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I don’t know about y’all, but I miss Stern more than I miss my high school crush. And I got laid in high school! [Thanks TimmyRay for the image]

Provincetown being scouted for a Logo-based reality show. Taping is tentatively scheduled to begin in March?! I'm all about Ptown year-round, but I don't think viewers are going to get a healthy perspective on Ptown if all the activity is occuring in March. Hell, Spiritus won't even be open!

I refuse to blog about Brokeback Mountain. I’d rather hold those cards close to my still-heaving chest. If you’re looking for a fill, please check out Andy’s comprehensive (bordering on pre-diagnosed O-C-D) site here.

Survivor Panama cast announced. There will never be another Burton or Jeff in my eyes. Of course I haven't seen any shirtless screencaps yet, so I may change my mind. I'm not *THAT* loyal.

Okay, I lied. I will blog JUST ONCE about BBM. Gene Shalit's gay son Peter defends his
daddy. Hmmm. I'm still a bit bugged by the use of the word 'predator.'

Imogen Heap to perform on Letterman Tuesday night. Stop by ArjanWrites to view an Imogen fan video. And for all of your Torontonians, Heap will be performing in town this Thursday. I've got peeps onthescene and hope to have a FULL report upon their return. [Evan!]

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