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"when I first saw you, I said 'oh my'"

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With lensing under way, Paramount & Dreamworks are giving the Bill Condon-directed Dreamgirls the push it deserves. Y'all are aware of the soon to be legendary casting by now. I do hope Condon can bring out the best in Beyonce; each time I've seen her on the screen, audiences seem to squirm.

An updated trailer has been released at the offical site. Rod 2.0 will be following the flick every step of the way. In an effort to get the story and the music in front of as many new audiences as possible, Dreamworks is offering to pay licensing fees for all amateur productions, a brilliant move by the studio.

Speaking of Beyonce, check out this performance in Taiwan. Oh, wait. It's not really Beyonce. Or a chick for that matter. But it's damn hot if you know Beyonce's schtick on-stage

4 Responses to “"when I first saw you, I said 'oh my'"”

  1. Blogger Jen 

    I CANNOT wait to see this! Remember when Chip, Amber and I did Its So Hard To Say Goodbye for Chips Fianl project in Voice?!!? The memories...........

    Love ya!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 


    this blog sux

  3. Blogger midnight lounge 

    I'm sorry you feel that way. Tell a few friends...maybe they'll think otherwise.

    cheers! - j.

  4. Blogger World Traveler 

    I remember that performance...

    I am afraid what this production will do to my delicate memories of this musical.

    Hollywood could make it a step into the badside for all viewers..


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