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Reichen + Clay = MORE exposure

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It's a thinly veiled secret in the entertainment industry; celebrities' publicists work any angle possible to get the client's name in print...most recently, Reichen Lehmkuhl and Clay Aiken had internet tongues wagging with this juice.

PageSix continues the saga, below:

"MEMO to Clay Aiken: Stop calling 'Amazing Race' star Reichen Lehmkuhl. The guy's too busy to yak on the phone. Openly gay Lehmkuhl - whose movie, 'The Scorned,' is premiering on E! next Saturday - is flying in for Fashion Week to introduce Udi Behr's same-sex jewelry line, Love & Pride, and present his boyfriend, young workout guru Louis Coraggio, with the designer's diamond commitment ring on Monday morning at Bryant Park. It was reported recently that Lehmkuhl was constantly on the phone with Aiken during the making of 'Kill Reality,' the E! show about the making of 'The Scorned.' "

Reichen may be rather pretty to look at, but I can't say as though I think there's need for sonar to find any depth...A recent blogger and Friendster user shares a story about a man named "Sven."

C'mon, Reichen just need a little love.

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