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Can't Hardly Wait - myspace men

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myspace.com is a phenomenon. Two years and 43 million users later, the uber-cool site has become the meeting point for the geeks and the jocks, the gays and the goths. All this by creating a virtual "six degrees of separation" between me, you and your brothers' college roommate. The social portal has essentially rendered the phrase "what's your phone number" obsolete and replaced it with "what's your myspace page." Myspace is a force like nothing else.

Among those 43 million users, there's bound to be a hunk or two. Midnight lounge has taken upon ourselves the duty of sharing these myspace men with you. Tough gig, I know!

Each week, a hottie will stop by the lounge, tell us a bit about himself, and share a pic or two. The bar has been set and damn, it's freakin' high!
midnight lounge now. Stop back soon and prepare to meet the men of myspace...

5 Responses to “Can't Hardly Wait - myspace men”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    this will be fun.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I like what I see so far. Is that one of the guys?

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    are you going to be one of the guys I'd like that.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 


  5. Blogger libraoncc 

    just what i need...ANOTHER...guilty pleasure

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