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...last night I rediscovered a former lover.

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Not so long ago I would close the bedroom door to my childhood home, turn up my record player as loud as it would go and take my mark on the stage (in front of the mirror) and jam out to The Jets. With choreography in-sync with that on MTV and Dance Party USA, I was simply the star of Broadway. Mind you, not the avenue slicing through NYC's theatre district, but a busy street cutting through the industrial section of Elmira, New York. And although the seven-member band hardly had enough room for an eighth member, in my mind, I was the missing puzzle piece to their vocal harmony.

So cliche, I literally wore an album out, both sides, overindulging my pre-teen ears. With hits like "Crush on You", "Curiosity" and "You Got It All," I was a prebuscent gay boy completely and unabashedly in love with this band.

So I found a few cassette tapes and the above-mentioned album as I unpacked from one house to the next last night. The music, to me, is certainly timeless. I've played the albums a few times and secretly chuckle at how each lyric has stuck with me, each chorus still resonating after all of my jaded years. I'm sure if I were to share with others The Jets' craft, I'd be laughed into a coma. But I'm sure, somewhere in your pile of CDs and tapes, you'll find a former lover that rocked your world, gave you all the love your young heart needed and molded your tastes in music.

Given my recent rediscovery of the Jets, I've learned that they have been brought back to life by a few dance club DJs. The dance mix download I got last night of "Cross My Broken Heart" certainly gives new energy to the song, but somehow there's nothing better than hearing the original skip in the 45 and the sizzle and spark where the needle hits the vinyl...guess my jaded outlook is spared by being reassured that there's hardly anything better than the real thing...

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  1. Blogger World Traveler 

    Very insightful...so, my worn out cassettes?? Hmmm...I had a Prince tape that was a favorite butI was a choir room dork, as you well know. So, I spent the most hours crooning to show tunes baby. Not cool stuff like Les Mis or CATS or Miss Saigon..but random forgotten gems like 1776. I mean how could you resist the toe-tapping beat of " My name is Richard Henry Lee..Virginia is my home!!!!!!!!" I was also attracted to Simon an Garfunkel and Hall and Oates..male duos..still a fave :)

    Love the blob..please keep posting. I shall read faithfully. And to the sister out there, no he is not that amazing. I mean would an amazing person spew a chocolate bar all over a math exam and run unabashedly from the room never to return to take the test..ha ..that is still my favorite story and I wasn't even there.

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