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rite of spring

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"I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing"

"If people say I'm crazy, I tell 'em that it's true
Let them watch with amazement
Say it won't last beyond breakfast
It's a phase he's going through
Denigrate or speculate on what I'm going through
Because it isn't the sort of thing I would normally do

Ask me what, (ta ra ra ra)
I say I think it's good for you (ta ra ra ra ra)
Believe it or not, I know where it's all leading to
I feel like taking all my clothes off
Dancing to the Rite of Spring
And I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing"
-Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe, Pet Shop Boys

"I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing" - Pet Shop Boys {mp3)

2 Responses to “rite of spring”

  1. Anonymous PopMuse 

    what inspred that little moment of brilliant DJing, story please!

  2. Anonymous NancyAnne 

    I know you better than that and it IS the sort of thing you would normally do! (If I'm around!) HA!

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