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Meet Jordan, a 21 year old college student and aspring fitness model. In between gigs at Abercrombie and the gym, Jordan's taken time to be midnight lounge's very first myspace guy of the week.

CLICK HERE for more of Jordan.

Be sure to leave a comment; Jordan's a great guy and he'd appreciate all the feedback!

11 Responses to “jordan”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    hot as hell!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 


  3. Blogger Jen 

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!

  4. Blogger TheBobBlog.com 

    wish he was on our team

  5. Anonymous kraig 

    not bad, not bad at all. I've seen him before on myspace!

  6. Anonymous istanbulcasual 


  7. Blogger Marko 

    I agree, he is F-I-N-E!!

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    will he marry me?

  9. Anonymous Matt 

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  10. Anonymous Ryan 
  11. Anonymous Maggie 

    Well done!
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