Jody Watley LIVE. Jody is touring in support of her upcoming The Makeover project. The concert is free and the vibe will be flawless.

She effortlessly infuses pop and dance, soul and jazz into her set. For more on Jody's recent work, Midnight Lounge recommends:

Saturday Night Experience
Looking for a New Love 2005 (ROCAsound Remix)
Whenever (Afro Kosmik Soul Remix)

Keep pushing my love

yo momma


Where did the weekend go? It's gone!

My weekend started with happy hour with the crew that turned into an all-night affair. one cosmo turned into three and four, and the laughter just kept on comin'. From Black & Blue we made our way to Fairport's small-town sports bar Donnelly's for beer and grub.

Saturday morning I cured any hangover that I may have had with a little breakfast with an old ad agency co-worker, dishing past and present over coffee and pancakes. Yum.

Eric and I fussed around the yard in the afternoon and then made our way to his older sister's college graduation party. It was a rather swanky evening affair, catered and staffed with a bartender. Eric's sister has accomplished a lot in her life, but a bachelor's degree was not one of them, until now. An avid runner, she never quits. On Saturday she walked the stage of Nazareth College in the morning, celebrated her success in the evening and then got up the very next morning to run the Pink Ribbon Run in memory of hers, and Erics', mother. Rochester's Democrat & Chronicle actually captured Carolyn's story. It's rather touching. The eight year old the author references is my Eric!

Sunday I spent the day with mom. I'm a good boy. I drove down to her lake cottage on Keuka Lake (the most beautiful of the finger lakes IMHO) and spent some quality time with my ma. The sun setting over the water was beautiful and was a great cap to a weekend. Driving the hour-long trek back to Rochester was scenic; the rolling hills of the finger lakes are just lovely.

Hey, did you hear Jody Watley's comin' to town? [smirk.] I don't think I could be any more excited to meet her. I've been a fan for years, so tomorrow will be a great day. I'll definitely share pictures. On a side note, Entertainment Weekly gives coverage of her upcoming single "Borderline."



I love it when I can feature a friend in the man of MySpace feature...Ted and I go way back. We were young and naive college students, navigating our way through gay life in Syracuse, NY. Ted's gone on to be one of NYC's hottest bartenders.

Learn a little bit more about Ted...

Don't forget about all the other guys that came before Ted

I'm hooked on the junk


I've got an addiction I must break. In fact, I am breaking it. Tomorrow. I swear.

Ever since college (around '97) I've been a fan of the Starbucks bottled version of the Frappuccino. I know, it's gluttonous and loaded with calories, but it's been my morning routine for quite some time.

I've recently decided that I need to break myself from drinking them daily. I started to do the math and frightened myself with the results! Seeing that I do not hemorrhage money, it only makes sense for me to find other ways to spend $1.80 a day. or $54 a month. $648 a year. Over $3200 every five years.

What's *YOUR* Frappuccino?

up and coming up


Ah, the weekend. It’s time for a little rest, relaxation and being over-served.

There’s a crew of us hitting Pittsford’s
Black & Blue tonight for a cocktail or two post-work. Visually, it couldn’t look more pretentious, but there are times when I just love sipping a perfect Cosmopolitan. I’m hoping to meet a bartender that can do just that; make ‘em good tonight. The rest of the weekend is jam-packed. Eric and I have his sisters’ college graduation party all day Saturday (just may need said bartender to stay in my back pocket to make day-long visit with the in-laws tolerable) and then Sunday I’m off to spend the day with my mom at her lakefront cottage. Actually, I wonder if the bartender has plans for Sunday, as well?

On Monday, Jody Watley comes to town. I’m thinking I may act all Secret Service, talking into my wrist as she enters and exits a room. I do hope her show at the Lilac Festival’s ESL stage gets a good crowd. Unfortunately, people hear Watley’s name and think of all the things she’s done in the past, not so much about her current and upcoming material.

There’s some great things to come and I thank you for bringing the lounge to life with your visits. One thing I’m very excited about is sharing with readers an exclusive sneak peek at the
2007 Provincetown Theater Calendar. With imagery shot by noted photographer Brad Fowler, the calendar follows the “strategically nude” trend, capturing dancers, singers and even audience members, in the buff! Surely the calendar will be a hit and we’ll do our part to help in any way. For more information on donating to and learning more about the cape theater, pay a visit.

