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I'm a little late for the gift-giving season, but I have bookmarked this page in anticipation of 2006's holiday shopping rush.

Perhaps I can buy my friend Marc, an interior decorator with a penchant for Kylie, the homosexuality is sin bumper sticker. Or maybe I'll get Alisha, the bulldyke with the 'stache, the anti-gay t-shirt. She can wear it to strap-on night at the Vixen.

I came across a bumper sticker like the one pictured, last night. It took all I had not to put to use the bumper the sticker was attached to. I would've hit it that shit hard.

I guess I am completely overcome by someone that feels *that strongly* about "the gays" to proclaim it on the back of a moving vehicle. To search out the sticker. To purchase it. To allow the adhesive to find its way to their moving violation. I am always in shock. Imagine the self-loathing little boys and girls people like that can produce. Ahh, to breed hatred. It's next to godliness.

By the way, free shipping to California residents. You lucky bitches.

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