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bait and switch

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I haven't seen Transamerica.

After viewing the DVD cover art, I'm assuming the creative director for the project hasn't seen the movie either.

Based on the photography and the treatment, I'd sooner think it's part of a Desperate Housewives boxset than a movie about a transexual woman! C'mon now...[Via Perez]

3 Responses to “bait and switch”

  1. Anonymous bob 

    Oh those pesky marketers ... trying to sell a product to unsuspecting Wal-Mart shoppers. Here's the art for the UK release ... don't know if it's the final version or a placeholder.

  2. Anonymous bob 

    Um .... oops. This is the real art for UK Transamerica. Although Kresley and a horse are an interesting choice.

  3. Anonymous Antony Shen 

    it's nothing relating to Desperate Housewives.

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