of the gaycentric perspective.

The Jeff Timmons Interview


98 Degrees: the temperature of the human body.
105 Degrees: the temperature of a bloggers' body
after interviewing Jeff Timmons.

Timmons, along with brothers Nick and Drew Lachey and Justin Jeffre, formed 98 Degrees, one the first boybands to make it big in a market dominated by label-manufactured look-alikes. With a string of top ten Billboard hits and four successful albums, the band quickly fell victim to the same marketplace that made them stars.

Each of the guys have gone about their own business after a band hiatus. Jeffre ran for Cincinnati mayor, Drew won Dancing with the Stars season 2, and Nick made a headline or two on the gossip rags.

Jeff Timmons, the resident beefcake of the band, released a solo album in 2004. Whisper that Way called on the same pop formula that brought his band success.

It's 2006 and Timmons is prepping to release his second solo album. A slight departure from his first release, now he just wants to have some fun. Jeff took time out of touring with Jordan Knight to chat with Midnight Lounge about his upcoming album, his gay fans and if those orange jumpsuits will ever see the light of day again. On a side note, I have to say that I couldn't have enjoyed my time with Jeff more. He's unnervingly down to earth, sincere and candid about post-boyband success.

As always, please leave a comment and tell us what'cha thought of my chat with Jeff.

Drew Lachey is a dancing maniac on Dancing with the Stars. Did he learn all his moves from you?

HAHA! Anybody that knows me knows that I have very limited dancing skills. Drew was always the best dancer in the group and I'm glad that he had his time to shine.

How do you handle being bombarded with rumors, gossip and news about your former bandmate?

I don't mind. I'm very happy for Nick and his success. As far as the rumors, I know Nick and how great of a person he is, so it doesn't bother me at all.

MORE Jeff after the jump...

Archived Q&As at the lounge:

shuttle pilots' father killed


The 79 year old father of Eileen Collins was killed after stepping into traffic in Collins' hometown of Elmira, New York yesterday evening.

the first female space shuttle pilot for NASA, was in town to speak to local high school students.

James Collins, a Rochester resident, told reporters earlier in the day
"I'm in awe of her, I really am."

I'm saddened by the news of Eileen's loss. Being an Elmira native, I'm well-aware of her groundbreaking accomplishments.

Investigation into the accident is under way.

busted. again.


Found slumped over the wheel of a car in one of London's busiest intersections, George Michael has been arrested (again.) This time for possesion of drugs.

Hauled off to the police station for posessing painkillers and cannabis, George Michael spent over seven hours in police custody.
Surely you remember that incident in 1998 that forced him of the closet...Michael has faced yet another encounter with the men (I assume they were men; I am *that* presumptuous) in uniform.

Let's focus on the George we love. Sure, we can reminisce about the Wham! and early Faith days, but I think the George I'm fond of most was the one we had seen recently. 2004's Patience was a work in subtley and supreme pop pleasure. If you haven't checked it out, you're missing out on the best George Michael release since Listen Without Prejudice, Vol 1.

On a completely un-related but utterly overt homoerotic tip, check out Brett "Ace" Young, resident American Idol hottie, perform Michael's "Father Figure." Adorable. [Thanks Popmuse]



We had a little glitch getting our Q&A accomplished this weekend with Jeff Timmons. No worries, we'll be back up and running on Tuesday. I've had quite a response from all of the Jeff fans out there. Seeing there's a bit more time, drop me an email to share your questions for Jeff.

In the meantime, check out Jeff's pages at Tagworld and myspace to sample some of his most recent recordings.



I don't flip my lid that easily, but I did this morning after realizing that I can include Ben Watt as a friend on myspace.

Ben Watt, DJ-extraordinaire and Everything But the Girl bandmate, has a myspace page. If you love the lounge, you'll love the Watt. make him your friend today. While your at it, add me too.

Give a listen to the latest release on Watts' imprint Buzzin Fly Records. Kayot's "Clear Sky."

EBTG & Ben Watt archived at the lounge:

commercial license
EBTG pays the bills
adapt or die
she's back

Ooh La La


I'm surprised I didn't catch this sooner. iTunes has Goldfrapp's first US single "Ooh La La" as its free download single of the week! Even if you have the song, download it now. Each download will reinforce the interest stateside. [Thanks Evan!]

