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off quicker than a prom dress

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A Buffalo, New York catholic school tells a lesbian student she can't bring her girlfriend to prom. "They want it [the senior prom] to be traditional. It has to be a boy and girl, tux and dress and all that stuff" says the senior of Villa Maria Academy, which coincidentally is closing its doors after decreased enrollment.

"There are some principles we need to stand by," said Sister M. Ambrose Wozniak "The prom would not be the place for this."
Wozniak did go on to say that pre-gaming and unprotected, pre-marital [heterosexual] sex is where she draws the line on prom night. (smirk.) [Buffalo News via Queerty]

3 Responses to “off quicker than a prom dress”

  1. Anonymous World Traveler 


    Gotta admit what would you expect from a Catholic institution? I mean they have pretty much tied their own hands on issues of homosexuality. They view homosexuals as they view those who engage in pre-marital sex or use birth control....sinners in need of forgiveness and redemption.

    Whether that is right or wrong is another question, however, I guess my question is what would you expect the principle to do in this case?

    Perhaps, like many high schools, they could allows students to attend the prom with a group of friends.

    I guess I am curious as to what the answer could be.

  2. Anonymous Jason 

    I'd have to agree that it is indeed a slippery slope; not being a Catholic myself I can't help but take the "they're all hypocrites because..." stance but seeing you've been entrenched for years you'd have a better answer than mine.

    My interest in the article is that a tone is being set amongst those students knee-deep in the situation: it's not okay for this lesbian student to be able to fully participate, like her fellow classmates are able to.

  3. Anonymous World Traveler 

    I must admit I didn't read the article but trust your rendition. and ooh, did I mistake principle for principal! Mr Hall would have my hide.

    In any case, I don't know, even as a Catholic. Some hardliners would say I am not much of one. I have struggle for years to come to terms with my religion and its "regulations." I agree with you. There is a great deal of hypocrisy in all organized religion. After sniffing around Islam, Lutherans,and a few other religions, I realized they all suffer from the same disease, if not worse in some cases.

    So, I chose to stick to what I know but to recognize the human flaw in it all. A number of the issues that I disagree with are rules decreed by man, in interpreting God's word. Knowing man to be fallible, even if Pope, it only stands to reason that perhaps some of the rules might be so flawed as well. Of course, who am I to question?

    All I do know, is the that the main point of Christianity, no matter what denomination, is love. Love of God, love of others, and love of self. Whether or not you agree with someone or their actions, your duty is to love that person. No matter how stupid they are or how republican. (Look at me, I married one even!)

    Anyway, those are my thoughts and in relations to this case. I think the administration could have tried to find a way to work with this student; however, she might of had to surrender some of her demands as well.

    I guess I don't expect much from a catholic institution in the way of bending the rules. Much like I don't expect a WWII veteran to be fond of the Japanese.

    Hope all is well.

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