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morning commute chuckle


As I was driving into work this morning, I couldn't help but catch a sandwich board sign outside a downtown storefront. Spray-painted on the board was the thrift shoppers' dream phrase: SALE TODAY. Instantly I slowed to wrap my head around such a great find, only to discover the name of the store:

All Things Galore.

I never claim to be a master wordsmith, but the name of this store ran up and down my spine like a bad FOX reality tv show normally would. Am I the only person that this bothers? Where are all my copywriter friends...

happy monday.

cod piece activated


Batman Begins trailer out. Hi Christian Bale. Call me. Posted by Hello

Finally in the states...


According to E! online, the long-awaited selfl-titled third release from Anastacia is due in the states this summer! This album released in the UK last summer, so it's great news to see it make it to the US a YEAR later!

A good fansite.

It's time to play...


...that age-old, gender-defying category of...
is he gay or is he leann rimes' husband!?

Stay tuned for upcoming games! You'll soon find:

gay or a spinning instructor?
gay or christian?
gay or a female rapper?

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sixteen candles times two


It's Eric's birthday today!

We had dinner out last night at Tapas 177 with a few of our close friends for Eric's 32nd birthday...always a good time to see everyone and gather for a birthday dinner.

I'll post a few pics shortly...

yeah. it's really cold here. S'ppose to get in the negative digits, close to negative 20 degrees overnight. It's a good thing I've got an advance copy of Debbie Gibson showin' me her world in Playboy. Now if only I can find my issue with Tiffany... Posted by Hello

St. Peter the Apostle in P-town...


Truly a shame...Thanks to Andy at Towleroad for the link. Posted by Hello

Shake Your Love


You just can't make this stuff up.
According to E! Online, Debbie Gibson will be posing for Playboy's March issue which will hit stands on Feb. 11. Gibson will also release a new single called "Naked" and is recording a cover of Hall & Oates' "Rich Girl."

If it's on Page Six, it must be true


JENNIFER Garner knew "Elektra" was going to be a turkey, but she starred in it anyway because she was under contract. That's what her "Alias" co-star (and former boyfriend) Michael Vartan (above) told Us Weekly the other night in L.A. as he mingled with Kirsten Dunst, Orlando Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio. Asked if he'd seen "Elektra," Vartan replied: "I heard it was awful." Us: "You saw it?" MV: "No, she called me and told me it was awful." Us: "Would you ever make a movie you knew was awful?" MV: "She had to do it because of 'Daredevil.' It was in her contract."

...but it's not yellow


P-Town Church Burns


An historic Provincetown church burns.

She's a Lady...

I have a thing for Leann Rimes. I don't know where it comes from or why, but I do. I hardly like country, but simply cannot get enough of this girl. Her latest album drops today. This Woman.

and the nominees are...



Download Kylie Minogue singles, mixes and b-sides at www.kylie.comPosted by Hello

guilty pleasure of the week.


Postively awful website. I can't get enough. Awful Plastic Surgery.

Paris is, like, so brill


...as seen on page six:

"I TEST out friends sometimes. I'll say something that's totally not even true, 'cause I think that they're calling PAGE SIX. I'll say something like. 'I was in Paris last week.' And if that story appears, I just freeze 'em out. I'll never talk to them" - Paris Hilton on testing the loyalty of her pals, in Jane magazine.

This one's for you, J...


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There goes the gayborhood...

Spokane to "create" a gay neigborhood in an effort to spark the local economy.



It's Rochester. What did you expect? Posted by Hello

one of my favorite pics. Had to share. Posted by Hello

1456 RumpRanger Lane


Residents in Marquette Heights, Illinois petition to rename their road, named after an historic French explorer.

Kim talks sex...


BIG SCREEN SEX? Kim Cattrall saying she would consider making a Sex and the City movie if the script and the money were good enough. Hollywood trades have reported that Cattrall demanded the same salary as Sarah Jessica Parker to make a film version of the hit series—a project that has now been put on ice.

Shears and Bell - sweet music.

A New Yorker in the fields of Ohio

My very good friend Shannons' blog

Waxing and Whining

Pop a Zanax and call me on Tuesday...

BBC NEWS UK 'I don't like Monday 24 January'

Fantastic Four


...the trailer is out. Fantastic Four:


loathing was SO 2004


wow. The 50 most loathsome folks of 2004. It's brutal. I love it.


I especially enjoyed the nominations of Tom Cruise, Laura Bush and John Ashcroft.

yup. that's me. Posted by Hello

Fear and Loathing in Rochester



A Fox reporter had a meltdown when conversations of bad DC weather turn into an unapologetic view on our Presidents' celebratory indulgence. simply classic.


Tinky Winky's Former Lover comes out...


I just love right-wing AMERICAN conservatives:




sounds like we may be hitting Bristol Friday evening for a little skiing.

...last night I rediscovered a former lover.


Not so long ago I would close the bedroom door to my childhood home, turn up my record player as loud as it would go and take my mark on the stage (in front of the mirror) and jam out to The Jets. With choreography in-sync with that on MTV and Dance Party USA, I was simply the star of Broadway. Mind you, not the avenue slicing through NYC's theatre district, but a busy street cutting through the industrial section of Elmira, New York. And although the seven-member band hardly had enough room for an eighth member, in my mind, I was the missing puzzle piece to their vocal harmony.

So cliche, I literally wore an album out, both sides, overindulging my pre-teen ears. With hits like "Crush on You", "Curiosity" and "You Got It All," I was a prebuscent gay boy completely and unabashedly in love with this band.

So I found a few cassette tapes and the above-mentioned album as I unpacked from one house to the next last night. The music, to me, is certainly timeless. I've played the albums a few times and secretly chuckle at how each lyric has stuck with me, each chorus still resonating after all of my jaded years. I'm sure if I were to share with others The Jets' craft, I'd be laughed into a coma. But I'm sure, somewhere in your pile of CDs and tapes, you'll find a former lover that rocked your world, gave you all the love your young heart needed and molded your tastes in music.

Given my recent rediscovery of the Jets, I've learned that they have been brought back to life by a few dance club DJs. The dance mix download I got last night of "Cross My Broken Heart" certainly gives new energy to the song, but somehow there's nothing better than hearing the original skip in the 45 and the sizzle and spark where the needle hits the vinyl...guess my jaded outlook is spared by being reassured that there's hardly anything better than the real thing...

potty talk

our sewer is backed up. Anyone wanna come over for dinner?

yeah, good times. Right now a man's snake is exploring the inner-workings of a 75 year old girl, constipated for the last couple of days.

2005 Dolce & Gabana Winter campaign:


it really, truly IS all about me.


how gratuitous, eh? most definitely! Vain? hardly.

I thought I'd start a blog for all of my fans and admirers. Okay, really for my little sister who, despite her affection for me, hardly has enough where-with-all to realize how un-interesting I am.

Moving forward on this blog, I have absolutely NO idea the content that may begin appearing. If you truly are BORED enough to read, pull up a chair and have a drink. Just not on my tab.

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