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The Human Rights Campaign tells us the best places to work if you be LGBT. Big props to the Rochester bigboys; Eastman Kodak, Xerox and Bausch & Lomb. [Thanks Queerty.]

Does anyone even care? NBC cancelled Will & Grace. And so many thought the network was going to pull another Friends. In my time of solace, I'll get through with episodes of the Office. Now available at iTunes. Delectable!

Positively disturbing. The man behind Abercrombie & Fitch's closet door gets opened ever so slightly. And then slammed shut. And yes, that's the sixty-one year old CE-OH. [Thanks Andy]

One more reason ArjanWrites is going to have my lovechild one day. Imogen Heap gets the Arjan treatment. Now if only he'd lift the restraining order.

Savage Garden releases a greatest hits compilation with little fanfare. There was a time when this material dominated the (once innocent) airwaves. The defunct duo has made little noise stateside, but Darren Hayes has gone on to release two strong albums in the UK. The most recent, The Tension and the Spark, is one of my favorite releases of 2004.

Dan Renzi is SO going to be every straight girl's best friend from this day on.

Feel as though you're missing out on all the excitment [swag] of Sundance, 2006? Popmuse drops some names on our toes. For an entirely different perspective [different, not better] Perez whores himsself 'round Park City.

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