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when is too soon?

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With a storyline based on the United flight that crashed in the cornfields of Pennsylvania, Flight 93 is the first big budget Hollywood flick to deal with the events of September 11th. Though I doubt the films' storyline will take on the numerous conspiracy theories that surfaced after the crash, I can't help but think most will not be ready to witness this tragedy unfold. again.

View the trailer here if you wish.

3 Responses to “when is too soon?”

  1. Blogger TheBobBlog.com 

    I can't believe they made a move about 9/11, and more are in the works. It's just like Hollywood to cash in on a tragedy like this. Every dime that the move racks in should go to the families of 9/11.

  2. Blogger midnight lounge 

    That's a great point Bob - I haven't come across any reference of any of the profits being sent back to the families of those who lost loved ones....

  3. Blogger Bob 

    saw a trailer for it recently. i think it's a terrible, terrible idea.

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