The Men of Myspace feature hasn’t gone away; I’ve just been distracted (doesn’t take much) but we’ve got *two* guys lined up for this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. One is a friend from the days of self-discovery. The other is a (another) model itching for his big, ummm, break. Look for Ted and Doug very soon!

Regarding this blog, I seem to fall victim to the ebb and the flow of the web. Sometimes I’m outrageously inspired to post, other times, well, not so much. I’ve never been much of a fan of all those self-indulgent blogs and have maintained this site as such. But after doing a little critical thinking, I soon realized that that just may be the catalyst for what makes a blog *interesting* and *unique.* If you know nothing about the blogger, what’s going to keep you compelled to visit again? After all, how can I become the next media mogul if you don't pay me repeat visits! So with that in mind, I’ll begin adding a more personal touch to this site and making it a bit less sterile (like your dad.) KIDDING! About the dad part of course, unless he is sterile. In that case, I’m just being honest!

cleveland rocks


Hey Ohio!

Check out the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame annual benefit "No Speeches, No Tuxes...it's Only Rock and Roll" tonight! Eddie Money, the Romantics and my girl, Jody Watley, will be performing.

cover me will


Recent Midnight Lounge interviewee Will Wikle lays claim to this weeks' cover of HX. Wikle reveals his dream radio hosting interview and how he ended up in the hills of Tennesee with a mouthful of marshmallows. (This one's for you, Dennis)

After reading HX, check out the lounge interview.

east of sunrise, north of ocean


I thought I'd share some long-overdue pics from my trip to For Lauderdale last week.

I caught this shot just as I returned from a morning jog down A1A.

yup, that's me.

A familiar view post-happy hour. Daily.

I liked the perspective of this image. Many of the quaint (read: vintage and rundown) hotels along A1A are being knocked down and being replaced by Trump-sized hotels. As Eric and I lay on the beach near Sebastian, this was our view.

There's more to come. In the meantime, you can visit my Flickr page.

that voice


Tracey Thorn, the wistful voice behind Everything but the Girl, breaks her motherhood-induced selcusion long enough to reassure fans she's alive and well and stepping back into the studio.

Fans got a taste of solo Thorn on the 2005 Tiefschwarz collaboration "Damage" (soon to see a single release) but not since 2000's Temperamental has Thorn and her other half, Ben Watt, released anything under the EBTG-moniker. And although that may not change anytime soon, expect a Tracey Thorn project positioned as a collaboration with Ewan Pearson and Tom Gandy (cagedbaby) sometime early next year.

in anticipation of the release, Tracey's set on getting her very own MySpace page!

ebtg-related at the lounge:
Commercial License
Ebtg pays the bills
She's back
Adapt or Die

Headley heads to Rochester


Hey Rochester. We’re getting a visit from yet *another* RnB vocalist, this time by the likes of Heather Headley. And although Fanstasia headlines the annual Rochester MusicFest the second weekend in July, I’m way more interested in seeing what Headley can do to a crowd.

Also scheduled to perform: LeToya (former Destiny’s Child member, v1) Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Avant and Ray J.

right to choose?


As pulled from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle earlier today, Cindy Coutts, a Mendon [rural village outside of Rochester] resident states in a letter to the editor:

Concerning the May 4 article "N.Y. court to rule on gay marriages": sexual perversion is a choice, not a "fundamental right."

For more hate, please visit Ms. Coutts' sponsor.

keep pushing my love


Often classified as a trite dance song, Madonna's "Borderline" delivered to us a pop superstar back in 1983, but that starpower eclipsed any chance of noticing a well-written piece of pop music.

Okay, someone took notice. Jody Watley knows her way around the dance floor, but the grammy winner demonstrates that she can slow a four-on-the-floor beat down as she covers "Borderline" for her upcoming project The Makeover. More torch than flaming, the "brought to a simmer" remake is familiar yet foreign all at once. And I love it. You'll have to wait 'till the 23rd to download the song over at iTunes, but in the meantime, check out Jody's MySpace to stream a sample.

Even better, catch Jody in concert: Cleveland, Ohio on May 12, Rochester, NY at the Lilac Festival on May 15th and at a Place Called Home benefit in Bevery Hills on May 19th.

Summer's off to a great start
Midnight Lounge interviews Jody Watley
Midnight Lounge reviews Midnight Lounge

back in action


It's been awhile, indeed.

hi. how are you.

