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alive and well


Ignorance is alive and well, right here in Rochester.

Click here for some interesting dialogue on the upcoming release of Brokeback Mountain. I guess the discussion thread isn't all too uncommon for the site; it happens to be a right-wing conservative forum.

You'll notice that most of those that respond haven't seen the movie or read the short story...

send my love


Give Dennis, Kimber and crew a reason to play with packing peanuts, day and night. Do all of your holiday shopping online at Utilities; the premiere Provincetown home boutique.

review, revisit: Watley's Midnight Lounge


Thought I'd dig deep into the archives for a review I wrote back in 2003 on Jody Watley's Midnight Lounge. Even though the write-up, originally published in The Empty Closet, is over three years old, it still resonates today. Watley will re-emerge in 2006 with a remix project of her hits, but 'till then do yourself a favor and buy Midnight Lounge now.

And yes, this blogs' name was inspired by this album. Even MORE of a reason to check it!

Watley turns down the blinds for a night of chillout

What's an artist to do when formulated records begin topping the charts and established acts are released from their contracts? Go deep and get independent, and that's just what this girl has done. Jody Watley has weathered the good and the bad. Working independently and fusing deep house with late-night chill, her new LP "Midnight Lounge" finds Watley sipping vodka & seven in the corner, pulsing to a sophisticated rhythm.

"Midnight Lounge" grooves to the after-hours vibe, with the opening title track setting the tone. The jazz-infused cadence beckons the listener to begin the weekend, even if press play is on a Tuesday. The mantra of the song is captured in Watley's lyrics: "all I wanna do is just dance / all I wanna do is just dance..."

Recruiting deep house legend Dave Warrin for "Whenever" and "Photographs," Watley knows a thing or two about balancing the weight between the microphone; a savvy vocalist is as good as her producer. The tracks shine and sound just as good on the floor as they do in the lounge. Resisting circuit-style yearnings, Watley's approach is swanky. In fact, producers of the album have a résumé any dance fan can appreciate (given work with Janet Jackson, Ultra Naté, Kim English, Funky Green Dogs).

Originally released as part of a Japanese import, "Saturday Night Experience" plugs into ambient house with a jazz piano and a thump in tow. "I Love to Love," a throwback to the '70s, captures everything that was good about disco.

Sensual and hypnotic, the trip-hop jams of "Skin Deep" and "More" balance out the dance fare on the album.

The most revealing track on the collection wasn't penned by Watley. "Don't Give Up," a Peter Gabriel remake, allows Watley to release herself from the pitfall of pop success . The lush production and hushed urgency conjures the same feeling as the signature melancholy of Everything But the Girl. The manifesto of the track resonates: "Don't give up / You're not beaten yet / Don't give up / 'cause somewhere there's a place where we belong."

Sequencing aside, "Midnight Lounge" is a stellar release. Reflective and relevant, Watley has successfully found the deeper rhythm of nightlife. Released on the indie label Avitone, the album, spared from being run through a corporate filter, glimmers with just the right amount of energy for a mellow but groovable evening. Let's hope the release finds the audience it deserves; the careless whisper in Watley's voice resounds with that familiar feeling of survival. "Don't give up / I know you can make it."


Visit Jody online here and here.
Download the 2005 Rocasound mix of "Looking for a New Love" here.


have a great holiday - I'm traveling but will return soon!

jason.the lounge.

wind me up


I'm a gadget-whore and this is fantastic. I've ruined at least three sets of earbuds 'cause I can't keep 'em from getting out of control in my gymbag. Check these out. I know you'll want it too.

commercial license


Everything But The Girl's Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt post a response to the recent use of "Love is Strange" in a Hummer tv spot. I had blogged about this ad sighting here.

Normal protocol calls for artist approval, which reportedly did not occur ...lawyers have since been sicced. Click on latest to get the scoop.


Boys, boys, boys -
at least learn the lyrics!
Clean fun on a saturday night. Northern California boys have a good time with Madonna's "Hung Up." If I had to chose a favorite, I dig the guy in red. He's a little shy in front of the camera...that's hot. (Thanks Evan.)

winter combeback


Kylie Minogue is set to release a new track this winter, all the while undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, recorded live earlier this year in London, will be available for download on Christmas Day in the UK. No word on a domestic release.


5:05pm, Friday, November 18th.
Let the upstate New York weather begin.

friday on random


It's Friday and Rochester, NY is on the cusp of getting its first snowfall. Time for comfort food and cocaine. Errr, I mean Fresca. C'mon people, I gave up the ghost years ago! kidding. I still drink Fresca.

Nothing, absolutely nothing to report, other than I discovered a fellow Rochester blogger recently - GayShawn; Bookmark the hell outta him. He's a little bit Perez and a whole lotta bitchy. Just don't tell people he's gay, 'kay? Like big companies do, I'm sure Midnight Lounge and GayShawn will eventually undergo a corporate acqusition, merging into one giant blogging site. You just wait.

Did you know: if you do a google image search for Reichen or for Jason Mraz, Midnight Lounge is the first to appear? Sort of a mixed blessing; neither truly represents what the site is all about, 'though it does get people through the door. Are you staying?

okay - I'm done - remember, GayShawn is *not* gay, okay!?

LISTen, v1


I finally published (thanks Popmuse!) an iTunes iMix.
What fun - got to dig up new and old aural pleasures; from George Lamond and Tracie Spencer to Goldfrapp and Imogen Heap! Check out my iMix here.


Kathy Griffin. Syracuse University. One night only. Bad photos.

Had a wonderful time seeing Kathy during her D-list tour. She was, as we expected, absolutely hysterical.

If you have a chance to catch her act, definitely go; she's even better in person!

I attempted to snap some pictures during her routine; even though we were about ten rows back, the shots look as though they were taken from a sniper three buildings away...ah well. **update - the poster picture is courtesy of GayShawn.

as soon as my heart stops...breaking


I have been listening, nonstop, to Toto's 1986 hit "I'll Be Over You."

It's a sick, sick world people, and I'm just trying to make it all okay with a simple love song. Don't question my judgement.

Speaking of '80s pop gods, I used to tell the kids at school I was a member of The Jets. When they would ask why I wasn't on tour with them, I'd say I was in the process of going solo.

Maybe I contribute to this sick, sick world.

my girl


I am SUCH a big fan of Jody Watley. Old and new, she has always captured my attention. Check out her MySpace site here.
She's got a new project in the works, re-working hers and others previous hits. In the meantime, give a listen to the interesting mashups on her page.

All that is old is new again

He dropped it on me


Ricky took over the Today show this morning, despite constant "bon bon" jokes dropped by Katie & Matt. I'm not a hater, he still got it!

It was telling of Ricky's smooth skills on the stage...during his second performance, his mic gave out. Without missing a hip swivel, Martin lunged toward his backup dancer, ripping the mic mid-chorus from his lips. It was great!

the trenchcoat came from the basement


Sure, I'm the first to admit I'm a skeptic at times. Just as critics, and viewers, were turning their backs on Desperate Housewives, out comes a tiny little scandal. I will admit that this past sundays' episode was the best of the season so far...

Basement boy Page Kennedy has been fired from the show. According to E!, the grounds were over improper conduct. Over at P6, on-set flashing. Oooh, this is getting good!


A Rochester-area church gets defaced by vandals. Again. Discriminatory messages cover the house of worship.

feel my heartbeat, dude


You gotta check this out. I know it's a bit old already, but the Sci Fi Channel has an AWFUL show called Scare Tactics; setting up a frightfest for the unprepared...

Rat monster is my favorite.

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