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what's she seein' in *her* mirror?

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Maybe this is what Janet would have sounded like had she not been taken under the wings of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

LaToya Jackson (the one with the plastic surgery) released an album called He's My Brother. The exact release date can't be pegged, though after one quick listen you'll ask yourself why it even received a release date. It's that bad.

iTunes added He's My Brother to their library this past week while Amazon has a remastered version [insert joke here] of a 1995 album called Bad Girl that contains many of the same tracks featured on ...Brother. I just can't determine the exact era of the album. It's a little bit Pebbles, mixed with Nia Peeples' Nothin' But Trouble. Either way, it's about as bad as you're expecting Paris Hilton's upcoming CD to be.

Because I'm a giver, I'd love to share with my wonderful readers a sampling of the lyrics from the title track, "He's My Brother:"

"Bad or Thriller /
He's still the man in the mirror /

'Cause he's good to me /

And I know, yes I know, that he loves me so /

'Cause he is my brother /
Whenever he has to he's heavy /

'Cause he is my brother"

You can buy He's My Brother at iTunes, though you'll probably have better luck digging through the CD bin of your local shop for a better deal. It just may be a collector's item one day. You know, after all the Jacksons implode on themselves. Let's hope Janet's on vacation that day.

...now if only I could figure out who she's referring to: Marlon or Tito, perhaps?

By the way, that photo is from Latoya's personal collection, as featured on her comprehensive website.

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