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rate change

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Is it just me? The revised pricing of a postage stamp seemed to have come out of nowhere! Projecting five years down the road, it's going to be cheaper to stop at Starbucks for a latte and a scone than it is to mail a thank you note through the postal service! No buzz, no picketing. Nothing. Does anyone actually mail ANYTHING anymore?

Great, I have demonstrated once again how we all become our fathers and mothers, bitching about pricing and "days gone by."

2 Responses to “rate change”

  1. Blogger rustedart 

    And at least some Starbucks have drive thrus!

  2. Blogger World Traveler 

    it is still relatively cheap to send a letter..but this really is a lesson in economics my friend. If people are using the postal service less then prices must increase to continue to create revenue. In addition, the USPS is competing with some heavy hitters like FedEX and the like making it necessary to speed up service and make it more efficient. Thus requiring additional workers and improved equipment...aka more overhead and expenditures. Thus increasing price once again.

    That's all for today's lesson kidz..

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