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Did you hear about Mandisa? I kid, I kid.

The Advocate got the scoop right after the tears dried Wednesday night. It seems our gaydar was dead-on. Mandisa ain't so crazy 'bout the 'mos. Check out their Q&A with the once-future dance diva.

I tried giving the poor girl the benefit of the doubt: perhaps she was just misunderstood. Or Midwestern. I dunno. Anyway, she hates the gays. Well, not hates, but, she wouldn't be as comfortable as we had originally thought performing at the local boyboy club.

According to some Idol sources "once you don't have the gays - forget about it." [The Advocate via Perez & Towleroad]

Unrelated: I'm *such* a star f*cker. Google map the homes of celebrities. If you look closely, you can make out Clooney on his rooftop deck and Cruise stuffing a pillow into Katie's blouse...

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