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Ace arrives in a U-Haul truck

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I'm back. sorta. I am tryin' to catch up on a little bloggin' and a lot of work...

ArjanWrites delivers a
fantastic interview with gay fave Anastacia while Rod gives more exposure to Goldfrapp's latest release Supernature.

Oh, Mandisa. You were *SO* going to tear up every gay dance party west of an Amanda LePore sighting. She's listed her favorite author as Beth Moore, notorious for rescuing people from gayness. I guess this means I'm back in love with Kat McPhee.

Speaking of Idol, Get Ace an ace bandage, quick. I missed this weeks' episode but caught the recaps o'er at Rickey. Ummmm, did Ace really need to show us his chest scar? Doesn't that fall under "things you just don't do when courting the public?" He sorta pulled up in a U-Haul on a second date with that one. No thanks, Ace. Oh yeah, and Paris did absolutely nothin' for me. It felt a little dirty in a "I'm still young" way.

Brokeback Mountain releases on DVD next Tuesday. Does this mean we can sorta forget about the movie for a bit so we can Mariah it again? I'm *so* Brokeback'd out.

Rochester's own Teddy Geiger debuts in the top ten with his debut CD Underage Thinking. It was great walking the streets of Manhattan and passing posters for the release. I gotta get him a Midnight Lounge t-shirt. Yeah, 'cause I'm sure thirteen year old girls from Wisconsin will really find this site interesting [smirk.]

I just caught the Will & Grace episode with George Takei and Wanda Sykes. Oh yeah, and Britney Spears. I couldn't have laughed less during the Britney skits. Sykes (imho) stole the show. Oh, wait, that would imply the show is alive and well to be stolen. Regardless, Wanda did a good job on a dying show.

Had a great time in ol' Nueva York; little playtime, lots of worktime. Met up with my dear friend Robert, if only for a brief catch-up. There's a good chance I'll be back in NYC the following weeks so I'll be sure to bake in more freetime. Now that I'm back home, I'm feelin' like I wanna tear it up this weekend. Wonder if it'll pass.

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