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friday on random

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It's Friday and Rochester, NY is on the cusp of getting its first snowfall. Time for comfort food and cocaine. Errr, I mean Fresca. C'mon people, I gave up the ghost years ago! kidding. I still drink Fresca.

Nothing, absolutely nothing to report, other than I discovered a fellow Rochester blogger recently - GayShawn; Bookmark the hell outta him. He's a little bit Perez and a whole lotta bitchy. Just don't tell people he's gay, 'kay? Like big companies do, I'm sure Midnight Lounge and GayShawn will eventually undergo a corporate acqusition, merging into one giant blogging site. You just wait.

Did you know: if you do a google image search for Reichen or for Jason Mraz, Midnight Lounge is the first to appear? Sort of a mixed blessing; neither truly represents what the site is all about, 'though it does get people through the door. Are you staying?

okay - I'm done - remember, GayShawn is *not* gay, okay!?

3 Responses to “friday on random”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I agree. I LOVE it when he rips on Trent.
    Damn, dude, I love your site! Don't stop.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    wtf. gayshawn is gay? Day is RUINED!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

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