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you've been served. papers.

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I've already booked my flight and packed my binoculars. My friend in the real world has relatively famous neighbors.

I would like to seek legal counsel; if one obtains a restraining order in the UK, will authorities allow re-entry stateside? The last thing I need is Madge gettin' herself out freaked out, much like Leann Rimes. Some artists just don't see my appearance in windows and doorjams as a form of flattery. SO sensitive!

Catch Kathy Griffin in MTV's Cribs Wednesday. I'll bet SHE'D appreciate a loyal fan.

On a completely un-related note, check back for a review of Imogen Heap's Toronto performance by guest blogger Evan.

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  1. Blogger Marko 

    Hey there, see I told you Id stop by! I love your blog! Im gonna add a link on my site if thats cool with you bro!

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