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"I'm like a dog to get you"

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Goldfrapp's latest single "Number 1" is quickly making its way to where it belongs; the obligatory #1 spot. Billboard dance charts currently has the track poised at #4. Other songs of note: Andy Bell's "Crazy" and "In My Mind" by Heather Headley. Watch the Goldfrapp video.

I caught this bodybuilder popping and locking on a VH1 special today. He's sorta hot in that dumbed up hyper-testosterone way. After a bit of searching, King Kamali has his own site. Still hot.

Speaking of bodybuilders. Sort of. Does anyone else get caught up on the Boost Mobile TV spot with a jacked-up Travis Barker? I know it's all fake and foam, but I'd STILL tap it! With the silicone suit on.

On yet a similar tip, I have fallen completely in love with this model, most recently featured on MTV's True Life: I'm on Steroids. He's so dreamy. and Greek. If it weren't for the 'roidrage, he'd be my dreamboat. GuyTVBlog gives us some great Peter.

Have you paid a visit to Varla's site? I'm a pro at guessing her weight.

Long before NBC's The Biggest Loser, Trainer Bob tried to get himself on another reality show. A show on an NBC affiliate. Bravo, to be exact. The show was something about Boys meet Boy...Hmmm. D'ya think Trainer Bob puts this little stink of reality on his portfolio of work? I caught an expose on reality TV recently and this little nugget was dug up. I'd like to get a screencap or a transcript to confirm. Anyone got anything?

Wonder where Perez is going to go with this one; Cameron preggers via Justin?

2 Responses to “"I'm like a dog to get you"”

  1. Blogger libraoncc 

    no pictures....but I used to take Bob's step class in LA for years ....just so I could watch his butt move...it was very motivating

  2. Blogger RED 

    damn, its a fake (Travis Barker). I already scheduled the TiVo to tape Meet the Barkers this week, where they go to that video shoot. I was hoping it was a stand in/body double, not a fake suit. I'm all about that incredible body with the tribal and fire tats that follow the line of his muscle. le sigh.

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