More Goldfrapp at the lounge:

The Jesse Houk [The Scumfrog] Interview


Any dance music enthusiast needs no introduction to Jesse Houk. Under the moniker The Scumfrog, he's remixed some of the most ambitious and innovative dance records in years. Dido, Monica and Missy Elliot are just a few of the names that have been rerubbed by Houk.

Also a successful artist and producer, He's now joining forces with some of the biggest names in the dance music community to form DJs Are Alive, an UBER-group in the making.

Kristine W, DJ Skribble, Static Revenger, D:Fuse and Houk make up the band. Impressive, eh? Their first single, "Gimme Some Love" will soon dominate the dance charts. If you'll be at WMC, make it your mission to catch this collective live!

Jesse Houk recently took some time out of his schedule to chat with Midnight Lounge on how DJs are Alive came to be, where they're going from here and the pandemonium that always follows Kristine W. Special thanks goes to the Lounge's BFF, Evan, for helping out with Q&A...

How did DJs are Alive come to be?

I was doing a show in Texas a few months ago and something happened whereby all the DJs had to play a different stage and reduce their sets considerably. I was going to play around the same time as D:Fuse and Skribble so we said why don't we tag team? Why don't we just get up there with instruments and see what happens. So we did it and we really liked the results. That made me see that this might be a good time for me to try and put a band together.

MORE after the jump...

blatant display of affection


There is absolutely no reason for this post other than to
blatantly display mine and betsy's love for matthew mcconaughey.
check out Dlisted and JustJared for more Matthew.
...Remember when he was beatin' the bongos?

twins spread


You knew it was just a matter of time before the backstories of every American Idol contestant started to leak...

The first out of the gate seems to be Becky O'Donohue; the one with a twin that didn't make it.

Before giving a lackluster rendition of "Because the Night," O'Donohue and her twin competed on NBC's Fear Factor episode "Seeing Double" and posed for a Maxim spread here. The twins' track record seems successful only when paired. Given how much I disliked her appearance on Idol, let's hope she's consistently bad by herself.

Now how do I keep that amateur video of me and Ace Young under wraps...

blues away


Erasure prepares to release their 15th studio CD this April. Union Street, an accoustic effort, finds Andy Bell and Vince Clark revisiting their back catalog with a guitarist in-tow.

"We just felt there were songs on our albums that had been missed as songs," says Clarke. "We found this cool guitarist [Steve Walsh] with a cool studio and decided to use both. Steve put the thing together. It was great going back through those songs, some of which I hadn't listened to properly since we made them - suddenly you heard some of the naivety that was in there in the first place."

Some of my personal highlights include a refresh of "Blues Away"
and "Boy." The latter of the two, scheduled to be the first single off the album, hits the charts mid-March.

The rather
comprehensive site contains snippets of two tracks off the release, behind the scenes footage and more.

In case you missed it, you ought to pick up
Andy Bell's most recent solo outing, Electric Blue. I'm still enjoying it. I hear another single is scheduled for this album before promo begins for the Erasure disc....Bell appears to be one busy boy!

Q&A with Jeff Timmons


...and the interviews just keep on comin'. I'm also going to be quizzing Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees fame. C'mon, you have to have a question or two you've been dying to ask...now's your chance! Email me.

Give a listen to Jeff's latest CD
Whisper That Way.

Q&A with Jordan Knight


midnight lounge just booked a Q&A with former NKOTB'er Jordan Knight. The boy that made boy bands lucrative is currently on tour in support of his latest release, The Fix.

Forward me your questions and I'll add 'em to the mix.

In the meantime, don't pretend like you're not back in your middle school bedroom, drooling over Knights' shirtless boyband pics...

winter gardener


One more sign that the times, they are a changin'. Provincetown High is in danger of closing its doors. In the memo presented to the town, Provincetown and neighboring Truro students would be transported 1/2 hour south to Nauset, Mass for schooling. On the heels of this article comes one on the towns' off-season life. Not all too surprising, considering real estate values last summer rose to nearly $1,500 per square foot on the tip of the cape.

