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Amazing Race 9 is set to begin airing on CBS and as tradition, gay men 'cross the country will play hector-projector and try to identify the homos on the show. Here's a picture of two of the guy duos from the series.

One team is from Fort Lauderdale and met while running college track. Jeremy's description includes being sarcastic and patient, while Eric works as a waiter and bartender. Hmph.

The other duo, John & Scott from Massachussetts, have been friends for more than 25 years. Both single, one works in wealth management and is an artist on the side while the other describes himself as a fun and gregarious person with a personal motto of "live, live, live." They are sure to mention that the duo enjoys traveling to Provincetown, Cape Cod.

I can't help but wonder if the teams applied for the wrong reality show;
LOGO is currently casting a show to be based around Provincetown...but which one!?

What's to happen to the cast of Will & Grace once the finale wraps, you may ask?

C'mon, someone asked, right?


According to out.com, Sean Hayes has four movies and seven television shows set up with his production company, Hazy Mills Productions, while Debra Messing plans to star in a film remake of The Women with Meg Ryan and Anjelica Houston and may head to New York to do a Broadway play in the fall. Megan Mullally, as we all know by now, will host a syndicated daytime show for NBC starting in September. Eric McCormack is heading Big Cattle Productions, which will produce the show Love Spring, airing on Lifetime next month.

The finale has yet to be sketched out, according to Max Mutchnick, but promises something fresh and surprising. “We have a basic idea of what we're going to do,” he says, “but it will really happen in the room when we sit down to write this thing. I think we will reflect on this, and we’ve even talked about sitting down and watching a lot of the run of the series…so we know that we’re going to address everything and try to tie up as much as we can.”

Admit it...you must've cared enough to read! Besides, you were secretly hoping that long-rumored Justin Timberlake appearance would be confirmed.

**Update. We may not get Timberlake on the show but his ex is another story. Britney Spears is rumored to make an appearance as a Christian co-host to Jack's Jack Talk.

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