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I can't even begin to blog on all the things I want. So much great stuff has hit the web lately, I don't know where to begin!

My google search has gone off the first page! My hits are down and my bloggin' is stale...keep hittin' and I'll keep typin'!

Since I've been gone, Ricky Martin showed up in St. Barts with a *friend* who publicists later spun as being his half-brother...making it creepier than any of the photos would have originally suggested. The world asks: What about all those Nate Berkus rumors?

Popmuse couldn't have said it better 'bout Fun with Dick and Jane.

Towleroad scoops Madonna and Pet Shop Boys rerub. Yum.

I'm addicted to myspace. It's like high school all over again. Yeah, 'cause that's a memory that's on instant-recall.

During my little respite, I used what downtime I had and read through When I Knewand A Passion to Preserve. Thanks Dennis and Josef.

Did'ya hear that Lindsay Lohan suffered a "severe" asthma attack in Miami the day after new years? Hmmmm. Does a coke binge cause such an attack? I love the art of PR spinning.

I played the "who's gay in Hollywood" game with my ptown friends recently...what a list. On the top o' that heapin' pile o' princessess is Hugh. what'cha think? Just as these dishes were being passed, JJ posts some fun pics of Hugh and his kids.

iTunes' free weekly download is Si*Se. Download for free. Love it, learn it, embrace it. Buy the entire album once you've worn yourself out.

Are you still loving Robyn's Be Mine like I am?

One last music plug. Discover The Postal Service. I know, it's from 2003, but cut me some slack. I'm slowly becoming everyones' mother and father and catching onto all of it a bit later than I should.

Recap of the weekend:
Ate, drank, slept, laughed, cried. just a little. shopped. drank some more. partied. read. rested. barked midnightlounge to everybody.

Tell your friends about me. Whore me out. I'm cool with that.

The lounge turns one year old this January. I'd like to do some recapping. We'll see if that ambition sticks.

happy new year you heathens.

4 Responses to “tangental”

  1. Anonymous jackson 

    I've been reading you nearly since the beginning. Has it been a year?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    hugh IS gay?

  3. Anonymous PopMuse 

    insiders report.. Hugh Jackman is definitely Gay and is a huge fan of Jessica Simpson's "Boots Are Made For Walking" Music Video, no joke, like LOVES her and the video, as only a big queen could.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    OMG hugh jackman cannot be gay?

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