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as soon as my heart stops...breaking

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I have been listening, nonstop, to Toto's 1986 hit "I'll Be Over You."

It's a sick, sick world people, and I'm just trying to make it all okay with a simple love song. Don't question my judgement.

Speaking of '80s pop gods, I used to tell the kids at school I was a member of The Jets. When they would ask why I wasn't on tour with them, I'd say I was in the process of going solo.

Maybe I contribute to this sick, sick world.

5 Responses to “as soon as my heart stops...breaking”

  1. Blogger Greg 

    Those tours were meaningless without you!

  2. Anonymous JT 

    You're crazy. I like you.

  3. Blogger PopMuse 

    i used to tell kids i was in NKOTB beofre they were big, then they got hugely famous and i was found out to be the fraud you see today.

  4. Anonymous popMuse 

    challenge: midnight lounge should do an imix on itunes, that is something i'd be curious to hear.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I saw you, er, I mean them, in concert at the state fair. They rocked it to me!

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