I'm fine, thanks.

It's been a busy time since we've gotten back from Florida. I still have luggage coexisting peacefully with my cat in "his" room. The two seem to get along just fine. He's made my traveling companion his nighttime resting spot.

The weekend was wonderful. It started out with a little Cinco de Mayo celebration with the co-workers at Mex, then a quick jaunt home for dog duty and then back out for *more* celebrating, David / Todd / Betsy-style. We had drinks at a lovely wine & piano bar and then a late dinner at Veneto, a pizza kitchen I frequent with (work) clients. But of course the evening didn't end there, no! From there I met up with Evan and Brad at the unfortunately-named Nasty D's (though everyone in town still calls it by its former incarnation, RJs.) One drink and a a few too many lesbians was all it took for us to move on over to Tilt to hear Toronto-based uber-DJ Deko-Ze rip up the dancefloor. He began his DJ set with the Chus & Ceballos mix of Jody Watley's "Lookin' for a New Love 2005." Yum. Given the night started with Dos Exxis beer and ended with Corona, daddy was ready for bed. But of course on my way home I stopped to see my best straight Rich and his girl for a little more late-night conversation.

The next morning came a bit too soon, but was well worth the jolt of the alarm. I spent the morning with my dear friends' beatiful little daughter, hitting a few tag sales and Target. It's amazing to see the world through the eyes of a two-year old. Just before mom and dad came to pick her up, we were in my yard picking dandilions and flowers for mom. Each yellow "flower" she discovered was so exciting. We had a blast. I spent the rest of Saturday doing house chores and responding to emails.

Sunday was a beautiful day. I brought my bike up from out of the dark of the basement, gave it a ride and then ventured out to get some more plantings for my garden. Gardening is daunting, but if I focus on little sections of the yard at a time, I'm able to make some progress. I've always loved a hydrangea, but never really had a chance to plant one. 'Till now. After digging in the dirt (press play on the Peter Gabriel CD) I prepped to host a Sunday ritual with the crew; dinner and TV. We did burgers and hot dogs and a delicious brownie sunday pie.

Is it just me or is Desperate Housewives the most predictable tale on TV lately? For a show that seemed positioned for longevity, it seems to be fading rapidly. I haven't much interest in any of the character developments; don't even get me started on the Alfre Woodward story arc.

And now it's Monday and the week begins all over again. I still owe a write-up of my vacation. Maybe when the luggage gets unpacked I'll be inspired to throw in another post about Lauderdale.

In the meantime, look for long-overdue Men of MySpace postings and more chatter about Jody Watley's upcoming visit to Rochester...

Club 69 vs. Soft Cell


It's like Christmas, and Popmuse is our elf. Janet Jackson's latest "gift to her fans" has hit the 'net. Download "Lookout Weekend" now.

New York courts to rule on gay marriages. Says a pastor at Washington's Baber AME Church:
"gay marriage can mushroom into a whole society that has gone Sodom and Gomorrah."

The title of this blog makes chuckle each time, it's smart and witty: My Drinking Team has a Frisbee Problem.

Sure, I admit I dig the Rihanna track "S.O.S." It's essential spring listening, but I can't help but yearn for the origins of the song. Back in '99 a DJ outfit named Club 69 (Peter Rauhofer's former incarnation) rerubbed the 1981 gay anthem "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell, equipping it with a second life. Because it's like Xmas 'round here, here's the Rauhofer mix:

Tainted Love (Club 69 Future Mix) - Soft Cell vs. Club 69 (Mp3)

...and because Jason Nevins is a favorite of mine, here's the Rihanna clubber. You'll notice a tip of the hat to the Club 69 mix in the Nevins rub:

S.O.S. (Jason Nevins Elektrotek Mix) - Rihanna (Mp3)

I missed you, dear friend.


Damn! It's been nearly a week since I've posted...I'm so sorry about that. We had a wonderful time in Fort Lauderdale. Our hosts were beyond wonderful, keeping us entertained all week long. Between our daily happy hours all around town and running into the most random of people (a Falcon porn star, Carson Kressley and Deborah Gibson) I barely had a chance to plug in my laptop and say hi.

We flew back late last night via jetBlue. Damn, I love being able to watch a little TV as you travel the states.

So I'm plugged in. here's your hi.

Given my druthers, I'll get back to posting tonight. And yes, I just said druthers.

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