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the Lounge heads to NYC

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I can only hope it's Bailey from Sean Cody [NSFW]. An Illinois tumbling coach has been banned from campus because of a gay porn cameo.

I've recently caught up on Tivo'd recordings and made my way through Julia Louis Dreyfuss' most recent sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine. My first impression is not my lasting; I wasn't all too excited about the pilot but have quickly fallen head over heels in love with the show after seeing subsquent epps. It's positively great. Check it out on Monday nights.

The flick that contributed to my "I knew I was gay when" moment is 25 years young. 9-to-5 sees DVD this Tuesday.

I had a great weekend. Relaxing and busy, all at the same time. I did some very domestic duties: raking the lawn, recovering the seats of formerly curbed breakfast room chairs and giving the pavement and my dog a longlasting introduction.

We reunited on Saturday evening with former neighbors Tom and Todd for a birthday party in their new home. A few too many cocktails later, we decided to make our way to Tilt; Rochester's newest danceclub and lounge. Met up with more peeps and even met some readers of midnight lounge. Thanks to those for sayin' hi! We went so far as to pimp the lounge out to all the boys and girls in the club after additional consumption of said cocktails. So if you're joining us 'cause you were on the other side of a website pimpin', hello!

I also switched up my gym membership, leaving my trusted workout facility for a fresh 'n so new locale; say hi if you're a member of the Downtown Fitness Club!

My real world adventures are sending me to NYC this week, so bloggin' may be on the lighter side. I'll do my best to blog satellite. I've got a packed schedule while in town, but always open to recommendations of the New York kind...

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  1. Anonymous RustedArt 

    OK, the only time I don't go out to Tilt, you go! LOL
    Have a great week, and have a great time in NYC!

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