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back in action

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It's been awhile, indeed.

hi. how are you.

I'm fine, thanks.

It's been a busy time since we've gotten back from Florida. I still have luggage coexisting peacefully with my cat in "his" room. The two seem to get along just fine. He's made my traveling companion his nighttime resting spot.

The weekend was wonderful. It started out with a little Cinco de Mayo celebration with the co-workers at Mex, then a quick jaunt home for dog duty and then back out for *more* celebrating, David / Todd / Betsy-style. We had drinks at a lovely wine & piano bar and then a late dinner at Veneto, a pizza kitchen I frequent with (work) clients. But of course the evening didn't end there, no! From there I met up with Evan and Brad at the unfortunately-named Nasty D's (though everyone in town still calls it by its former incarnation, RJs.) One drink and a a few too many lesbians was all it took for us to move on over to Tilt to hear Toronto-based uber-DJ Deko-Ze rip up the dancefloor. He began his DJ set with the Chus & Ceballos mix of Jody Watley's "Lookin' for a New Love 2005." Yum. Given the night started with Dos Exxis beer and ended with Corona, daddy was ready for bed. But of course on my way home I stopped to see my best straight Rich and his girl for a little more late-night conversation.

The next morning came a bit too soon, but was well worth the jolt of the alarm. I spent the morning with my dear friends' beatiful little daughter, hitting a few tag sales and Target. It's amazing to see the world through the eyes of a two-year old. Just before mom and dad came to pick her up, we were in my yard picking dandilions and flowers for mom. Each yellow "flower" she discovered was so exciting. We had a blast. I spent the rest of Saturday doing house chores and responding to emails.

Sunday was a beautiful day. I brought my bike up from out of the dark of the basement, gave it a ride and then ventured out to get some more plantings for my garden. Gardening is daunting, but if I focus on little sections of the yard at a time, I'm able to make some progress. I've always loved a hydrangea, but never really had a chance to plant one. 'Till now. After digging in the dirt (press play on the Peter Gabriel CD) I prepped to host a Sunday ritual with the crew; dinner and TV. We did burgers and hot dogs and a delicious brownie sunday pie.

Is it just me or is Desperate Housewives the most predictable tale on TV lately? For a show that seemed positioned for longevity, it seems to be fading rapidly. I haven't much interest in any of the character developments; don't even get me started on the Alfre Woodward story arc.

And now it's Monday and the week begins all over again. I still owe a write-up of my vacation. Maybe when the luggage gets unpacked I'll be inspired to throw in another post about Lauderdale.

In the meantime, look for long-overdue Men of MySpace postings and more chatter about Jody Watley's upcoming visit to Rochester...

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    welcome back!

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