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it really, truly IS all about me.

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how gratuitous, eh? most definitely! Vain? hardly.

I thought I'd start a blog for all of my fans and admirers. Okay, really for my little sister who, despite her affection for me, hardly has enough where-with-all to realize how un-interesting I am.

Moving forward on this blog, I have absolutely NO idea the content that may begin appearing. If you truly are BORED enough to read, pull up a chair and have a drink. Just not on my tab.

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  1. Blogger PoppTwins 

    Your skills as a social observer and commentator leave me speechless. I'll be giving up my subscriptions to People Magazine and US Weekly and just spending my nights on this fascinating blog. And just how old is your sister and should she be reading this stuff?

    That's all for now. Congrats to j.ro from the blog.

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