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Ah, the weekend. It’s time for a little rest, relaxation and being over-served.

There’s a crew of us hitting Pittsford’s
Black & Blue tonight for a cocktail or two post-work. Visually, it couldn’t look more pretentious, but there are times when I just love sipping a perfect Cosmopolitan. I’m hoping to meet a bartender that can do just that; make ‘em good tonight. The rest of the weekend is jam-packed. Eric and I have his sisters’ college graduation party all day Saturday (just may need said bartender to stay in my back pocket to make day-long visit with the in-laws tolerable) and then Sunday I’m off to spend the day with my mom at her lakefront cottage. Actually, I wonder if the bartender has plans for Sunday, as well?

On Monday, Jody Watley comes to town. I’m thinking I may act all Secret Service, talking into my wrist as she enters and exits a room. I do hope her show at the Lilac Festival’s ESL stage gets a good crowd. Unfortunately, people hear Watley’s name and think of all the things she’s done in the past, not so much about her current and upcoming material.

There’s some great things to come and I thank you for bringing the lounge to life with your visits. One thing I’m very excited about is sharing with readers an exclusive sneak peek at the
2007 Provincetown Theater Calendar. With imagery shot by noted photographer Brad Fowler, the calendar follows the “strategically nude” trend, capturing dancers, singers and even audience members, in the buff! Surely the calendar will be a hit and we’ll do our part to help in any way. For more information on donating to and learning more about the cape theater, pay a visit.

The Men of Myspace feature hasn’t gone away; I’ve just been distracted (doesn’t take much) but we’ve got *two* guys lined up for this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. One is a friend from the days of self-discovery. The other is a (another) model itching for his big, ummm, break. Look for Ted and Doug very soon!

Regarding this blog, I seem to fall victim to the ebb and the flow of the web. Sometimes I’m outrageously inspired to post, other times, well, not so much. I’ve never been much of a fan of all those self-indulgent blogs and have maintained this site as such. But after doing a little critical thinking, I soon realized that that just may be the catalyst for what makes a blog *interesting* and *unique.* If you know nothing about the blogger, what’s going to keep you compelled to visit again? After all, how can I become the next media mogul if you don't pay me repeat visits! So with that in mind, I’ll begin adding a more personal touch to this site and making it a bit less sterile (like your dad.) KIDDING! About the dad part of course, unless he is sterile. In that case, I’m just being honest!

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  1. Anonymous leisuresuite 

    I like your post and I would like to know you better!!!!!

  2. Anonymous bob 

    Hey J -- s there a link to the ptown calendar?

  3. Anonymous Midnight Lounge 

    Hey Bob -

    The link for the calendar hasn't been established yet...I believe they are in the beginning stages of updating the page.

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