Now that some conservative groups perceive success in "preserving marriage" in the states, an effort to ban gay adoption is quickly becoming the next frontier. "Now that we've defined what marriage is, we need to take that further and say children deserve to be in that relationship," says Greg Quinlan of Ohio's Pro-Family Network, a conservative Christian group.

Did you catch ArjanWrites excellent interview with former Savage Gardener Darren Hayes?

Feel the Tom Ford Hollywood issue of VF was a bit vacuous? You'll feel much more fulfilled with The New York Times Magazine spread featuring Reese, Rachel, Joaquin and more. [Dlisted]

For all of you west coast Jody Watley fans still needing a fix post-interview, you'll have a chance to see her work her new material live. Bitches.

Ooh La La Paris gives us the only reason to watch the Winter Olympics. Chad Hendrick is so going to be my future ex-boyfriend.

office politics


The best show on TV just made the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

...Don't know how I missed this back in January, but the TV blog Give me my Remote interviewed Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski. Read it here.

Archived at the Lounge:



By the time Joey turned 24, he had already posed for the cover of Men's Fitness and landed a gig as a body model for 2(x)ist. Not bad for this Northeastern grad from Long Island.

Now living in NYC and developing a name for himself in the modeling and fitness world, Joey is this week's man of myspace. You'll quickly see that Joey is the entire, um, package.

MEET Joey.

As always, leave a comment, say hi.

Previous men of myspace:


and I quote...


From the Advocate comes one of my favorite comments of late concerning Brokeback Mountain:

"They showed the guy kissing the girl, the guy hugging the girl, the wedding, people riding off into the sunset, music, horses going into the woods. They gave you all the awards, the hoopla, all the success, but they hid the bacon."

- Peter Guber, producer of A Few Good Men and Philadelphia

mirror image


stop back to meet the man in the mirror.
Joey will be our next man of myspace.

secret heartbreak


Valentine's Day has come and gone, but not for everyone. It's time for a little reality check over at PostSecret, where V-D cards made an appearance at the site. Check it out.

Archived at the lounge:

I flirt with straight guys
Share your secret
Postcards from the edge
I've got a secret

blogger vanity plate


I figured I'd grow up and give this place its' own identity on the web.

For now on, come on over via:


(www.Justin-Timberlakes-stalker.com was taken)

Back to your regularly-scheduled programming.


...And to think his night wasn't bad enough. Robert Perry, one of Jacob Robida's New Bedford victims, files a complaint against the paramedics that responded that fateful night. Perry alleges he was not attended to prompty, was verbally and physically abused, and had his private medical information shared without his permission.

Robida was buried on Sunday. His investigation continues.

Archived at the lounge:

Robida on the Run

turn me up


Supernature finally gets a domestic release date.

The third Goldfrapp collection is scheduled to release stateside March 7th. If you've got the import, no surprises on the track listing, other than the addition of b-side "Beautiful." U.S. fans may find the CD worth the wait; a DVD feature is included, with a performance film, videos and a documentary.

Support the lounge. Pre-order the CD here.[Thanks Evan]

For you west coast fans, check out the Goldfrapp myspace page for presale tickets to upcoming shows (lucky bitches.)

Archived at the lounge:
...But is it about Bianca Jagger?
"Ride a White Horse" video

griffin slumber party


Kathy Griffin (okay, her husband Matt) has added a message board to kathygriffin.net. It's busier than two-for-one night at the local lesbian bar. I'm all about bein' present on the board, so say hi to fivefathoms. That's me.

Did you catch her on Jimmy Kimmel late last week? Neither did most readers. Although she teased the appearance with "an announcement," nothing all too earth-shattering was revealed. She did joke that she's now famous with the straight guy set after this ad that ran during the Super Bowl.

Bid on a weekend with Kathy through ebay. Proceeds to go toward a movement to stop violence against women and girls. I'm certain the slumber sleepover will be great fodder for the second season of the D-List. Wait a minute....so is a divorce and reconcilliation. I feel manipulated!

At the time of posting, the auction tops out at $27k!

it's a football thing


This shit is hysterical. Mad TV is taking late night sketch comedy places SNL can't seem to find.

