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Beat the bongos...

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Any Matthew McConaughey news is good Matthew McConaughey news...big fan.

From pagesix:

FOLKS are still talking about Matthew McConaughey's recent performance at a John Mellencamp show at the Hollywood Bowl. The Texan, who was famously arrested in 1999 for smoking weed and playing bongos in the buff, jumped onstage looking 'completely out of it' and sat in on 'Little Pink Houses.' Our source reports: 'He couldn't open his eyes, he didn't know any of the words . . . He just kept hitting his bongos randomly and muttering . . . When he finally left the stage, Mellencamp looked relieved and told the crowd, 'I'm glad he's a good actor at least.' ' McConaughey's reps had no comment. "

And, completely un-related but gratuitous, a NSFW pic of Matthew. Ah, if only I hadn't prematurely retired my photoshoot hands...damn!

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