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ummm, where'd you get your g-string, mom?

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Would you let a male a stripper date your mom? I would, if I could be introduced!

I'm a bit embarrassed I caught this, but I can't help but share my psychosis. I was a *big* fan of Vh1's skintastic show Stripsearch. The reality show set out to fulfill America's need for a male version of the Pussycat Dolls. How they did this without making it the gayest show on TV, I'll never know. The show produced some memorable moments, most notably the softcore scenes of self-indulgent Sean Cassidy. Another stud to come out of the show was Adam, the Nashville-born personal trainer with abs made by Maytag.

As I was flipping through the tube the other day, I landed on MTV's Date My Mom. Yeah, It's not the most enlightening show ever to come from the network, I'd agree. But it can be an easy watch, if only for the witty commentary forced on the lifeless datemongers. The bachelor of the day instantly caught my eye. He looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. I knew he wasn't one of my college crushes (I remember each of them. The restraining orders are hard to forget.) My first thought was "a-ha, he's done gay amateur porn! THAT'S how I know him!" I clicked over to Sean Cody quicker than you can say Bailey. No luck with Sean of Cody. Midway through the show, the guy takes a mom for a "date" to a dance studio, where he shows her a move or two. I have a second a-ha moment and quickly realize he's a member of the dance troupe, American Storm with Sean!

It seems as though Sean is not the only American Stormer to love his bad TV. Cassidy made a quick appearance on the ABC flop Are You Hot before moving over to Vh1. Now Adam follows suit, jumping between the Viacom networks, Vh1 and MTV. Either way, I'm just glad to be watchin' the jump.


Vh1 reality stars collide
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