The only talent SNL has worth catching (IMHO) is Rochester' Kristen Wiig.

blow a candle


I'll leave it to your imagination what Robbie Williams
will be doing in birthday suit, on his birthday. Happy day to Robbie. [Thanks Evan]

operators are standing by


Did you vote yet? C'mon, what are you waiting for?

hollywood homo propogranda


V.I.L.E. (Viewers Insulted by Loser Entertainment) protestors picket outside of a Rochester, NY independent theatre with Brokeback Mountain on the marquee. The movie opend at the theatre January 6th.

One V.I.L.E. protester said the film is ruining families. “They're leaving their wives to be with each other, two men and everything like that. That is not what the family is.”

If you'll remember, this isn't the first time the flick has raised a few feathers in the area. Read about a Rochester-based right-wing message board here.



Damn, it's a tough gig getting to know all these handsome myspace guys week after week. Colin, a 22 year old Albany student, is no exception.

Click here to find what's keeping Colin warm this winter, and more!

Did'ya catch these guys?


Who's your favorite so far? Have I been on-track with pickin' the guys? Let me know...

potty mouth


The girl I'm in love with this week is Chelsea Handler. We were introduced on Oxygen's Girls Behaving Badly. Handler was an immediate standout, displaying an impeccable sense of comic timing and the ability to be an improv pro in every sketch. At first glance, you may think she's rather coy and demure, but once her raw and candid humor kicks in, you quickly realize she's got the mouth of your truck-drivin' uncle. She's a beautiful juxtaposition.

Handler recently made her way to The Tonight Show as a Leno correspondent and just received a deal with E!, ordering eight episodes of The Chelsea Handler Show, featuring the comic in film shorts, taped spoofs and stand up.

Take this time to get yourself acquainted with Handler:

Chelsea in line for Star Wars (The Tonight Show)
Square Dancing Competition (The Tonight Show)
Visit The Girls Behaving Badly website and watch skits featuring Chelsea.

A blogger blogs after being tagged on Melrose by Handler for her upcoming series.

peoples' choice


Midnight Lounge needs a refresh. Bob over at The Bob Blog, who's young, fresh n' new, was nice enough to give a few ideas on where to take the blog header for 2006. Check 'em, feel 'em, grope 'em (the banner ideas, NOT the blogger) and let me know which you like best. Remember, the header has truly capture what the site is all about...
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

Speaking of Bob, I think his new work uniform
is going to be all the rage with the boys...but does Bob come with the shirt?

a humble win


Kanye West displays some of his bravado after a few grammy wins.
It's just a matter of time before people find him completely uninteresting.
Oops, I already do. [Image via JustJared]

The Jody Watley Interview


With a career spanning two decades and capturing a grammy and 6 top ten singles along the way, Jody Watley has made her mark in pop and dance music. Her 1986 debut album launched Watley onto MTV, with the hits "Looking for a New Love," "Don't You Want Me" and "Some Kind of Lover." After taking a more soulful and independent path in the later part of the '90s, Watley emerged in 2000 with the Japanese-only Saturday Night Experience, V1 and 2003's critically-acclaimed Midnight Lounge [yes, this blog was inspired by this album.]

Fast-forward to today and Watley is preparing to release The Makeover - Journey to Electronic Soul, a collection intended to position herself smack-dab in the middle of her past and where she's going from here.

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm sort of a fan of Ms. Watley. She recently took some time to answer a few of my questions to share with the readers of the lounge...

So what have you been up to since the release of Midnight Lounge in 2003?

I've continued to do concerts and appearances. A highlight moment was going to Malaysia for a massive Tsunami Relief Concert, with artists like The Black Eyed Peas, Diana Krall, Backstreet Boys, Jackie Chan, Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, etc. The experience was unbelievable and was topped off by an invitation to the Royal Palace of Malaysia for a luncheon in our honor with the King and Queen!! In the midst of working - I have a full family life! Hence- those grocery store sightings! Currently, putting finishing touches on my next project, which will be titled "The Makeover".

Tell me about the Makeover; your upcoming project that captures refreshed gems and new material?

