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peoples' choice

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Midnight Lounge needs a refresh. Bob over at The Bob Blog, who's young, fresh n' new, was nice enough to give a few ideas on where to take the blog header for 2006. Check 'em, feel 'em, grope 'em (the banner ideas, NOT the blogger) and let me know which you like best. Remember, the header has truly capture what the site is all about...
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

Speaking of Bob, I think his new work uniform
is going to be all the rage with the boys...but does Bob come with the shirt?

18 Responses to “peoples' choice”

  1. Blogger mk 

    option #2!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    def #2!!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    #2 all the way

  4. Anonymous leisuresuite 

    I sort of like all three! But 2 is good.

  5. Blogger rustedart 

    I'm all about option 3, yummy. But I think for a good over all look I would go with 2. You tend to cover so much more then just men ;)

  6. Anonymous Mark in Huntington Beach 

    I like #2

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    can jason be the header? you're hot.

  8. Blogger libraoncc 

    yeah j...you're hot...how bout you and eric nekkid on a turntable...just to bring in the whole music thing.

    seriously though...you are more than a porn site so don't go with 1 or 3. I'd say 2 but maybe there is something else out there for you that is more modern

  9. Blogger Alfred 

    option 2 is tacky and aunty-oprah-like (not that I dun like her) - it's like u r hving a talk show or something.

    option 1 is even worse - r we still hving B&W?

    option 3 is definitely the best i think - sexy, kool, raw and straight to the point

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I like option two.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous 

    what if I don't like any of them? Do any really say what your site is about?

  12. Anonymous Anonymous 

    ummmm...he missed the mark.

  13. Blogger Jen 

    I personally like 3 but I wouldn't mind if you J would be in the headign somehow. Face it hun, you are a hottie! Love you lots!

  14. Blogger TheBobBlog.com 

    wow, just take em down if people don't like them. Maybe you should have a contest where anyone can contribute.

  15. Anonymous Baixinho 

    #2 is cool. I think he did a great job but none of them really capture the feel of the site.

  16. Blogger Marko 

    I love option #1!

  17. Anonymous PopMuse 

    #2 it's Klassy.

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