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The Kira Soltanovich Interview

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Largely influenced by her San Francisco via Soviet Union roots, comedienne and improv pro Kira Soltanovich is a natural at getting the gay laugh. She’s been a Girl Behaving Badly on Oxygen (now in syndication) and the voice behind the hysterical Univeral Studios Photo Booth on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

I’ve been crazy about Kira for some time now. I’m so excited to introduce her to Midnight Lounge readers. We covered it all; why she loves a gay audience most and those millions she makes on syndication rights to Girls Behaving Badly.

…So Girls Behaving Badly just got syndicated! You're now in the ranks of the Rachels and the Raymonds…What'cha gonna do with your million dollar residuals?

Well, I wish GBB Syndication put me in the ranks of the Rachels & Raymonds... BUT it's a cable show, so we're nowhere close to Network residuals... but thanks for asking... and reminding me... now I'm depressed!

Tell us about your TV pilot Box Seat!

Box Seat was sooo much fun to do! I got a chance to work with Dennis Rodman and Jose Conseco... my two favorite football stars! We had a great time chatting about movies, music and Rodman's tattoos.

How did the Tonight Show Photo Booth come to be?

The Photo Booth is a project that the writer's of The Tonight Show asked me to be a part of... we never knew it would turn into such a phenomenon! We've shot 6 so far, and have plenty more to do! We set up at Universal Studios in Hollywood and cross our fingers that the tourists don't catch on... because of lot of people recognize it by now! And some people recognize my voice from it! Crazy huh?!

You ought to pitch a "celebrity edition!"

A Celebrity one is good idea... can I steal that?

What's the deal with Britney Spears?

Britney and Kevin! Or as I like to call them, The White Bobby and Whitney are a MESS!!! They need what the kids in the school yard call a "take over!"

Why do you think the gay boys love you so?

The gay boys love me because I LOVE THE GAY BOYS... and girls too!! Maybe because I grew up in San Francisco, so my entire life has been influenced by the Gay Community... or maybe because the Queer Folk have to best sense of humor on the planet... they know how to laugh at themselves and at the world, they know this life is short and you can't take everything so seriously... so they make the BEST FANS!

If you tickle us, who tickles you?

My boyfriend tickles me... my feet... very ticklish... AND he makes me laugh a lot too! I love Arrested Development and Will Farrell.

Is the comedy stage as hard for women today as it has notoriously been in the past?

Comedy for women can and always will be to some degree challenging... but it never really bothers me. It's only as challenging as a female comic makes it.

When did you first realize you were funny?

I realized I was funny in the 1st grade. My teacher would yell at me in front of the entire class... "Kira, do you think you're funny?" and I always replied, "They're laughing arent' they?" I was a smart ass at 7.

Your impeccable comedic timing and wit were what made Girls Behaving Badly so hysterical; What comes to mind as you think back on the Oxygen series?

I love the Oxygen Network, they tapped into funny women... they were smart enough to showcase a different kind of hidden camera show... I will always thank them for giving me a shot at making people laugh on an international level.

Last Comic Standing is loosely billed as a reality show; should we be so naive? [Kira was a candidate for the 2006 season.]

Last Comic Standing is a Reality show... legally that's all I can say...they are always watching...

Fill in the blank: If Vicki Lewis is to Kathy Griffin, _________is to Kira Soltanovich [Kathy Griffin constantly gets recognized as Lewis. And as Kathy Lee Gifford…]

I have no idea!?!?

What can we expect from Kira in 2006?

2006 is already rolling along very well! You can watch for me creating, writing and producing in my own TV series... when I have more info, I will let you know!!

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