The intent is to bring those who are stuck in the past - up to where I have progressed as an artist. For those who have recently discovered me with "Midnight Lounge" and "Saturday Night Experience" - the various compilations I've appeared on with hip labels like Giant Step, FiveSixRecordings, Chillifunk, AVEX Japan, Hed Kandi, Kinkysweet, etc.. "The Makeover" will be another musical treat. The vibe is very progressive, with a nice mix of ambient grooves, bossa soul, dance -- electronic soul.. My career is a continued work in progress - with tweaks, adjustments and improvements... I feel the title gives me the opportunity to market the fact with more clarity - that I'm not stuck in the 80's - I really dislike that label - as I feel it does such a disservice to me... I've continued to make music consistently over the years... all charted singles - on one chart or another. Most of all -- I'm about making quality music - with a progressive mind, warmth - and of course good vibes! I just did a gorgeous version the Diana Ross classic - Love Hangover. I put my stamp on it - electronic soul, ambient and modern.. just gorgeous!

CLICK HERE to continue reading.
Jody dishes on her [appreciative] gay fanbase, what's recently added to her ipod and more!

Madonna's Sorry video


Just Jared has Madonna's new video for "Sorry." It's hot.


The girl I love *this* week is Sherri Shepherd. If you haven't caught a Sherri appearance on the Ellen show yet, you're missing out. It's a tough gig to steal the laughs from the host, but this girl does it. Well. Tell your TIVO to snatch up a Sherri episode and you'll fall in love too!

Goldfrapp releases the video for "Ride a White Horse."

It's like the Traveling Wilburys for the gay dance set. The Scumfrog, D:Fuse, DJ Skribble, Static Revenger and Kristine W [gasp] all team up to form the supergroup DJs are Alive. They've got a myspace page where you can listen to the upcoming release "Gimme Some Love."

Margaret Cho has come full-circle. The infamous All-American Girl series has been released as a DVD boxed set, complete with Cho commentary. Available at the Cho shop. It is interesting to review...who knew such a bland show would launch such a legendary comic.

Did'ya catch screencaps from Madge's latest video "Sorry" over at Made in Brazil? [Via Queerty]

Kathy Griffin alert: Catch her on the Jimmy Kimmel show February 9th, teasing the appearance with " an announcement" we won't want to miss. Maybe she met the Clay blackmailer?

Reichen Lehmkuhl does GQ. Just Jared has the scans.

Stop back tomorrow. Midnight Lounge's first celebrity interview posts. Our queer & a with Jody Watley is a don't-miss! She'll dish on her upcoming project The Makeover - Journey to Electronic Soul and so much more...



Meet Patrick. A former high school pole-vaulter and college student from Rochester, NY. He couldn't be a nicer, more unassuming guy.

Click Here to get to know Patrick.

As always, leave a comment and let us know what'cha think!

Be sure to bookmark midnight lounge!

Previous Men of the week:


Philip Seymour Hoffman gets the local treatment from the Rochester Insider. Find out who he'll be cheering for Oscar night and why he's drawn to the more eccentric roles being cast in Hollywood.

Think you know all you need to about the actor? Think again. Hoffman filmed Almost Famous with the flu and is rumored to be up for the role of Penguin in the sequel to Batman Begins. Who Knew!


Rodonline posts up-to-date information on the New Bedford, Mass gay bar slashing. 18-year-old Jacob Robida, the alleged slasher and former junior Police Adademy cadet, had swastika tattoos and a myspace screename of "serial killa." Robida has yet to be found. Meanwhile, initially considered a stand-alone act, a double stabbing that occured the same evening in a Portland, Oregon gay bar is now being reavaluated.

Back in Massachusetts, residents consider the attack a crime against the entire city of New Bedford.

In more uplifting news, we'll have a most-wonderful myspace man of the week posted tomorrow. Patrick is sweet, unassuming and as cute as they come.

Stop back, now ya'hear?


For those that *still* haven't caught them at your local multiplexes, Brokeback Mountain will be released on DVD April 4th, nearly a month to the day after Oscars go home with a select few. Rent will see a DVD release date of February 21st. [Thanks Evan]

Unrelated, but I caught Oprah yesterday as she shared the soundstage with the Ebersol family. If you'll recall, Susan Saint James' husband (Dick Ebersol) and her two sons were involved in a violent plane crash in Colorado. The father and one son walked away, losing their youngest, Teddy to the crash. The strength of the family throughout the ordeal (happened just over a year ago) is rather inspiring. I sorta developed a crush on her son Charlie too. Is that wrong?

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